Still Already so.

You may fear that what you are will disappear if thought stops or if the idea of me disappears or is given up…. or if those habits of belief in the image of self should stop unexpectedly.

Why not test it for yourself?  Let the mind empty itself and see that this naked awareness actually remains as is.  Just as the sky is not composed of clouds, the simplicity of awareness is not composed of states of mind, thoughts, images, ideas or memories.  Such ‘things’ merely appear and disappear ‘upon’ this awareness.  Nothing that appears upon this awareness can ever actually obscure this awareness.  Belief that something does obscure is due only to identification oneself as a reference point.  That is usually called ‘me’.  Investigate it and see that it cannot see or know anything.  It is an appearance only.

What ‘appears to be’ is simply content.

When the sky is observed without bias, it is the greatest teacher of all.   The sky demonstrates the basic nature of all phenomena, clearly and precisely.  Like all obvious principles of nature, it is not noticed, overlooked and even ignored.  The blueness of the atmosphere is absent at night.  The night sky reveals the vastness of infinite space (sky).  With no boundary to be seen anywhere and without a reference point to measure anything from, the universal ‘message’ is clear and obvious.  By focusing on one’s trivialities and personal dramas the unique nature of naturally resolving phenomena is missed. 

Awareness is ‘self aware’ – it is awareness and nothing other than awareness.  It is not limited to any ‘thing’ that appears or disappears.  One may witness many ‘things’ that appear and disappear.   What is, is not ‘some thing’ appearing as it ‘should be’ or ‘could be’ or how it ‘was’ or ‘will be’.  As is is always immediate.  Unlimited.  No time.  No past, no future.  As is, is what is and no words apply, not even the word ‘present’ is necessary.  As is, is before you think about it.  As is.  Is-ness.   Nothing wrong – nothing right.  As is.

Realise that intelligence is prior to intellect.  Intelligence forms the apparatus (brain and body) through which intelligence itself expresses itself as an apparent limited version of itself (form), what we call the intellect.  The formless appears as form.  Form and function cannot be separate.  They spontaneously appear together – not two.

The gravity of your belief in imaginary ideals and in your irrational thoughts bends time and space.  ‘What is’, is reduced to a twisted, unrecognisable re-presentation of ‘what is’ in your own mind.  ‘Working’ with such conditions brings nothing but more erroneous beliefs based upon an imaginary foundation.  Only the mad will agree with the mad.  No amount of madness will ever amount to anything we can call sanity.  

Nothing is hidden.  Everything is in plain view.  Totally obvious – before the mind translate anything.  Why pretend to be anything other than what you are.   No need to pretend.  The last resort is to pretend to be conscious. One must realise that the consciousness is prior to any pretending. Be simple. Be what you are – that is totally effortless and completely simple.  It is non-conceptual awareness.  Perfect.

Even though all manner of things appear to come and go, the unchanging nature of the activity of seeing (also known as the activity of knowing) remains uninterrupted – undisturbed.    

What is it that understands?  Is the understanding (intelligence) prior to the understood?

In the observable universe it is obvious that the light of all the stars and galaxies intermingle – investigate and know that pure space, which provides the emptiness for this light to shine ‘through’ remains, as is, empty and untouched.

Does light ‘create’ its own ‘elemental space’ as it radiates?   Does energy ‘create’ form and function as an expression of elemental space?  Can you separate space from time?  Can you detect a boundary between hearing and seeing?  What created the universe?  Can the mind ever understand that which ‘creates’ it?

All the big questions about life dissolve by themselves if they are not fixated upon.

Spontaneity is beyond the minds capacity to understand.  Since all thoughts appear spontaneously, isn’t it obvious that the mind can never reach a final conclusion about itself?

The unexamined beliefs and assumptions get in the way of recognising what is actually clear and obvious.  

The ‘big question’ is supposed to be…..Who am I?  The question is the questioner.  The question and the questioner are both conceptual.  Content of mind.  They come, they go.  

The point of view of ‘me’ is invalid, a fiction.  A concept cannot have a point of view.  Obvious, yet it is an un-investigated assumption that ‘appears’ to obscure the obvious.  An object (a thing) cannot obscure the space in which it appears – however it appears to via the fixation of believing in being an object – a false point of view.

Pure mind is empty mind.

A ripple on the surface of consciousness attracts the attention.  Through habit of belief in being a false reference point, the image of ‘me’ is consulted via internal dialog.  A fixation upon the experience brings endless questions with no clear answer – it all multiplies by itself – self generating illusion of ‘layers’ – which are nothing but reference points appearing to emerge from nothing.  It is all a fantasy – imagination.  Nothing real can come from imagination except more imagination.  In the scheme of things, it appears that no one wants to look into this clearly and the ‘established convention’ (a gentleman’s agreement) is not in favour of exposing the erroneous beliefs common to all – since common agreement is impossible, except in a vague sense.  Observing someone having their delusions being exposed may feel uncomfortable – why?  Isn’t it because of some reciprocal vibrating patterns are disturbing the image of self?  

If you do not investigate (or go through) those veils and discover your true identity, then any clear understanding is throughly compromised – a common feature of modern man.

The silent wordless ‘natural state’ (Nature itself) is impartial and will not, nay, cannot enter into negotiations with a fictional character – except as an imaginary negotiation via an imaginary subject – duality.   Non duality cannot be an outcome of duality.  The one ‘appears’ to divide itself but the universal integrity remains as is, no ‘matter’ how divided it may appear to unfold.  Everything is appearance.  The universal essence of Being is singular.

So, the so-called ultimate answer (silent wordless, empty mind) is ignored simply through a habit of believing in ‘being’ an image of self (me).  It is not real – never was and never can ‘be real’.

As Bob Adamson points out so clearly: “All of your problems are problems of relationship. Relative to.  Relative to me.  You will never work it out in the mind”.

It goes over everyone’s heads.   The hearing is impartial because it is pure functioning with no added psychological images or ideas.  Fixation on me adds an apparent ‘listener’ and this ‘listener’ cannot hear – it is a fictional character, an image of self.  This is why the message ‘appears’ to go over everyone’s heads.  Nothing is created and what appears to be created is itself an expression, ever fresh and new.  It does not get old or have a use by date.  ‘Ever fresh’ means ever fresh.  The activity of knowing itself is that.

The ultimate answer (pure being) is beyond words and description. It is so simple no one notices.
Because they are all fixating on a me and it is the me that appears as the cause of all your ‘personal’ problems. The me is a shroud of ignorance full of pride and guilt.  A complete fiction but few are willing to pull that image apart.

Self blame is useless. Guilt is useless. Pride of self is useless. The immediacy of seeing-knowing is the key and that is spontaneous – it is given (already so).


In the scheme of things I meet various individuals who consider themselves as advanced spiritual people.  It is their ‘main feature’ that stands out like stripes on a tiger.   By their own admission, some have been on a spiritual path for 40 years.  Imagination tells them that they are closer to their goal than when they started.  The shocking ‘truth’ is they haven’t moved an inch.   Psychological suffering is unnecessary.  

Recognise that the image of self is an illusion of mind.   

Let the mind empty itself.   You won’t disappear.  What can you lose?

Without belief in the psychological image of self then what will be lost is psychological suffering. 

On this planet there are whole nations that suffer tremendously (psychologically) with only short periods of relative peace.  Children are born into a realm of ancient conflict.  A massive psychological burden of the past is handed onto each new generation as if it was something to be proud of.  It is a certain kind of madness.  All children are innocent.  Children all over the world signify the natural state until they are indoctrinated into the extremely limited points of view of their parents, their society and culture.  Depression is a world wide problem today.  It seems that no one wants to look at the ‘real cause’.   Erroneous belief is a main cause of personal problems.

  1. What is commonly on offer in ‘teachings’ is nothing but mind games for the me. Common man is trapped and will remain so. Those who are genuine will find what they need and it is their genuine one pointedness that delivers them. Most seekers are attracted to what stimulates their image of self (ego). Subtle realms of suffering may appear to be masked by false teachings but who cares?
    There is a taboo on talking about the ‘real causes’ of psychological suffering. The system is geared and financially invested in a fictional cure.

  2. Who will argue over these things? Whatever one is clinging to will be exposed. If your primary impulse is to protect the delusions of mind, then nothing can help you. Millions of lives play out without any true insight into their true nature. Countless numbers. Millions of pretenders dressing up as someone special. Gurus and devotees play mind games and nothing ever happened. Shifting sands upon the shores of consciousness.
    Are you unaware right now?