Some points to consider.

  • Reality is a solid block of pure Wakefulness. Get to know it. Spiritual nonsense cannot come anywhere near it.
  • Be the wakefulness! The seeking never started. That is the insight!
  • The mind translates – that is all it does. It has no capacity to know anything. Find the knowing… the real knowing… not the idea of knowing.
  • In the cutting insight, in the true recognition of one’s true nature, the natural perfection is clear and obvious. Concepts of time and distance vanish. Even the concept ‘I’ is nowhere to be seen or felt.
  • Thought has never divided that which is naturally prior to thought. Existence itself is not a concept or thought.
  • All the concepts about separation, layers, embodiment and a thousand other labels BELONG to MAYA. Mind is Maya. The ONLY way out of seeking is to SEE that there is NO seeking happening.
  • What conditioning is there, if you do not think about it? Really sit with that question until it dawns on you that the past conditioning is nothing but thought and memory. The immediate pure seeing is not touched by the past.
  • The truth is so very, very simple, no one can believe it.
  • The so-called ‘person’ is a concept that represents a separate being and there is no such thing. All there is, is Being. Being is all-inclusive.
  • Seeing is happening – ‘you’ are not doing it. So the clear seeing/knowing has a flavour of ‘no one doing it’.
  • The sense of me is not strong at all. It is a series of concepts based on belief. Belief is not reality. What is real is indestructible. What you truly are is not something to be afraid of – it cannot harm you or anyone.
  • If the personal baggage falls off, you will know it without doubt.
  1. Ah, how wonderfull the pointers without nonsense, so direct and mean while just breathing.
    As if it wasn’t enough, I may write in the following?
    In times when thinking had the upperhand Gilbert, you remembered me to the next.
    “You will never find a description equal to the pure cognition, Bob Adamson comes very close……..the shortest bridge appears to separate You from THAT……but you are that – you are ACTUALLY THAT. Start from that fact”……
    Yes, I became restless and of course I went here more than ever to be thanks to your support like the above pointers.
    Really sit with all the reflections and my God what a patience of which side?
    To take that for granted is impossible so it seems.
    Understandable perhaps you’re tired of all the pretensious behavior of spiritual seekers, however I wish that you continue to remember us!
    All the best for you with love, Divo.

  2. be conciuos of this conciousness Nisagadatta said , G does anything else want to be said by you when you here that quote, the mind or me trys to find something to focus in on when doing this

  3. I would like to say…the answer is not in the mind. You cannot avoid knowing presence, it is as natural as breathing. Whatever is said about that is known by that. Whatever is seeking for that is already that at the first place. Whatever is reading these words is that.

  4. one of the blessings of being newly off the road has been the opportunity to practice with others. unlike this clear venue, there the waters are muddied with indulgence. it is enough to recognize this and as i come here, to partake of this sharing, so do i go there to do so as well. there is no need to reject the one or spite the other because close enough and good enough is sufficiently different from far and poor so as to be a genuine boon. aside from whatever all of that is, i practice because i practice, but the point of reference comes mostly from here. call it heresy, it is still nothing, to nobody. gratitude to all for all. you guys rock.

    • Joe, you can do whatever you like. Practice or no practice. It does not change reality. The Punch and Judy Show plays on. The Rock Concert plays on. The children’s school play plays on. The planet spins and the sun appears to come up and go down. It is all appearance. No one can stand outside of the appearance. The self-deluded, self-important ‘person’ cannot stand outside or reality, change reality or deny reality. What is, is what is. It is nameless. Call it what you want. The concept of ‘grace’ is just another label. Notice you cannot make the sunrise into a practice. it is all out of your hands. Smile, relax and enjoy.

  5. just more me thinking and not a leg to stand on. weak coffee and no legs. that is this morning. mind seeking to prop up the fallacies and none able to stand. even this reeks of entertainment.