Spirituality is a mind game

In this naked wakefulness, there are no questions to be answered.  There is nothing to seek or find.

This naked wakefulness is totally available to anyone and everyone.

It is mostly ignored.

Seekers spend decades seeking, so it seems….. and it appears that the notion that it is all an illusion of mind, does not occur to many.

Teachers and gurus are made into Idols of Worship.  The blindness of such adoration is all about the ‘me fixation’.  Getting close to the teacher turns into a fight for survival of the egoic sense of ‘me’.   It is such a drama so exaggerated in almost every case…..and completely unnecessary…but no one notices the absurdity.

The famous ‘who am I?’ question posed by Raman Maharshi is a classic.

Foolishly seekers fall for a trap, not recognising the subtleness of it all.

‘Who am I?’……..Well…….Who is asking the question, if not yourself?

And who will answer the question, if not yourself?

Most seekers miss this absurdity and carry on, for decades sometimes, asking ‘who am I?’

Is it not sheer madness?

In the appearance of things……..’Seekers of truth’ are such pretentious things.

  1. Now, of course, the very title of this post will upset a few. What is the cost of being direct and uncompromising? To lose the dead weight of pretentious seekers, hanging off every word, is no price really. Much better without them. Who is left? No one. Excellent. Breath easy. Enjoy the day.

  2. The cosmic joke – the ‘seeker’ is that which is ‘sought’. Exquisite – reality plays hide and seek with itself, and laughs itself silly on ‘finding’.

  3. I would like to say…In the appearance of things……..’Seekers of truth’ are such pretentious things. Yes, as are the teachers or pointers, teaching or pointing at something that cannot not be taught or pointed at.

  4. I would like to say… it merely is

  5. It is and it isn’t. It is non conceptual.

  6. right here, right now—–where are the teachers? where is the appearance? where are the pointers? where is a goddamn anything but right here right now?

  7. I would like to say…Yes,all the above writings are true as far as I am concerned.
    But….,in the same sense I can say what if those ‘teachers’ are- in the appearence- not open their mouth and therefore trigger the investigation.
    For example the writing of Gilbert on Mark West website ( may,august),were not only moving but in a way shocking to me.
    I mean so uncompromising and yet so profound.If there was still any pretention on my side,tjeesus what a blessing that I came across this all and again was invited to have a Look from the ‘inside’.
    For the understanding,it’s not about Gilbert,it’s the impact on what ‘he’ is writing or trying to tell.
    What a miracle it all is!

  8. “who am i?” is a dog chasing his tail—– “what am i? is to the point.

  9. “In the appearance of things……..’Seekers of truth’ are such pretentious things.”

    Perhaps, Gilbert. But don’t you think that all the not-knowing, the search, the looking, the seeking, the seeker is simply for the pleasure of *finding*? Is this any different from the thirsty enjoying a cool drink?

    And isn’t the seeker like a rosebud? Ever opening to become and be in the full bloom of itself? Is the ephemeral *who am I* question ever answered by anyone? It’s like a particle and a wave, it depends upon the act of looking and that changes (with) the seeing.

    • The mind is time. NOW is not in time. All your experiences, which are referred to the ‘me’ (the thought I experience) is in time……anything that appears in time, will disappear in time. What you ARE is not in time. You KNOW this. But the mind (time) tells you otherwise and through belief, confusion about identity appears. It can disappear totally…..but one must SEE that the mind is time. Seeing mind (duality) as time, is seen from the timeless nature of awareness (non dual).

  10. Now….apperceived, is nothing more than memory. So, it would seem that nondual awareness is timelessness. I miss you on facebook, Gilbert.

    • Yes awareness is non dual. Mind is dualistic. Mind ‘creates’ a thinker, believer, a doer where there is only awareness….naked, clear and obvious….self aware awareness does not need an agent. Everyone misses these facts…so it seems.

  11. And what’s wrong with right now, unless you think about it? Indeed. For those of us who haven’t heard the song.


    And one I heard this morning. Michael Fitzpatrick performing his ‘Invocation for World Peace’ at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.


  12. originally there is the here and now. introduce the concept of time and not a thing is changed. humans function in time, to act. no getting around that. existing in the here and now, and functioning in time, will happen. thinking that there is existing, only in time, is an error. a useful error to an extent. the here and now, the real, will not suffice for us. we need the unreal as well as the real to perform our actions in this world. it is the necessary misconception that obscures the true situation.

    • The point of view Joe is just another subtle belief. What you say sounds kind of ‘true’ but it is full of opinions and erroneous points of view. I wont mention this….because ‘someone’ might get upset. 😉

  13. arrgh. i’m listening, sir.