So Simple, we miss it.

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The clearest, direct pointing is always simple.  Only a few words are necessary. Unnecessary words do not need to appear in the expression.
Complex belief systems are completely unnecessary and only indicate non-clarity.
Recognition does not come from the pointers but from immediate acknowledgment of what is true – or simply knowing – resonance.
The word ‘water’ points at water, obviously.  The word water is not water.  “You cannot drink the word water – it will not quench your thirst” (Adamson).   Many pass over this simple fact or dismiss it before it ‘sinks in’.  We get caught up in words, not realising that the words are empty.
All the words have been learned.   We don’t need extra special words to express the simplicity of being here now.
Words like ‘awareness’ appear to take on an importance and many other words also.  But they are all merely words.
Words strung out into a sentence have an apparent specific meaning.  Where is the meaning?  Break a sentence down into single words and the meaning disappears or break a word down into single letters and the meaning vanishes. So where is the meaning apart from what you give it?
In watching the mind closely some extremely subtle assumptions may reveal themselves.  Erroneous beliefs can crumble quite easily if they are looking into closely.
Words are words – “Form is emptiness – emptiness is form” (Buddha).
When thought is expressed in words, where does the meaning enter?  Is meaning injected or implied?  Is it somehow hidden behind the words?
Is the meaning first, then the words come spontaneously?   Or is it all contained in one instant?
All words are equal.  The mind may object – “How can that be?”   A simple sentence can point very acutely at an aspect of this ‘presence’, this ‘I am-ness’ but the words only re=present.  It is a common belief that there is power in words – is it true?
What is pointed to with a word is obviously not in the word.  Many get hung up on words – sacred words especially.  We worship words and miss the essential nature of everything, including oneself.  One self.  No self.  Nothing.  No thing.   Form is emptiness – Emptiness is form.
Everyone is unique.  How one ‘apparent individual’ expresses themselves may be very different to another ‘apparent individual’.
It is all in the appearance of things.  Everything is appearance.
If you do not believe this, try and find something that is not an appearance.  You may be surprised.  Many assumptions remain un-investigated and when we start inquiring into them, they dissolve.
The Essence remains singular and the concept of being separate from the WHOLE is a concept only.
The weight of the dramatic ‘story of me’ is based on a concept……… and all concepts appear and disappear.
Seeing that clearly can be a ‘turning point’.
In the appearance of things, it appears that we come closer to ‘the truth’ or we move away from it.  If we can use the analogy of an orange for a moment – the connective tissue of an orange has small satchels of fluid and tissue enclosed.  On the outer area of the interior of the orange there are hundreds or maybe thousands of them laying next to each other.  As you move towards the centre the number decreases, until near the core, the number of satchels is only a few.  If we equate these satchels with concepts it looks like the closer you get to the core of understanding, the less concepts there are.  So in returning to the basics, the crux of it all, the concepts disappear.  By staying in touch with your essential nature, so one does not get lost in myriad concepts in the outer regions of mind.  – It is all conceptual of course.  Understanding is not a concept.  Awareness is not a concept.
  1. It’s like the coming and going of concepts are in some orbit around this sphere-less empty space of knowing. None of them touch what you are. Getting caught up in the asteroid belt of concepts is confusion. What you are is the infinite deep space of knowing. What you are is not a composite of any thing.

  2. They run, they hide – they don’t want to look at ‘reality’. The dream may fall apart. And in the appearance of things, even though many appear to search for ‘the truth’, very few appear to be willing to face it full frontal. The mask, the persona, cannot stand up to the investigation.

  3. I would like to say…yet the persona, the asteroid belt of concepts, keeps asserting itself as the viewpoint, the place from which the ineffable, nonconceptual, centerless whatever is viewed. who is it that intends for the dream to fall apart? who is it that imagines facing in full frontal?