The bright side of the road

Many folks walk on the shady side of the road, unhappy with themselves and unhappy with many facets of their life.   ‘My life is not going so well’ might be a common phrase they repeat to themselves, even if they don’t admit it openly to others.

On the bright side of the road, the light and warmth of life itself can be appreciated naturally.

The phrase ‘the gift of life’ isn’t heard a lot in recent times.   The world appears to be focused on conflict and the media brings what seem to be endless reports from all around the globe right into your home via TV and Radio or via the internet.

In stark contrast to this, many could walk in a big city park or in the countryside and spend many hours without a hint of conflict to be found in nature.

Overload of so-called negative news in the form of ‘entertaining’ newscasts  can cause some serious desensitizing of our instincts.   Many forms of computer entertainment are also based on violent behavior.  It seems we are losing our intuitive symbiotic faculties in exchange for cheap entertainment and endless gloom and conflict. 

Depression is a growing problem in society and a little more light can do a wonder of good – bring a new balance to everything.  Depression is creeping into the lives of younger and younger age groups.  What 18 year olds were grappling with, 13 year olds are now experiencing.  Time to wake up folks.

I would encourage anyone who can do so, to regularly spend some time in nature and possibly bring some fresh insights into the simplicity of their lives, in recognizing I am life, now.  The simplicity of ‘being alive’ can open up the mind to the fresh and new, the spontaneous nature of life, full of the simple joys of life/nature.

The natural state is everyone’s right and it is a subtle presence of living intelligence, full of intuition and insights into our place in the natural scheme of things – the natural state is not separate from Nature itself.  It is Nature.

Take a walk on the bright side of the road.


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  1. Yes. Depression is rampant and it is true that what you focus your attention on colors your life, and a diet of news casts, television and violent media will unbalance any outlook. I would also say modern society encourages and nurtures outward looking for satisfaction (consumerism, capitalism), and discourages any inward looking for fulfillment as valueless. It’s a one-two punch to be overwhelmed by our modern day ‘tower of babel’ AND looking in exactly the opposite direction (outwards instead of inwards) for fulfillment, happiness and peace. This is why so many think the must sequester themselves to ‘find enlightenment’, when all it really takes is turning inward in self-inquiry to find truth.