Spirituality – a dream land without any foundation

Spirituality is like a Wishing Well, where every fool from far and wide throws their coins, coin after coin, with blind faith and with no clear evidence that it is an act based on anything other than erroneous beliefs and a loaded hope.  Hope in a future time when a magical shift will transform them into something wonderful.

And yet the wonder of being alive now slips past their attention due to weighty dreams of some special state they just might attain, if they are good and do their hopeful practices.

It is all belief in conceived notions, second hand ideas, myths and hocus pocus.  It is all about ‘special stuff’ not yet here, now.  It is the same stuff that dreams are made of.

Who speaks of this?   They all talk about achieving something special in the land of dreams – ‘Tomorrow’.

Watch the clock at midnight.  Tick tock.  Nothing changes.  The ONLY time there is is right now…..before any words or labels.


  1. How long will it take to work it out? How many times will you have to turn it over in the mind, before you realize it is all conceptualization? Thought has no power. Belief in concepts appears to give thought some power. There is no wrong direction or right direction. You cannot get out of the now. There is a tremendous relief in recognizing that you don’t have to do anything. Spontaneous cognition is happening. Recognizing this dissolves all erroneous beliefs. One may start laughing uncontrollably when it is seen that the foolishness of belief has kept you running around in circles….and it is now gone. Then when you try to tell others about the simplicity of this spontaneous natural state of affairs, they won’t want to listen. They will shun you as if you were riddled with disease. Spiritual BS is the common currency and it is all counterfeit. No one wants to know that.

    • Spirituality is 100% BS. Shocking statement but true.

      Belief in the ‘me’ keeps even the most frustrated seeker bound to an illusion. Nothing much can be done for them. Life may kick the stuffing out of them at some point.

      Belief in words, as if they have some reality is the problem. My beliefs are sacred is the point of view of most. Politics, religion and business are all the same. Me, me, me, me. It is all about ME. Total BS.
      But take a close look……who wants to know that? So called ‘seekers’ might say they are really genuine and that they really want to know ‘truth’ but when the crunch comes, they run off in all directions AWAY from the clear and obvious.

      Watch a video of one of the ‘famous’ teachers and observe their attitude and the pretentious sacred nonsense they think they are displaying. It is very clearly obvious that they are in their own dream of being a guru/teacher, all sacred and special…..’I know and I can guide you’ nonsense. BS. Conceited utter crap.

  2. The alarm bell is ringing loud and clear but few hear it. When will you drop all the spiritual BS and truly be genuine and open to what is? How many years will you keep kicking that dead horse, believing you are going to ride into wonderland on its back. Total nonsense. Face the fact that spirituality has turned into a lucrative business venture and ‘Tricky Dickies’ and ‘Fancy Fannies’ are taking everyone for a ride in Dreamland. It is so bleedingly obvious and yet so few see through it. The more sacred a teacher behaves, the more they are full of BS. Blind faith rules those who do not investigate their own personal beliefs and their erroneous assumptions.

  3. Everything is already clear and obvious. It is belief in the mind’s translations that obscure what is ‘true’. The problem with what is true is that the closer you look, the more it is obvious that it isn’t a thing. By assuming that what is true is a state or thing, what is true recedes into infinity. What is true is not an object or a subject. What is true is exactly that which you ignore, that which cannot have a label put upon it. In the same way you cannot find an object called self, what is true cannot be found as an object or subject. The mind is time bound and belief in words and concepts locks the clear intelligence into a mind game of cat and mouse. Those who have gone beyond the mind games do not claim anything. They do not put on special clothes to distinguish themselves from ‘others’. They do not sit in special higher chairs and lecture ‘others’. Equanimity is ‘one without a second’. Any servicing of the belief in separation is bound to cause confusion and most teachings service the concept of being separate and offer a hope of unification. One without a second cannot be in need of unification. Someone who is clear may point out the nature of the mind game a thousand times in a thousand different ways…….but everyone imagines that it is all referring to someone else, or everyone else, not them. Stupidity does as stupidity is.