Still wanting something

Insights come and go.  Do not try to hold onto insights.  Recalling old insights expecting to reap benefits from them is a kind of ‘holding or clinging onto insights’ AND such activity occupies the mind with unnecessary considering…. and on occasion  vanity shows up as self-centered preening of the imagined self image.  Self-centeredness is never satisfied.  

Eating cardboard or low quality food does not satisfy the bodies needs.  

All these words being used are ordinary words.  Words appear to be a medium for a message of some sort.   The same words rearranged in a different order will mean something else or even the opposite.  Language is a living, changing aspect of consciousness.  Does language use you or do you use language?   Does memory serve you or are you a slave to memory?   It may be useful to explore these things.  

All self-centered activities, along with looking for benefits from old insights block new possible insights and set the habit of mind to unwittingly focus on the ‘past’ (which is obviously gone).  

The clear and present evidence is here now, not a moment ago or yesterday, last year or at any time in the past.  ‘You’ cannot gain any status from any insight and if you are genuine there will not be any impulse or wish to acquire anything at all.  

A true insight is empty – empty of impulses, impulses that apparently belong to an entity (All mind stuff).  

Psychological insights are not insight.  They are nothing but the appearance of concepts, concepts that appear to fit together with other concepts. Geometric patterns in the psychological belief system have no substance.  Such patterns may entertain the intellect for decades but in essence they are empty.  It is all nothing but energy appearing as a display of patterns.  There is no centre to the display (universe) and no boundary.  

The brain has been described as a pattern recognizing computer.  You recognize the way home because of the patterns appearing in the ‘appearance’ (world).  In the same appearance, the appearance of belief in things, we imagine that we put concepts together, believing we invent something special, something real.  We even believe it gives the patterns a special and significant meaning.  Thoughts spontaneously appear without any contrived entity doing anything.  Anyone can recognize this easily – however few take a close look.  The meaning of anything is intrinsically abiding AS whatever it is.  The meaning of Life is living. The meaning is not ‘outside’ of the ‘thing’.

An insight is a ‘relative moment’ of clear seeing.  

Clear Seeing is already and always happening.  What needs to be recognized is that the believed in ‘you’ or ‘me’ cannot actually see anything.  It is a conceptual-image in mind.  You say ‘I see’ but neither the words nor the supposed ‘I’ can see.  It is a translation of mind.   eg: Ancient texts are translated into a new language but the translation is never the original.

The ‘you’ or ‘me’ is a concept, an image, believed in only because it has not been investigated! Make no mistake about it.  Investigate for yourself! …. because it is useless to ‘take it on board’ as just another belief!  The cage of belief is made of concepts, is conceptual.  It does not actually exist!  Just like the ‘sacred path’ people believe they are on – it is all conceptual.

What is true cannot be turned into something false.  

What is false cannot be turned into something true.  

The truth of what you are is never false.  What the mind translates from the actuality can never BE the actuality.  A thought up identity can never become real.  A thought up identity can never ‘become’ real.  It seems no one gets this obvious fact.  It would seem that everyone hopes that the fragmented sense of being separate will, one day, blossom into the fullness of reality.  It can never do that.  

What is false can only disappear.   It disappears because it is an appearance.  All that appears, disappears.  What is true is not an appearance.

NO concept can see, hear or do anything.  Who would argue about that?  ‘Teachers’ brazenly feed seekers with concepts about a future time…… and the only reality is NOW.  

There is no ‘becoming clearer’ to this immediate clarity-reality.  The relative sense of ‘becoming clearer’ is due to the disappearance of belief (a momentary lapse of reasoning).  Since the core belief is not cut through (for the seeker), the habit of belief returns and the relativity carries on ‘as if’ it is real.   It is NOT real, it NEVER was real, and it NEVER will be real.  No two ways about it.  Reality is non dual – not two!  The mind say ‘Yes but…..’ through habit and belief in a self-centre.

The introduction to your true nature is uncompromising.  All questions and doubts are demolished.  Echoes of past patterns of belief naturally continue to appear but they cannot be believed in, because the core belief has been demolished.    So, don’t tell me how wonderful and clear some ‘teacher’ is.  The clarity that you perceive in another is an illusion of mind and that illusion is an apparent obscuration in your own clear functioning.  The fictional affirmation of another is a denial of your own eternal clear potentiality.  Stories are stories.

In the scheme of things, it appears that few (if any) understand how concepts require a supply of energy and that if that energy is cut off, through actually seeing that the entity (me) is a fiction, then the ‘wanting something’ from ‘someone or something else’ actually disappears completely.  

There is no way of pretending to be anything in reality.  You are what you are!  No concept can divide or separate what you are.  Belief in the ‘me’ is the (fictional) problem….. and there is NO belief whatsoever that is the actuality.  

Intellectualizing everything is like clouds in the sky.  The sun (itself) is NEVER obscured by clouds.  Awareness (itself) is NEVER obscured by the content of mind.

‘You’ as a believed in entity, do not want to hear any of this.   The ‘me’ is resistance to what is. ‘You’, through a subtle belief ‘want’ so many ‘things’ and ‘you want’ something that can never happen.  What is, is not relative, not two.

Reality is that which never changes.  NEVER changes!   What do you know of that does not change?


If you want, compare what is written on this site, with so-called popular spiritual teachers.   You will notice immediately that they weave seductive concepts for the believed in entity to add to itself.  They offer an empty hope based on belief in being a ‘person’, even when they deny it.  The implications always turn up as ‘prescribed activities’ for a believed in ‘doer’.  

However, things are not what they appear to be. Reality is ever here now and it could not possibly be anywhere else.  

The natural state is here now and it is not laden down with words or beliefs. Words and belief are all in the mind (or appear to be).  The true nature of mind is clear and empty.  Because it is clear and empty thoughts appear and disappear in an instant.  Awareness is not ‘in the mind’.   There is awareness of mind content and this awareness is clear and free of obstacles.  It can NEVER be obscured.   Just like the sky is not contaminated by clouds or dust storms.  They appear and disappear.  

The natural state has no words or beliefs.  It is naturally free of conditioned mind.  It is subtle to recognize at first, because we are so accustomed to believe in concepts and words.   There is no ‘person’ here telling you anything.   It is just some pointing at what is innately already known.  It just doesn’t have any words.   You can talk about it for a 100 years and not one word will touch the natural state. There is no one who ‘gets’ realized.  The entire appearance is self-realizing just as it is.   Nowhere to go, nothing to get.   What a relief!



  1. Many have some kind of profound insight, which they believe has knocked them into some kind of elite consciousness group (many gurus fall into the category). If they don’t have a group to be in, they go looking for one. There are hundreds of ‘clubs’ willing to accept ‘special people’ so long as they tow the line with the belief system of the group. Some individuals appear to spend their life either pretending to be special or if the self-esteem is not so good, they keep trying to recapture whatever some old insight ‘was’ and they fail over and over. Frustration gets them in the end. Because the egoic notion of being someone special has got them ‘caught up’ in a never ending subtle search, they don’t recognize that their special insight is actually dead and gone. It is garbage that needs to be tossed OUT. Many ‘teachers’ use some old insight to convince others that there is some special state that is possible, IF they do such and such. The fact is that a mere novice can have a profound insight that is infinitely cleaner than some old rehash ‘state’ that some ‘special dude’ keep harping on about. Seeing is happening. An insight is a momentary glimpse empty of all habitual reference points. Anyone at all can have an insight. You don’t have to be a devotee or a member of some group or club, religion or spiritual gathering.

    • You will not find any teachers who recommend my website. Posts like this one are too much, apparently. The guru game is shredded far too often. I do not exaggerate when I say that I find it extremely difficult to find any teacher ‘out there’ who is not playing psychological games with seekers. There are some who even sound very honest and genuine for a short time and then they slip back into the usual ‘menu’ of prescriptive teaching. Now, if they are as clear as they imply they are, there is no reason why any prescriptions need to be given. The problem for them is that everyone is pleading for some prescribed way to live, so that the ‘me’ can avoid suffering or have continual bliss, or whatever.

  2. Email: “Yes the “ME”. Nasty idea. Very sticky”. – from F.

    Reply: No not sticky. It has NO substance to be able to be sticky!