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Insect 1.4

Primal sensation – Vertical – Horizontal – & the 4 corners of the universe.

Intelligence is (was) present before the first word was learned.   Intelligence is (was) present every moment because intelligence is always present as ‘the primary facilitator’.   Intelligence is not bound by language – the innate knowing essence is free of words, experiences and the so-called ‘personal history’ is simply a shroud of ignorance, totally transparent.  Belief in it is where conflict and dis-ease of being ‘enters’ for mind.  

This primary energy is the only energy there is.  One energy, many expressions.  All other designations of various energies, polarities etc, are secondary, different expressions of the same energy.  

It is the energy that is intelligence.  What you are cannot be separate from the energy or the intelligence and this immediacy of life energy is all there is.  You cannot observe anything outside of this immediacy – because there is nothing outside of it.  It is all there is.   The source of this pure being-ness is not separate from the being-ness – it is the being-ness.   Beyond all dimensions, this presence (intelligence energy) is beyond all boundaries, all times, beyond all apparent beginnings and endings.  As if it were a container, the primary energy appears as everything and yet, as itself it is nothing whatsoever.  It is this spontaneous and causeless, all encompassing, radiance of ‘no thing’.  

Identified consciousness is secondary, an apparent condition, which appears through the facility of imagination, image-ing and through the naming of things we conceive of ‘things’ as being separate or independent.

This primary energy gives us through experiencing, the sense of time passing, growth and decay. The senses are receptors.  They do not lie to us.  It is the mind that constructs a facsimile or a re-presentation of ‘what is’ and it is this description that is an illusion.  There is little difference between an imagined thing and what we believe is real.   Innately we all know what is real but it is ignored.  We ignore our true nature because it is silent and wordless.  

Belief will always betray us, one way or another, because… belief is never the actual.  We all know what we need to know in the immediacy and there is nothing wrong in our being.  Imagination seemingly creates a realm of misunderstanding.  

Belief is never that actual.  This can be pointed out over and over and almost no one takes it on board as something to truly investigate.  Why hang onto beliefs if belief is NEVER the actuality?

That which is not, is not.  That which is, is. Knowing the difference is essential and innately we already know….but we generally ignore it.   Investigate your assumptions and recognise the silent wisdom that is already with you.   Apparent individual consciousness is actually Cosmic Consciousness.  The intelligence is already present.  It is belief in mind constructs that seemingly obscure it.

Everything in your own experiencing is sensation.  (If you disagree) Find an example of something, anything that is not registering as a sensation.  You can postulate things that are not in your experiencing, like ultra violet light or subsonic sounds or distance places but the concepts appearing about these ‘things’ is a sensation.  Thought is a sensation!  Subtle it may be but it is sensation.

The immediacy of sensation leaves an apparent trace.  The mind interprets the sensations into a secondary synthetic ‘sensation’ or an ‘account’ of ‘me and my life, my experiences’ .

The ‘problems’ enter through the ‘relating it all to an imagined entity (me)’. Who has the problem?  Me!  Who is this ‘me’?  Do you know?  If not, why not?

The actual (original) sensation(s) is constant, uninterrupted, without pause or intervals.  Everything is sensation and recalling a memory is sensationGoing with the memory (who goes?) appears to obscure or mask the present sensation (non-memory) but the one who ‘goes’ with the memory and seemingly gets lost is an imagined entity, a fixation.  It comes and goes. What you are remains present, no matter what the mind tells you.  You CANNOT get out of the present (now).

All psychological suffering depends on a ‘subject’.  If the subject is a fiction, then the story of suffering is also a fiction.  So, is it not imperative to find out if this ‘me’ is real or merely a total fiction?

The ‘me of memory’ is an account composed automatically, all about a central character and its associates, other characters, also imagined.   Being concerned about ‘me’ keeps the bias intact and believing it is real keeps the believed in entity at the so-called ‘centre’ of all sensations – but it is a false reference point and there is no actual self-centre.   You can test this yourself by attempting to locate the self-centre.  

This ‘habit’ of belief in me is the reason that the invalid reference point (me) remains undetected.   Like a dream character cannot wake up, the ‘me’ cannot uncover its own imagined ‘ground of belief’.

Understanding is spontaneous and is not the result of some mental activity or effort made by the intellect.

In the quietude of empty mind, it is clearly obvious that sensations spontaneously appear as they are, unaltered, unmodified and uncorrected. A very clear definition of ‘What is’….. is ‘Unmodified, unaltered and uncorrected’ – As is.

Do not try to alter or modify the sensations that are appearing, as you and the world.  Just be silent with what is.  See what happens.

The slightest reference to ‘me’ brings a sense of ‘time’, an apparent ‘flow’, an apparent continuum.  It is all immediacy and nothing other than this immediacy.

No cloud is attached to the sky.  A bird does not leave a trace in the sky.   Everything is spontaneously fresh and new.  This ‘moment’ is unique.  This ‘moment’ has no beginning and no end.   You cannot get out of ‘this moment’.  The only time there is is this immediacy and this is not anything that can be reduced to fit any label, word or description.  As is.

Conceptualising is like nodules in the (sense of a) flow of being.  The mind’s translation is seemingly composed of nodes and intervals, patterns in the sky-like empty mind, consistently appearing and disappearing – and it is this realm of conceptualisation that the average ‘being’ takes to be reality.  The imagined entity attempts to escape a prison of its own making but the prison does not actually exist.  Every effort to escape merely fortifies the ‘walls’ of the imagined prison.  Therefore, all aspirants who use meditation techniques, yoga and other spiritual disciplines cannot find freedom. All they can do is imagine that they are ‘getting free’ and this ‘process’ is slavery.

Just like an echo of your voice in a deep valley, the original sound remains intact even though it ‘appears’ to mix in the atmosphere with its own echo. With refined attention, one can discern the original from its echo.  Being is like this example.  What the mind composes of being is conceptual.  Being is non-conceptual.   The difference is extremely obvious.   

Memory is like an echo – it can never be reality.  The origin of everything is timeless.   The mind’s realm of representation is merely image(ing) – synthesising ‘meaning’ relative to an imagined self-centre.  

You cannot actually (re)-live a moment in the past.  

All there is, is the immediacy, no matter what the mind ‘does’ with the original, the true essence.  You are the original.   What you think you are is a synthesised re-presentation, which can never reach ‘back’ into its own origins.

Some say all there is is consciousness.  It is a pointer that can stop the mind.  The resistance to ‘pointers’ is called ‘me’.

A ‘person’ is a mind construct that is based on the past with a mixture of hope and/or dread of the future.


P.S.  The integrating being is naturally healing.   Life or being spontaneously takes care of itself.   The obstacles or resistance presented by identified states of mind is unnecessary.   Fear of death is the cause of much dis-ease in being.  It is unnecessary.  You did not choose to come into existence.   Trust in being and cease to resist life energy and healing will ‘happen’.  It is not a miracle – it is simply life ‘doing its thing’.   Doubts appear and resistance comes with it.  Relax and be.
The actuality is this non-conceptual immediacy (Life itself), which is ever-prior to all mind constructs.
Being – As is.   The peace that is beyond all (intellectualised) understanding.
  1. Of course I speak to many individuals. ‘People’ do not want ‘truth’ because the basis of a ‘person’ is a falsehood. Belief in me is a fiction. If I point out the main feature of what a particular persons ‘hang up’ is, the expression instantly changes to an expression of ‘shock’ or exposure of their erroneous belief in what they call ‘truth’. The table turns from a friendly exchange to animosity (on their part). They do not want their ‘truth’ being exposed as a mere belief, with no substance or independence. The common dream-like beliefs of the common folk is a form of security for the imagined entity. They say they are interested in truth and reality but when it comes down to the wire, no way Jose!
    It seems quite clear that even though we all use the same language (English in this case) the message is lost. An example is that people can argue over something that they basically agree on and yet they argue – probably due to the mis-understanding of words and use of language, plus the tone of voice and together it brings in conflict, where it need not be. A sentence is a complex vehicle for ‘meaning’. If words are strung together with a predominant sense of self-importance, objectivity is foregone immediately. People full of self-importance argue with each other. Members of the League of Nations argued over how to achieve peace. That is an example of how ridiculous our ‘powers of reasoning’ can turn into meaningless jargon.
    We believe that words have power – but words are just words. We give words a lot of (personal) importance and yet the average persons understanding of the words they use is quite loose or approximate, thus the potency of exact conversation is not so possible.
    There is a lot of resistance due to belief in ‘things that are not’, while that which is, is clear and obvious – and without conflict. Many go on about ‘acceptance’ but WHO needs to accept or reject? Me? Emotional investment in the belief in ‘me’ brings with it a whole realm of unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding. Who will sort it out? No one. Everyone has a bias and they have no idea about that bias. All one can do is point to the clear and obvious……..but the investment in ‘me’ adds a whole realm of unnecessary concepts and ideas that relate to ‘things that are not’. Reality is clear and obvious – yet few seem to notice that.

  2. Gilbert wrote: “‘People’ do not want ‘truth’ because the basis of a ‘person’ is a falsehood.”

    I suspect that is not true, but rather your judgement and belief born of frustration at being unable to convert others to your views. It’s a wrong interpretation of what is happening. Is it possible for you to look at this issue afresh?

    Gilbert wrote: “Reality is clear and obvious – yet few seem to notice that.”

    I don’t think reality is clear and obvious. Life, the universe, and everything are far too big for small human beings to perceive and understand. Therefore, people are probably resistant to your views because your views are too simplistic and unlikely to gel with whole Reality. It is probably better to not bite off more than you can chew. Instead, focus on the relevant digestible parts of reality, i.e. those parts that relate to human motivations.

    • You don’t THINK reality is clear and obvious. Stop thinking and see without a concept in the way and maybe you will find agreement with what I say. I am not talking crap here. The post are not about me. I don’t give a toss what ‘people believe’. I know that ignorance appears to have the upper hand in the Play, for some….and for others ignorance is abating.
      It is all a play of consciousness.
      In the scheme of things, I do play the role of speaking about the unmentionable. I am not a spiritual person. I live an ordinary life and have the freedom to walk about without people recognising my being as some sort of spiritual entity. Thank heavens for the fact that I am nobody and I have no wish to be famous or well known. One could say that I feel an obligation to share something that resonates. Whether it resonates or not is not up to me. My apparent frustration is like a tactic, a useful tool, in exposing frustration in the reader(s). We can ‘see’ the attitude of another and pass judgment quickly. But what is your attitude? Do you actually have any idea about your attitude?
      It is quite remarkable how certain ‘pointers’ will be passed over and the reader will focus on the imagined author of the post (myself in this case). If the posts were written as perfect text, as ‘perfect pointing’ it would serve only the chief feature of the reader, either the intellectual or emotional aspects… etc. By calling forth a limited point of view in the reader or by touching upon certain ‘personal sore points’ this avoids ‘casting your pearls before swine’. Those who cannot get past being offended in their egoic states of mind cannot digest anything direct. Reality is clear and obvious. What gets in the way should be of great interest and yet, it is quite obvious that most aspirants spend the entire lives protecting belief and belief is NEVER the actuality. Reality has no need of a subject, a ‘I’.
      Your true identity is Universal Being – which is not subject to time, space or form.
      If you understand, even in the briefest glimpse of truth, of this…….the spark will ignite the shroud of ignorance. Nothing to be afraid of. Fear of freedom is one of the main features of bondage. Freedom and bondage are both illusions. Like Heaven and Hell, there is NO empirical evidence for either. Choosing one over the other is the beginning of suffering. In the scheme of things, no one wants the truth. Look at the worlds condition. When governing bodies, nations, use fear to control their OWN people, it is far from the natural harmonies of nature. Through belief in words and concepts, we have unleashed a ‘monster’ of our own making. It is only through clear awareness that these nightmares can be rendered passive. You are already awake. It is your belief that bind you….and a belief is nothing but a thought, a concept. Investigate for yourself and SEE what substance a thought or concept has.

  3. Gilbert wrote again: “Reality is clear and obvious.”

    It seems you missed my point. Three examples might help:

    1. Bees can see ultraviolet light, whereas humans cannot. So the ultraviolet range of reality is not clear and obvious to us.

    2. You cannot be aware of the beings living in Andromeda while writing your blog posts. So they are obscured during that time at least.

    3. The subject cannot see the subject. So the subject part of reality is not clear and obvious.

    Essentially, it depends on how you define reality. I suppose you either mean reality in some spiritual sense that is in agreement with your audience’s definition or you mean it in some other sense. You use a capital R, so it seems you are using it in some ultimate sense.

    Gilbert wrote: “Your true identity is Universal Being – which is not subject to time, space or form.”

    Then why berate your audience if they are already Universal Being, not subject to time, space or form? Shouldn’t you talk to them as if they are already at your Cosmic Level?

    • I did not miss the point. “Do not try to see through someone else’s eyes” – Siddharameshwar.
      The point(s) you raise are invalid from where the actual seeing is happening (for you and ‘here’). All points of view are both valid and invalid in the realm of belief. The mind’s translations are not the seeing. Synthesised seeing is conceptual seeing, a construct in mind. Reality is clear and obvious – it is not a ‘thing’ to be seen and there is no ‘see-er’, just seeing.
      Investigate your assumptions.
      No one’s concept of ‘me’ is correct…..whether this apparent me or any other me. The death of the me is liberation from the illusion of the bondage of self.

      Also, it is slightly interesting that you seem to hide behind a made up name…. wise 1 won.

      • Gilbert wrote: “Reality is clear and obvious – it is not a ‘thing’ to be seen and there is no ‘see-er’, just seeing.”

        If you are saying that reality is just seeing, then that is taking solipsism to the extreme. It is far more likely that reality is more than just seeing. I asked if you can look at this stuff afresh. Can you? Or is everything settled for you now? If you want to communicate, then it’s best to engage in a living enquiry.

        Gilbert wrote: “Investigate your assumptions.”

        Have done so.

        Gilbert wrote: “The death of the me is liberation from the illusion of the bondage of self.”

        Are you saying that your “me” is dead? It doesn’t feel like it. Also, there are other kinds of bondage.

        Gilbert wrote: “Also, it is slightly interesting that you seem to hide behind a made up name…. wise 1 won.”

        When I registered, it asked for email, then automatically took the part before the @ as the user name.

        • The ‘me’ is an image, a conception and as such has never lived. A cartoon character does not live.
          The see-er is a conception. The seen is a conception. The seeing is the actual functioning. See-ing. Function-ing. The ing means it is something happening presently. The seeing does not have a subject or object. There cannot be a see-er without seeing. There cannot be anything seen without the seeing. I do not expect anyone to understand this unless they have actually recognised the truth of it. See-ing and know-ing are the same non-thing. The believed in entity is an assumption that the believed in entity can see and know. However, on closer examination one can recognise that the narrative of ‘I see’ is a fiction. There is no ‘I’ that can see or know anything – it is the mind translating through words and images. Every word you use has been learned – you could say they are all second hand.
          The intelligence that is seeing or knowing is not limited to anything that the mind has learned or by what it apparently ‘produces’. You have no idea what your next thought will be.
          Take a few moments to investigate what that fact might mean.
          It does not feel like ‘my me’ is dead for you because you take everything personally – and if you take a close look, it is your own me that you ‘feel’ as a response to reading or hearing what someone else says.
          I am not and have never claimed to be special or enlightened. I have no interest in playing guru games. In the scheme of things, because at some point in so-called time, the believed in entity (me) was recognised to be totally absent and the ‘me’ was known to be nothing but a story, an image. In that experiencing, which no one can take away from ‘this being’, the essence of all things was known, is known (not two) – however, words do not have the capacity to describe without bringing in various implications that are incorrect. Why would I need to convince someone else – since there is nothing I want from anyone. I share my posts and the writing is spontaneous and not planned in any way.
          There is no psychological suffering here and there has been none for many years. Over the years, I have played a role in exposing the illusion of me for a few individuals. We all witness a great deal of ‘suffering in people’. The suffering requires belief in a ‘me’. If the me is ‘seen through’ (a manner of speech – because the me is a fiction and cannot be seen or seen through as a fog can be seen through) then the cause of suffering is removed. Without a cause, there cannot be an effect.
          I welcome challenges to my posts. I have no doubts about what I express. It may be unconventional but I feel no obligation to fit in with present day fashions and political correctness.
          If you can find some point where you think I am completely wrong, please let me know. I will attempt to clear it up for you.
          My posts are not pristine spiritual text constructs. They are a mix of clear pointing and some stirring of some possible emotional attachments (in the reader).
          Do you know what the bondage of self is? Do you know what liberation from the bondage of self is?
          Please investigate these ‘matters’ thoroughly before we exchange again. Thank you.

  4. People argue as if there was something in words and concepts while words are pointing to realize that understanding and knowing are prior to words, silent, non-conceptual. From there on, everything happens on its own. This is so.

    Hope you´re fine, G.

    Warm regards.

    • Yes, people argue because they do not know. No one can argue about truth in reality. It is all an illusion of mind and the obsession with ‘me’ is the cause of all psychological suffering. That little piece of information is indigestible for most aspirants – because they refuse to investigate their fixation with self-centredness. Who cares? Empathy and sympathy are quite useless but they appear spontaneously. The ‘me’ needs a lot of support and attention if it is to continue to dominate the being. The fortress of the me is like an impenetrable wall. It is as though the innocent being-ness withers away behind a facade, a persona that is not real. What for? The dream is a dream. Wakefulness is wakefulness. Our true essence is already perfect but it is ignored in favour of a character (me) that only brings dis-ease in being. Madness.

  5. I would like to answer the “Andromeda” question.

    Let’s say, you, the Andromeda questioner, are a man from Syria.

    And let’s say I am a man living in the United States.

    And let’s say there is a woman living somewhere in Andromeda, far away from me and you.

    From your viewpoint (the man from Syria), the man in the United States is an object in one place far away from you and the woman in Andromeda is an object in another place also far away from you.

    Now, from “my” viewpoint, you, the questioner, are an object in Syria, and the woman is an object in Andromeda, but, for me, the man living in the United States is an EXPERIENCE for NO ONE.

    And it is the same for, you, the “questioner”. If you look, you will see that the questioner is an EXPERIENCE for NO ONE.

    And it would be the same for the Andromeda woman who we see as separate, distant, and far away. From “her” viewpoint, I am a man living far away in the United States, and you, the questioner, are also an object far away from her.

    But “her” direct experience about the Andromeda woman is an EXPERIENCE for NO ONE.

    But, you say, then how come “you” primarily have United States experiences, she has Andromeda experiences, and I have Syrian experiences. Doesn’t that make “us” separate experiencers?

    What “you” and what “us”?

    In normal conceptual experience, there is an understanding of time and space, a male or female body moving about at ground-zero of consciousness, and other people who exist as separate from this bodily-you in time and space.

    And in basic terms of time and space, ignoring our non-separateness due to our dependency on the environment and the air we breathe, “your” body is indeed separate from other bodies.

    But you can’t deny the body that you call “yourself” is also an experience, a sensation.

    Where’s the experiencer of the body?

    Have you found it yet? I haven’t.

    When we say things such as “you” can’t experience what the lady in Andromeda is experiencing, what we’re really saying is you-the-body can’t experience what the lady in Andromeda is experiencing.

    And this is true. Because you-the-body can’t experience anything. The-lady-in-Andromeda also can’t experience anything.

    The only reason it gets confusing is because the question starts with a false premise, I am the Body, which needs to be assumed as true for the question to have any merit.

    “You”, meaning “you-the-body located in the United States”, can’t see what’s happening in Andromeda — is true. I agree.

    The problem is, reality is not me-the-body living in the United States.

    This unique, but ever-changing body is definitely a primary experience for “me”, but this “me” who is having this seemingly personal experience is no where to be found.

    “We” go through life having all sorts of experiences and those experiences are all attributed to this bodily character.

    But, the bodily character, persistent as it may be, is just another experience.

    You won’t find the experiencer.

    • Yes James, the apparent problem is that no one can ‘take’ the ‘position’ of being no one. Left to one’s own devices the mind keeps changing its ‘goal’ and the aim is all over the place, divergent and all efforts are dispersed. ‘The story of me’ is an obsession full of transient bias. The ‘me’ can never achieve its goal because every goal it takes on is an illusion of mind and the subject ‘me’ is an apparent ‘static point’ that has no substance or independence – it is not real.
      With specific interactions from a ‘master’ (one who knows, the essence, is the essence) one can face all the obstacles that the mind and ‘the me of memory’ present as resistance.
      The book ‘Zen in the art of archery’, which I read as a young man reveals something of the apparent arduous ‘journey’ of the aspirant. Earnestness and a determination to get to the heart of it all is necessary. In the scheme of things, most aspirants lack an ability to stay focused on the goal. The goal is yourself. The irony is there is no actual self. In the exercise of trying to ‘hit’ the self (bullseye) the ‘mountain’ (the obstacle of belief in me) disappears. Once it is recognised that there is no self, the naked experiencing undoes all belief based upon belief in me. There is no going back to believing one is a separate entity. Fear of being nothing (death) must be overthrown. The bondage of self is completely conceptual and the idea of being separate is also conceptual. No concept has any independent nature or substance. The livingness is this energy, this intelligence and THAT is LIFE, as it IS……not as one believes it is or wishes it to be. What is, is. What is not will never be. The mind does not have any being – it is entirely conceptual. A concept cannot stand on its own. Very simple and yet so illusive for the believed in ‘me’.