Everyone is THAT. No words can explain it or contain it

Everyone is THAT.

There cannot be an exception or an exclusion.

One without a second.

I am That – so you must be That also.

Q: Since I simply naturally and effortlessly turned my back on all belief, this equanimity you mention, has not been consciously realized. This is the word I thought from the beginning as the true lack in myself: equanimity.

Reply: The word ‘lacking’ cannot have any meaning in what is equal.  Eternity is not a long time.  Eternity is the all inclusive presence, Life itself.  Therefore eternity is all time right now. Eternal life is not a promise, it is the actuality, now.  Life is not  contained in any thing.  Life is not a thing.  Eternity is not contained in any thing and eternity is not a thing.

All things appear and disappear upon the pure nature of existence.  Not a thing.  If you insist on things and substances, then it is one thing, one substance.  The undivided unicity where all is balanced is described as equanimity.

Equanimity simply means all is equal.  All things are equal, equal in their true nature which is ‘no thing’.  The origin of all things is ‘no thing’.

What were you one year before birth?

There are no distinct things in reality.  All that appears belongs to ‘what appears to be’ and it is all transient.  Things have a seeming beginning and end.  What we call becoming is not the actual being, now.  Becoming implies a future time.  Future time cannot have any being.  Expectation and anticipation are states of mind.  No state of mind ever becomes reality.  Reality is what is, now.  Now is the only time there ever is.  You cannot pin point ‘now’ because it has no beginning and no end.

Reality cannot have a beginning or end.  The ‘things’ that appear, appear to have duration and yet they cannot actually exist in reality. Reality is the changeless, duration-less presence of self-illuminating awareness – That is reality.

Whatever comes and goes is not real.

Where are you seeing ‘the world of things and events’ from?

Who or what plays the role of see-er?

Is there something with any substance or independence that you can find and give the title ‘the see-er’?

How can you possibly and actually measure that?

Where do you start?

What instrument can be used and what measurement can truly be made without the activity of seeing being already present, already ‘happening’?

‘All that appears to be’ is nothing but relativity.  Relativity is duality.  Relative to.  Oneness is not relative to anything because it is everything.

What truly solid and stationary data point can be used to start from when measuring the nature of reality?  A concept?   There is no static point anywhere in this universe.

Postulations, theories and beliefs can keep the mind running around in circles.  To what end?

In the 19th century, scientists insisted that light must have a medium to support its transport through space.  They conceived of an invisible substance and called it luminiferous aether.  It is a concept for a non-existing ‘thing’.

Waves on water have water as the medium.  Light therefore, according to early 19th century science, must have a medium.  Many experiments were made in the late 19th century but nothing was found.  Aether was revealed to be only a conception, an idea. Expectation of finding something that is not there automatically turns to doubt and belief must dissolve if there is no actual evidence found.  A young Albert Einstein, in 1905, suggested that light did not need a medium to support it.  The popular  concept ‘aether’ was challenged head on.  Eventually the belief disappeared but not without a lot of resistance from its adherents, its ‘believers’.  Many ground breaking scientists were persecuted because their discoveries went against the church or against the common belief system.  Once, not so long ago, people thought that the Earth was flat.  The horizon was something to fear.  No one fears falling off the edge of the Earth today, except the deluded or insane.

The story of me can cause a lot of suffering, in the appearance of things.  It relies on an un-investigated image of self, a fabricated image made of ideas, concepts, memories and belief.   Freedom from it is available but fear of consequences keep believers locked into the illusion of ‘me’.  It may be the hardest thing to face….or it may be simple and only a little clear pointing turns it all around.  The ‘me’ is resistance to what is.  The true essence of being is not bound, never was and never will be.

The fabricated image of self must cease to be believed in if it is investigated thoroughly and seen that there is actually no substance to any such thing.

Awareness is not something that needs to be found or fabricated.  It is naturally and spontaneously present.

Geometry can appear to divide the space of a sphere into many different patterns and a beautiful symmetry may be displayed.   The surface of the sphere can also be divided up into patterns, units of relatively equal measure.

No matter what concepts you believe in or push upon this naked consciousness, oneness can only ever ‘appear’ to be divided.   The division is a fabricated division due to perceived notions and a belief that concepts are somehow real.

There cannot be any dimensions or points in reality, which is often given the name ‘non-duality’. Not Two.

One without a second.

No one can affirm or deny reality.

The activity of knowing is ever fresh.

The words cannot explain it or contain it.

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  1. Raw and straight forward. If you want cotton balls and candy, go somewhere else. Sloppy teaching and spiritual nonsense, imaginary walking on a sacred path is for kindergarden mentality. All that crap is stripped away. The ‘me’ doesn’t like anything that undercuts its imaginary ground. You either face it now or you continue to ‘walk on your imaginary path’. Show me one sacred pebble from that path. You can’t. It is all imaginary.