Some say….

Some say….there is nothing you can do.
Some say….there is no ‘you’ that can do anything.
Some say….that to make an investigation is just more seeking….. and so it is useless.
Of what use is such information?
To me it sounds like an impotent philosophy – a philosophical view held by old men who have lost their ‘umph’.
If they can’t truly help anyone, why don’t they just shut up? “Well, it’s how I make my living and I am doing very well, thank you” may be an honest reply.
Nice life style for them and they are usually having a good laugh about it behind the scene and quite openly too sometimes.
Their philosophical excuses excuse them from any critical comment with yet another prefabricated statement from their bag of tricks.
You are is the potentiality which is infinite in nature.
This potentiality has expressed itself even through the belief of being a separate entity.
When the limitations are lifted away, then what has always been obvious is naturally clear and self-evident.
What is necessary is an investigation into this believed in sense of ‘me’. it seems that this is avoided at all cost by almost every seeker – why? Because the game would be over very quickly if they truly investigated the ‘me’ and a feeble fear of loss of identity threatens that ‘me’. And so it will. But what you truly ARE can never be harmed by anything.
As soon as you take a genuine interest and start to see the ‘me’s’ foundation is nothing other than emptiness, and so it starts to fall apart quite naturally and effortlessly.
The glue that seemingly prevents this investigation is the habit of ignoring our true nature.
It is not the ‘me’ that makes the investigation, it is the intelligence that you ARE.
To deny this intelligence is the bondage of ignorance.
Having been smothered by erroneous beliefs for ‘so long’, (time = mind), once it is loosened, that intelligence will well up like a fountain of fresh clean water and fill you with a conviction that can never be challenged by mere beliefs ever again.
This makes perfect ‘sense’ once some clear evidence of its truth shows up.
Have a pleasant Christmas – Warm regards – Gilbert.