Take a breath. Pause. What is real?

Speaking in a relative sense, which it appears, is the only way of communication – for many, it seems, the ‘personal point of view’ predominates the activities of the mind. Simply labeled, we can call it ‘self-centered activity’. The common worldly view is to bolster this ‘personal’ identity by acquiring all manner of ‘things’, the ‘self’ is supposed to become ‘whole’ and strong. In Sunday school some aphorisms are given out to small children. One I remember is: “Build your house on the Rock – not on the Sand”.
‘The Rock’ symbolizes the Truth (reality). ‘Sand’ symbolizes the transitory nature of phenomena (appearance).
The truth of ‘your own being’ is the truth of BEING.  No separation.
The attempts to acquire amass and bolster the sense of being a separate ‘self’ (sand) is the basic error that all ‘people’ make. It is simply ignorance – the ignoring of our true being.
If you were standing on the North Pole, on the exact point of the North Pole, any Step taken could only ever be away from the North Pole.
This is the apparent situation for ‘your being’. The ‘mind’ is forever moving away from being, searching for ‘more’ to acquire and amass. The mind cannot understand the repeating dilemma and it goes on and on adding more and more complexities – while the simplicity of it all is ignored. Understanding is NOT in the mind. The idea of who you think you are is an idea. An idea has no being whatsoever. The concept that you lack something sends you on a mission that is bound to fail. Stop. Take a breath. That life of searching for yourself can cease in this moment. It is so simple, it seems to be almost impossible. It isn’t impossible. In fact it is the only possibility that there is.
You are already present and aware. Stop believing in a fiction and KNOW the truth of your own being.
Many words are tossed around by ‘seeming experts’ but your own being is the only being that you can be absolutely certain of. All the rest are appearances in that BEING.
‘They’ are also THAT BEING but NOT as they ‘appear to be’.