Spiritual imagination is a dream

Falling for the temptation to dream of spiritual progress is very common.  It is the easiest thing to entice seekers into a realm of hope in a future time.  In the scheme of things, it is one of the biggest industries for ‘modern man’.  There is no such thing as spiritual progress in reality.  What is true is true – what is false is false (and the twain shall never meet).

To distinguish what is real from what is false should be easy but it appears to be quite difficult for most.  Why?  A biased point of view (the me fixation) distorts the view.

The simple act of watching the mind to see how it operates is enough to reveal everything as it is, so long as the bias is recognised and dropped.  Belief has no place in the actuality of ‘what is’.  

What is real is real.  What is false can never become reality.  

The imagined spiritual entity and the imagined spiritual destination, plus the path that the imagined entity believes and appears to travel upon is completely imaginary.

The so-called sacred journey of the ‘personalised identity’ through the mind is totally imaginary.  Nothing can exist without energy, so it is the energy of belief that keeps the illusion in place, or so it seems.  Protecting the personal illusion of ‘my progress’, on an imaginary path, which is believed to lead to an imaginary destination, is high maintenance, exhausting.

A madman may be picking cherries out of thin air or sitting on a stone wall in the middle of town with a fishing rod believing he will catch a fish.  Who would believe it?   Fact is fact. What is self-evident does not need to be explained.  Belief in words, as if they have some reality of their own is the problem.  Who’s problem is it?  Who will own the problem?  Who will solve it?

Being what you are in the immediacy of natural and spontaneous being is effortless.   It cannot be taught or learned. A rose does not need to go to college to learn how to be a rose. Nature does not need a reference point.  Nature is spontaneous and every cell in ‘your body’ innately knows what to ‘do’.  In fact it is not doing anything.  Being is.  The appearance of being may look like a ‘doing’.  The appearance of doing appears to take place but the ‘doer’ cannot be found.

Those who say that the spiritual journey is necessary are speaking from a limited point of view with a huge dose of belief injected into their claim.  

The realm of the imaginary is not necessary and it (mind) has no power to obscure reality, only seemingly so for an imagined entity that thinks it can see, hear and do. It never could do anything.

Truth or reality is self evident and needs no support from the intellect.

Your own innate knowing is the messenger but that is the very thing that everyone ignores.  Know-ing.

Know-ing. Not knowing what was or what will be. Knowing what is in the immediacy of being.  No words apply.

The intellect is just an instrument.

The thought ‘I see’ cannot see.

Is that really too simple to understand? ……or is it just too challenging to the belief in me?

In the scheme of things, there are those who know.  Those who think they know and those who have not got a clue.

You won’t hear about this in some sat sang or spiritual meeting because everyone would get up and leave if the ‘teacher’ actually spoke from the actuality.  What you hear there is sophisticated lies and trickery.  Adherents are cultured into being ‘milking cows’ for the guru or teacher.  It is a lucrative business opportunity.  Duty of care is more or less a total facade in the realm of spirituality.

  1. You can curse the one who tries to wake you up in the morning. For children it is usually the mother who has to get the children up and ready for school. The mother’s love is interpreted as an inconvenience. Parents love their children through instinct. It is not a choice one makes.

  2. One cannot assume that everyone you meet wants to ‘wake up’ from the dream of being separate. In fact, it is so rare that when you meet someone who is genuine about it, it is like finding a lump of gold on the ground. And there are some sick folk who go out of their way to ‘get at you, pay you back’ if you insult their ‘spiritually advanced’ story of me.