Take it. It is yours!

You want it straight?  All right then!  Here it is.

Consider this:

What if what you actually are is pure emptiness?


(Taste it!)

What if that is the absolute truth?

Do you feel the potency of that?


If you do not feel or recognize the potency of this pure emptiness, then look closely and SEE why you miss it.

There is nothing else to ‘do’.

  1. This is unfailingly true. There is nothing to be taught. In fact it may be described as ‘unlearning’.
    Neti-neti is simply a stripping away of beliefs and so-called knowledge until there is nothing left.
    Setting the house ablaze with the occupant inside.
    No one would want to consider such an end, but that is what must be done if one is determined to get down to the truth.
    “What if what you actually are is pure emptiness?”
    Haha…what individual in their right mind would WANT that?
    Ultimately, what one wants has nothing to do with truth.
    Therein is the joke of it.
    The simplicity is stunning!
    Thanks, G!

  2. There is an account of a relatively famous ‘guru’ who while still in the mode of seeking, went to visit Ramana Maharshi (?) – it may have been another guru/teacher. In the context of the account, it doesn’t matter who the individuals were.

    He told this teacher that he wanted enlightenment and asked if he could give it to him. The answer was short and direct… ‘Yes – but can you take it?’

    The simplicity of the self-liberating nature of pure existence is far too simple and it seems that everyone misses it’s natural significance.

    Today, many profess to ‘teach’ what they don’t actually know themselves. They call it ‘Direct Pointing’. Most of it appears to be nothing more than psychological mind games. Everyone learns the language and unquestioned belief in these ‘teachers’, belief in some ‘special experiences’ feeds the old mind and the usual spiritual performance is heralded by many to be ‘the real deal’.

    It is nothing but a display of Consciousness. Everything is consciousness and none of it has any static point, and no real entity to be found.

  3. Yes. I myself had described a ‘teacher’ as such, (much to my chagrin,) even while being led through convoluted
    concepts which left me more and more confused. There was a kernel of truth there (just enough to be a hook) but it was anything but direct. In short order I grew bored with what I intuitively understood as diversion.
    Finding you, Sailor Bob & Nisargadatta (all around the same time), made short work of it.
    I very much enjoy your posts. No nonsense, no diversions, simple, clear and yes, utterly direct.

  4. You are always perfect.
    You have never not been perfect.
    No matter what thought says about you, it can never blemish your perfection. In fact even thoughts about imperfection, are a part of your perfection.
    You are always this, PERFECTLY being this.