Stop everything and SEE.

All the striving, the reaching for, the grasping at, is all in vain. STOP trying to see – STOP trying to know.
Seeing-knowing is already happening beyond the limits of mind and believed in identity.
SEEING is happening. KNOWING is happening. ‘You’ are not ‘doing it’.
That is the realisation.
The ‘past’ is formless concept-less consciousness.
The ‘future’ is formless concept-less consciousness.
The ‘present’ is formless concept-less consciousness.
Forget everything and be what you actually are.
This is effortless living.

  1. Reading between the lines of your last few entries I see no matter how you add things up or break things down we are (being) driven, the mind has no influence on this barer than bones un-blockable true nature. Forget everything indeed, this is inescapable effortless living.

  2. Yet do not many mystical teachings have at their heart the edict, “Seek until you find”?

    And while the statement could be made, “There is no one seeking,” so too might we add, “There is no one to stop seeking either.”

    For 40-plus years this mind did not seek spiritual enlightenment anymore than the next fellow. Then suffering became too much and a ‘permanent’ way out was sought. Many paths pursued, eventually arriving at nonduality (a logical endpoint, I suspect, for many).

    Yet these messages encouraging one to stop all efforts, while understandable (we are already THAT so what is there to seek? And besides, it’s beyond mind, so the mind can’t possibly know this) nonetheless stand at odds with other traditions that urge the student onward, inward, back, back, back to where the self dissolves. To simply stop and go about life suggests that the collapse of the self is utter happenstance or “grace” and there is nothing one (the mind) can do regardless of intent, effort, etc. (and yes, again, nobody is making the effort). Perhaps this is true, nobody really seems to know. But what is apparent to me is that many teachers counsel these kinds of messages, but only after their own search miraculously came to an end, usually as part of a process of searching. In other words, my searching got me there but I’m urging you to stop because your mind can’t know this. From THAT side of the coin the message makes sense, but would it have made sense to you THEN? Would you have listened, heeded, stopped?

    • Mind is time. Being is timeless. (sort it out yourself – no one can do it for you)

  3. stop all efforts is not as if there is. effort is already stopped. has been all along. only don’t continue to make believe that there is.