Spirit and Matter

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Spirit cannot know matter.

The messenger is not important.  The message can be expressed through anyone or anything, simply because the intelligence of all things is of the same source.  The word ‘source’ is not used to indicated some separate higher being.  There is only one being.  This experience of being-ness is the expression of the singular essence, common to all and that translates through the mind as the words ‘I am’.  All expressions are transient and not ‘some thing’ that is separate.  Your true essence is not limited by any words.  Intelligence is prior to language. Language is an expression of intelligence.  We all know this because we are that intelligence, whether we know it consciously through a clear translation in mind or not.

The moment of recognition of one’s true nature has no beginning and no end.  That moment is ‘right now’ and the only ‘thing’ that obscures it is belief in a story that suggests otherwise.  To use the label ‘moment’ is just words.  This moment right now has no beginning or end.  This moment is eternity and mind can only resonate with infinity via its empty nature, as infinity.  The knowing of this, the knowing of anything, is this indivisible ‘presence-awareness’ and the labels used to indicate this (that) are not it. Pointers are pointers.  Do not collect pointers or worship them. The only value any pointer ‘has’ is in the potentiality of recognition. Naked seeing-knowing with no attachment to content of mind.  The intelligence (vibration) is the movement of itself, which is all things – the seeming movement of undivided unicity.  ‘I am that’ intuitively appears with the recognition.  Relief from the bondage of self is instantaneous, inexplicable.  The mind cannot explain the self realising nature of awareness.  There is NO entity to claim or explain – no claim or explanation is necessary.  It is self-evident, without beginning or end. 

Gurus collect seekers like butterflies pinned to a wall.  There is no need for prolonged deliverance from the bondage of self.  The pertinent fulcrum is to SEE that the believed in entity is not real. Pure being is already perfect, already so.

No guru, teacher or being of any kind can give you what you already are! Once this is realised one sees through all the contrived nonsense that gurus and teacher push onto seekers.  The antithesis of pure being is the ignorant introduction of limitations from ‘someone’ pretending to teach ‘you’ (to what you are) to be what you are.  An impossibility.  The essence of any messenger is not a limited creature, it is the intelligence shining through an apparent limited form.  When the intelligence dissolves the apparent form of the messenger or the receiver of the message, the message sings itself, like a bird in the dawning of light.  The limited unclear messenger may even ‘hear’ the message and cease trying to convert ‘others’.

The intelligence that appears in the message is the same intelligence that moves the planets and stars. There is no separation and there never was any separation.  The whole spiritual scene is a charade and all the characters belong to Maya, the illusion.  The sooner you realise this, the sooner you will know your natural freedom.

If you still believe you are separate, find the boundary of separation and investigate it, observe it dissolve and know for certain that you are not separate.

We hear of divine incarnations and all sorts of miracles attributed to special individuals.  What could any of these ‘appearances’, historic or present day, do without the life essence than animated them?  Nothing!  

Attributing any qualities or attributes to the self-image of any person is only conceptual and divisive.  The guru or teacher, or anyone at all, who indulges in a display of being very special is serving the concept of separation.  Separation is a myth, conceptual imaging.  Maya is imagination.  Maya is the illusion and as such it has no power whatsoever. The imagined appears to be real due to belief.   The moment a belief is exposed the imagined dissolves – because it was never real.  The energy supporting belief is freed up from its limitation and so the believed in ‘thing’ vanishes spontaneously.  Belief only seems to have power, energy, through an apparent continuity of belief.  One must investigate belief itself and understand that belief is never the actuality.  The actuality is knowing and knowing is not a state of mind.  All states of mind appear upon the knowing.  Belief cannot know anything.  A belief appears upon the knowing as an incomplete knowledge. You do not believe that you exist. You know it!  Not the ‘I’ or ‘me’.  Just pure knowing.  The knowing is what you are.  No separation.

It is the belief in being a separate entity that is the cause of psychological suffering.  Through this belief we subject ourselves to being tossed around between happy and sad, good and bad, between depression and looking for a distraction from the depression.  Where is the actual sense of separation?  Isn’t it obvious that it is the belief in being separate?  Belief in concepts associated with the me – relativity – relative to me.  Investigate that sense of separation and don’t stop until it reveals its empty nature.

Unicity, oneness or wholeness can never be divided in reality.  In appearance the one appears constantly to be dividing and the notion of becoming is a subtle belief that remains Un-investigated.  In the moment that a belief is seen for what it is, it loses the sense of validity.  Belief is not reality.  No belief is ever true.  What is true is self-evident.  Ignoring what is true is a common error.  The ‘me’ is a fiction and as a fiction it appears to act as a bias or a blind spot.  It is all conceptual.

A concept cannot divide anything except itself and that remains conceptual. No empirical proof is exclusively available to anyone.  The actual proof of anything is innately it’s that-ness.  All there is, is THAT.  No separation!

A concept cannot divide the natural wholeness of existence and to believe that it can is an error pertaining to the limitations of the intellect. Heaven and Hell are conceived in the mind.  To punish yourself with a conceived notion is not wise. Unity divided into multiplicity is in perception only and the perceiver (me) is a notion, an idea which has no substance, it cannot stand alone.  As soon as you take sides the opposite appears as tension and so conflict increases – all in the mind.

Spirit cannot become matter or even know matter.  Matter is an appearance of apparent substance and everything that appears, disappears – it is all transient. Fleeting moments of lucid clarity are not the origin of anything.  Clarity is already so.  The notion of ‘I am becoming clearer’ is relative to an image of self, me.  Therefore, because it is relative it is not the origin of anything other than more imagination.  Even that is an illusion.  

The instrument of perception may well be working perfectly but the intellect translates everything so quickly we do not recognise the mechanical nature of mind. Assumptions rule only because of inadvertence.  To empty the mind is easy, however the grasping nature of the mind always wants conceptual company.  The fear of enlightened being (being no one) is too much to bare for the identified, believed in entity. So, in the scheme of things, apparent entities play a mind game of purifying their bodies and mind and ignore their true nature.  

The investment in belief in process keeps the believed in entity in a state of need.  Being so accustomed to wanting, the empty nature of pure being is not recognised.

The intellect divides what is into spirit and matter as if it had the capacity to know the difference.  Like heaven and hell, spirit and matter are conceptualised ’things’ that have no substance, apart from what belief appears to give them.

To be disillusioned is seen to be a negative state of mind, usually.   To be free of delusions is not a negative state of affairs.  It is totally neutral and free of dualistic notions.

In the appearance of space/time, many lives are spent seemingly making efforts to attain special, conceptualised (premeditated) states of mind and few ever realise that all states of mind are transient. You cannot grasp a single thought, let alone some conceptualised goal.

To simply recognise that you have acquired nothing, achieved nothing and all your efforts have been in vain, is to ‘touch upon what is real’.   To remain as nothing and know that the person is an illusion of mind is an apparent liberation.  It is only an apparent liberation because there never was an entity that was ever bound.  Liberation from what?  For whom?

To liberate the spirit is an unnecessary task and the one attempting to get free is an illusion.

Be what you are and cease to pretend to be what you are not and what you will never be. 

BEING is.  Becoming is conceptual, the illusion of maya.  No one can penetrate the bewitching influence of maya.  No one!

All your efforts to do so are in vain.   The purpose of practices is to realise that they have no power whatsoever.  

You are already free.  Already so.  So, be that.



So often I have witnessed individuals claim to be free, claim to have seen through the ‘me’ only to hear some news later that they are still seeking.  There is no point in pretending.  Self-calming practices may be useful in extreme cases but one must realise that to be what you are is effortless, spontaneous and no practice is required.

I do not claim to come from any tradition and I do not drop names of teachers or gurus as some sort of qualifying notice of my right to share whatever spontaneously gets written.  I do not claim to be from any lineage and I have no certification apart from this spontaneous being.  I am not some sort of custodian of any esoteric teaching.   Teachers who offer therapy are therapists.  In reality there is no past or future, no cause or method to this spontaneous existence. Playing a mind game of cause and effect with seekers is nothing but psychological antics.

There is no benefit in this (so-called teaching) for me.  There is no reality in any ‘me’ here, there or anywhere.  I sense no need to follow some kind of prescriptive notions or hold back anything in the message.  I require no special attention from anyone.  I am not interested in being the centre of attention for seekers or sitting on some spiritual throne.  There is no need to add sugar coating to the message to aid any seeker.  The seeker is unreal and so is the glorified guru/teacher.  There is no separation or distinction between ‘separate things’ in reality.

  1. Ordinary, everyday awareness is the ‘thatness’ in ‘I am That’. Everyone has it (is that) but it is usually ignored.
    In the scheme of things I am always happy to provide some controversial point of view. There is no harm in dismissing erroneous beliefs. Exposing them is essential. The usual mechanical points of view are often rather boring and old hat. They repeat themselves automatically until they are investigated. Contempt prior to investigation is a common ailment. In the appearance of things, there are apparent individuals who are so grossly identified with what I will call ‘therapy’ but what they call ‘teaching’, they have not the slightest inkling that they are lost in a mind game of being a ‘helper’ and yet they themselves have not seen through the illusion of separation.  They lecture seekers like a head master in a high school. They enhance the idea of separation in themselves and in others because they are attempting to make a career out of some ‘knowledge’ that they believe that they have.  It is rather pitiful to witness. Even so, watching them perform as a pretend teacher is rather fascinating – due to the extraordinary lengths that an imaged ego will go, to convince others that they are a highly evolved being, one who is ego free.   Ha! The ego display is their main feature. Their vulnerability is not hidden well and one can easily see where they are coming from. Their assumption that everyone appreciates their offerings is just that, an assumption, unreal. Other examples are those who recently had an insight. They do not waste time in taking the opportunity to lecture others upon whatever it is they discovered. To imagine one is a teacher, when there is obviously no grounds for it is much like children in a playground, running around in imaginary cars and trucks, beeping their imaginary horns.

  2. Some folk go to (spiritual) meetings because they want to show off their knowledge. They talk about earnestness and their latest insights and there is an obvious expectation in them, an expectation that others will recognise how enlightened they are. Their secret wish to be a guru is very obvious and their obsession with themselves has almost strangled anything genuine in them. It seems that they live on the edge of violence and desperation. They tell themselves that they have overcome all of their shortcomings but the slightest prick of the self image makes their cage rattle like an old rusty wheelbarrow. They have been pushing their ego around in that rusty old wheelbarrow for so long, they believe it is their genuine essence….and still they wonder why it is that no one recognises how wise they are. The sense of separation cannot be disguised with an image of no separation. Only a fool would attempt such a facade and expect someone else to believe it is true.

  3. Looking, looking, looking for an answer in the mind will always be fruitless.
    Who is looking? For what?
    Where are you seeing from?
    Investigate there and recognise that there is no thing that sees.
    Keep seeing and knowing that there is no thing that sees.
    The rest will fall into place.
    It is that simple.

    The seeker is the problem.