Silent resonance in being.

What lies behind your opinions?

What lies behind your self-knowledge?

Is your self-knowledge luminous, transparent?

Does your being shine brightly without any obscuring beliefs or fears about yourself?

Have you found the clarity upon which everything is moving and changing?

Do you know your true nature?

What is real is real.  What is not real is not real.  Simple.

What are you absolutely sure of, without a single doubt?

Can you answer these questions simply without looking for an answer?

If not, why not?

There is no answer in the mind.    Everyone is looking in the mind for something that is just not there.

The sense of presence, right now, is a wordless knowing.  It is silent, wordless – it is thoughtless reality.

  1. If you are looking for an answer, then you are not Seeing what is always present. That which is always present needs no answer, because it is obvious. Overlooking the obvious, turns what is present into the obscure to the mind. Without this presence, there can be no looking for an answer…

  2. Is the seeing, like a plant, in that it starts with a seed and slowly develops into a mature plant? What is said is beautiful, but it blows the mind, seeing with no mind. Its almost as if life is a cosmic joke, there is nothing to do, and nothing to seek, there is only this moment and nothing else. How to survive in this cosmic joke?

    • Yes Chuck – that is correct but the ‘Almost as if’ is not necessary. There is no IF to it. The mind tosses in a clause (‘almost as if’) just so that it is not terminated.

  3. You can’t be what you know. The mind or thought is known. You can’t know what you are, only what you are not. Then what is left, is what you are…..but you can’t say what THAT is… But two aspects of THAT are being present and aware. And what is known can only be under the conditon of being present and aware…it is all one indivisible happening.

  4. “Teach me to dance” (movie Zorba the Greek).

    Did you say once somewhere Gilbert, “emptiness is not in conflict with emptiness, it plays itself out so to speak”?

    Who am I? ….What is That?….yes the words already came of itself several times – I AM THAT. But today it let me literally dance, mind giving space/peace and from there I moved.

    Cosmic joke…in the madness of the world I am thankful for the support of all the comment makers of this site and the UGC.

    And you Gilbert, for your harmonizing attitude, your input and creativity -to point in the right direction!

    If love is all there is it is to All, Thank you.

  5. Thanks, there is celebration in the seeing, and a need to hear from others that see as well, because folks are so caught up in the joke. Its nice to no that others can see the humor of the human condition. Ty and love to all.