Spontaneous immediacy – Life

The life that lives you in this immediacy right now is the same life that lives and appears as all living things, past present and future.  It does not change.  The caveman of antiquity ‘was’ lived by this very same life that lives you.  The apparent individual patterns, the forms, appear and disappear.  Cavemen have gone but life remains as it always is.  The living bird that flies through your garden is that same life, this life!  No separation.  Two eyes, one seeing.  The mind appears to divide the appearance into many things and it is the labelling of things that seemingly divides. Take the labels off and what remains? Investigate.  See for yourself!

Many speak of ‘my reality’ and ‘your reality’. There can only be a singular reality. The mind is time, direction and dimension or the appearance of such. All directions are in the mind. Space or volume is an appearance. One needs reference points to measure or judge volume or distance with. Many say they are running out of time. When did time begin? When can time end? The essence of time is timeless.
The relative static point of the observer is an idea (I or me). Take a look. SEE for yourself!
There is nothing there that you can pin point and say ‘This is what I am’. All reference points are relative. Relative to what? Investigate for yourself. No point taking on someone else’s explanations. Relationship is relative. Relative to what? Me and the other. Me and not me.

What is self-realisation?  Is it a thing?  Is it ever arrived at in reality?   Could it be that self-realisation is this undivided immediacy of livingness, this everlasting life and nothing other than that?  

To realise this is to effortlessly cut asunder all concepts about any progressive path, all methods, all contrived notions of becoming.  Self-centred ideas about self are transcended and known to be just words.

Nature is a constant display of the essence of life expressing and appearing in all its magnificent ways.  

Many come to conclusions and then behave as a slave to those conclusions.  Is there any static point to any of it?  

There is no point in time or space where or when a conclusion is arrived at. What is true is already so. This is why I say that it is the dissolution of the apparent obscuration that reveals what is and what has always has been so. Many imitate their guru or teacher – monkey see, monkey do. Is there an ounce of anything genuine in imitating someone else? Foolishly seekers apparently believe that by imitating their idol, they will achieve the goal. Isn’t it obvious that they only appear to turn into mechanical pretenders. Belief and fixation on those mind games prevents the seeker from recognising the foolish habit.
Belief holds sway over the mind simply because it has not been investigated. Many believed that the Earth was flat, for centuries. No belief has ever made anything true. Beliefs falls apart when investigated.

The apparent problem is that no one wants to be nothing. The clear evidence is that the believed in entity is actually not there when it is investigated. The belief is overthrown but what you are remains. You cannot put a label on that, that which remains because it is no thing. It is not a dead nothing. It is lucid livingness without a form. Nama rupa in the Hindu system means name and form. The name is a word, a vibration. The form is a pattern of energy appearing as a body in space.

The suggestion of the awareness being vivid comes from experience of vivid reality as the mind appears to emerge from its dullness of beliefs. Investigate and see what is not vividly obvious. The perfection of it all is non conceptual.  Some liken it unto space. No centre and no circumference. Pervasive and suffused with the capacity of cognising. Knowing. Seeing and knowing are not two.

It seems that we have to use so many words to convey something about nothing. It fails. The words fail.  The essence of the message gets through because it is life.

The pure being-ness cannot fail. That is what you are. However, the mind can never understand its own origin. ‘Emptiness’ has no meaning for the mind, just as ‘no thing’ has no meaning for the mind.   The revelation about the true nature of mind is it’s own emptiness.  Empty mind is no mind – it is naked awareness.  No label will suffice!

All the mind has is the immediacy of thoughts, words, concepts ideas, memories and images. A seeming psychological world ‘appears’ to be  constructed out of the content of mind.  Spontaneous response to anything is like a reflection.  Everything is spontaneous, fresh and new, even if it is believed it is not so.

It is obvious that so-called ‘people’ cannot understand the actual meaning of spontaneousness. You could say that the ripples on the surface of the ocean cannot understand the ocean and yet they are not separate. Your own true nature is so obvious it is ignored.  It is ignored due to belief.  Your true nature is not obscured – it just need to be re-cognised.  It is hard to obscure water. Even something as obscuring as mud, the water is clearly recognised.  Isn’t that so?

Awareness cannot be obscured by anything.

It is belief in being a ‘person’ who believes that the ‘person is aware’ – that is the problem. Who has the problem?  Investigate.

Looking through a hole in the fence is a limited way to see the world.  We put tremendous limitations upon ourselves through erroneous beliefs.  Nobody wants to be nothing. Fear of being nothing blocks the discovery.  It is only in realising one’s nothingness that insights open out into their true nature, which is naked seeing. There is no need to put a label like ‘awakening’ onto that.  To do so is misleading and no word or label can define the naked seeing.

Some say that they have seen that the me is not real. Some may say that they believe that the me is not real.  The question is: Do you KNOW that the me is not real?  If so, who would believe you? The actuality needs no affirmation and denial of the actuality is only ever due to a belief in me.

Seeing or knowing is happening. You as a believed in separate entity are not ‘doing’ the seeing or knowing. The thought ‘I see’ cannot see.  That is obvious but not noticed usually. Seeing or knowing was present before you learned any words. Seeing-knowing. What exists outside or without that seeing-knowing?

  1. Thank you Gilbert

  2. You are welcome.
    Love of being is always prior to conditioning.
    Those who cling to belief and religious dogma do not say thank you.

  3. Hi Gilbert
    What is going on right now : there is knowing without a reference point. Life is expressing itself as all happenings, all appearances and the background is silence, peace. In that knowing, there are no individuals, no separate entities. Then, the old mind comes back, I see others as individuals and all happenings are related to my conditionnings. Is there a point where the old mind habits will not come back?

    • While you are appearing to be in a body, thoughts will appear and they will always appear as an oscillation between the opposites, good – bad, right – wrong, likes – dislikes etc. The mind is a movement. It cannot stay still for very long. You can pause a thought for a few moments. The basic difference is…. that once it is seen clearly that the image of self (me) is only an image, a belief in an idea or thought, then the old habits of mind will be as though transparent. You see, they only appear to stick to the ‘me’, which is the habit of reference. They will appear but you know what they are. In truly seeing that the self-centre is actually nothing, then even if the habit seems to kick in for a short time, it is seen through…..and a thought may appear ‘Hang on a minute, I saw through this already’ and in that moment the apparent substance of the belief is dissolved. Few believe that this is possible but as I keep pointing out, a belief is never the actual. No cloud is stuck to the sky. In fact, if you observe a cloud you will see that it is not a static thing. Every particle of the cloud is moving and changing. Vapours are forming into cloud ‘stuff’ and vanishing constantly. None of it touches the sky. The mind is empty and thoughts are like clouds. Nothing of it is static. Knowing that, what thought or image can you cling to or identify with? Sky-like awareness remains the same. There is nothing in this ‘knowledge’ for the ‘me’. Psychological suffering is unnecessary. But it would seem that psychological suffering is the last thing ‘people’ want to give up. Without their story of me they have no protection from reality. This is why one is very unlikely to ever meet a human being that has truly seen through the illusions of Maya. They exist but they certainly do not show any signs of it. The one’s who put on a show are invariably charlatans. The entire spiritual realm of ‘special teachers’ with all their promises in ‘special meetings’ and on the internet – it’s just a circus show. Entertainment provided by Maya. No one can penetrate maya. Just as you cannot enter the dream of another. Consciousness is under the influence of maya. Awareness is ‘above’ maya. Consciousness is dual while awareness is non dual. They are in essence one. Awareness is silent still and empty. Consciousness is moving and changing. We are attracted to movement. Where all beings are seeing from is absolute stillness. Space and time appear upon that stillness but they never touch it. It seems that only in rare cases does the identifying with consciousness fall away for an individual. For the Wholeness there is no need of anything to fall away. Discovering one’s true nature is the ever present potentiality – possible at every moment. However for almost every individual the mind has been convinced of its own conditioning and appears to refuse to recognise that it is an illusion. Without the me, what are you?

  4. In the scheme of things, these salient points are very unwelcome amongst teachers and seekers alike. The illusion of spiritual progress has been invested in to such a degree that anything that undermines that illusion is perceived as a threat to their very life. Fierce opposition appears and accusations are made. Who cares? Who is protecting what?