So Simple

Spiritual promises are empty and unreal.  Service to the illusions of  ‘becoming’  is the common obstacle that is not spoken of in ‘spiritual teachings’.

Wishing and hoping, hoping and praying.  It is foolish to believe when the proof of direct knowing is self-evident.  Belief is not reality.  Round and round it goes, turning upon emptiness like a ring of wooden horses on a turnstile.

The true message is direct and uncompromising.

No one is asked to believe anything.

There is no one bound up in any phenomena of any kind.

What is not true requires a conceptual construct to make it appear to be true.

Innate knowing is uncomplicated like instinct.  Call it a gut feeling (if you want).

Reality is ‘what is’, as is and totally self-evident.  ‘Prior’ to conceptualising.

‘Know-ing’ is not separate from be-ing.  Being is.

The believed in entity has no being.  That is why you cannot ‘fix it’ with psychology or any methods or practices.

It is a fiction.

Innately we all know what is true despite how things might appear to be.

So Simple – yet overlooked most of the ‘time’.  

Mind is time.

There is no ‘me’ in the immediacy of consciousness.

Don’t take my word for it!

Investigate and SEE for yourself.

Belief is not the way to ‘go’.

  1. I know quite a few ‘spiritual folk’ and I can tell you that very few are open to what is true. The very image of believing that one is a spiritual person is a fraud. Almost all the ‘teachers’ that I notice on the internet are talking spiritual crap. It is all about sucking seekers into a new belief. It is all about ‘becoming’ something better in the future. It is virtually impossible to get through the ‘wall of belief’. The belief structure need to be blown apart and it looks like it can only ever be ‘an inside job’. No one wants to ‘do that’. After all, (the defence is) ‘what would I be if I am not this ‘me’?’

  2. Thanks for that Gilbert. For me, someone who was on the seeking trail for many years, it’s a timely reminder. The truth is so simple, so all pervading – and yet one can so easily be distracted by aspects of the manifestation …

    • Yes, so it seems, one is distracted. However there is no one distracted and belief that there is, is a belief in an image of self (me) who apparently comes and goes. Whatever comes and goes CANNOT be what you are. Inadvertence is merely the focus moving about. Awareness remains. There is no need ‘from awareness’ for an entity. We are so accustomed to believing that until words appear, nothing is known. In fact everything is known for what it is before anything is named, instantly, ever fresh and new, each so-called ‘moment’.

  3. Hi G,

    I notice the phrase “Mind Is Time”.

    Could you expand upon this view.



    • What time is there if you do not think about it?
      Mind is time. Thinking appears as a continuum, as a parade of thoughts, feelings and emotions.
      All of these ‘events’ can only ever appear in the immediacy of time-less awareness.
      You cannot get out of the so-called ‘now’. Try it. You will find that it is impossible. Some ‘teachers’ go on about learning to stay in the now. Crazy talk. Just because the attention wanders here and there does not mean that awareness ever budges from the immediacy. It can’t go anywhere because it is already everywhere. Fixation on ‘me’ the believed in entity is the fiction that appears to create all the delusions about time and process. It is all reference points in the mind. Drop them all and see what is left. You are present and aware. Add no concepts to that naked awareness and a revelation must unfold naturally. Nothing to claim and no one to claim it.

  4. Thanks for clarifying.

    Yes, I see what you mean.