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Here is a clear comment from a previous posting’s comment section.

For anyone this may help: What is suffering? I think its good to be clear on this point, because when its said to investigate this suffering and resolve it, it does not mean that one will be in some blissed out or joyous state from then on. Suffering is not the emotions, feelings, or thoughts, whether they are what you may label as positive or negative. Rather suffering happens simply because of the belief that those thoughts, feelings are happening to a self center/person/me/I. Now how do we investigate and resolve this. Most people think that its ‘I’ as this body that am suffering these thoughts or feelings. But lets have a look, what is the body exactly in our immediate experience. What we refer to as the body is nothing more then a bunch of tingling sensations. Are any of these sensations ‘I’, that which is concerned or worrying about or trying to fight these thoughts or emotions? Even if you take this a step further and look at your body in the mirror, have a look at your face or any other part of the body, are any of these parts of the body on direct experience concerned or even give a shit what emotion or thought appears? The body is an image and group of sensations, sensations and images dont have opinions, they could care less what appears. So who or what is it that is suffering these thoughts or emotions? Are the emotions trying to get rid of themselves? or are they simply emotions? The only thing which seems to ‘fight’ or resist so called negative experiences is in thought. “I am feeling bad, and thats not right because this says so and so about me” maybe its cause i’m not non dual enough yet lol. But who or what exactly is this ‘I’? we just saw that the ‘I’ cant possibly be the body as its not concerned at all, it doesnt even have that capacity. So what is that “i” thought refering to? If you look in your own direct experience you will find that the “I’ thought doesnt actually refer to anything objective. The only “I’ is that of existence-awareness. Is existence-awareness concerned about what thoughts or feelings appear? is existence-awareness diminished even in the slightest no matter what appears? or is the fact of existence-awarness completely untouched and free, b4 during and after any such expereiences. You are that existence-awareness, not you as an entity, rather existence awareness is the only nature or ‘identity’ present. There are not 2 selves, the existing-aware self, and the ‘I’ or me. Existence is primary and must be ones self, not the “I’ thought, because whehter thinking appears or not, you exist, you are not 2 selves, an existing self, and a thinking self, the thought is not who you are, plain and simple.

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  1. A comment sent to my email address from Walter: All I have to say is that your writings are accurate. What you say is true. If one looks at this carefully, it is very obvious that our real nature is obvious, self shining and it happens now, outside the somersaults of thoughts and concepts…

    Thank you for putting this out clearly and in plain English. Hard to believe that anyone that carefully considers this would argue about it… (end)

    So, the clear expression can happen anywhere – yet it is rare it seems. There is a clear difference when things are expressed simply and plainly AND there is nothing about asking anyone to believe in anything. No non dual jargon.