Shouting down an empty well

The Hunter-painting

Shouting down an empty well – silence is a stern reply

All of the functioning of intelligence, through the seeing, hearing, tasting etc. is perfect PRIOR to what the mind translates the sensations into. Consider the fact that intelligence was present as language was learned.  It was present as the brain was forming.  You cannot see the wind.  You see the leaves moving but the wind is invisible.  You cannot see intelligence and yet everything that is seen is intelligence appearing as form, shape, apparent things.

You are ‘prior’ to any sense.  I use the words awareness and consciousness in a specific way.  Consciousness is everything that appears in this manifestation, including thoughts, feelings and sensations.  

Consciousness can never be an entity.   There is no agent for awareness. Awareness is self-aware.

The experiencing that registers with you is consciousness.  That which is aware of it all is awareness, which is no thing to the mind.  The senses are consciousness.  Awareness is that, upon which consciousness appears and disappears. Consciousness and awareness are not separate, just as you cannot extract your body from space. The body is space, an apparent limited volume of space but space has no boundary and the ‘self-centre’ is an imaginary centre to space.  We judge everything from an invalid reference point (me) and that is the cause of psychological suffering.

This pure awareness is formless knowing – absolutely free of limitations and concepts. Pure knowing. Non-conceptual perfection.  That is our true essence and that is what we constantly overlook by identifying ourselves as a ‘limited creature’. The ‘me’ is miserable in it’s false sense of being separate, while the absolute clarity of no separation is ignored, yet always in plain view, timelessly so.
So, in the essence of knowing, without a single belief, it is quite obvious that we cannot be the limitations that we habitually identifying ourself as, body or mind. It is merely the content of consciousness.

You are prior to consciousness. With that ‘knowledge’ a free flowing witnessing can reveal what is what.  The witness is a transient view point.  It will vanish but what you are remains.  In the scheme of things a mere glimpse of this can expand into the complete knowing of one’s essence, where no doubt can enter.

The mind, through habit, may try to synthesise this information and it will fail. Observe the mind….see for yourself…. but do not believe what it tells you.  Question everything!  

Belief is our main obstacle, while it is active.

You may imagine that you do not know what is true.  Is that imagined ‘not knowing’ actually true?  Imagination has a particular flavour.  You know it well.  An agnostic says ‘I don’t know’.  How is that ‘not knowing’ known?

Reality does not bend to opinions or beliefs. What is true is clear and obvious, prior to the minds translation. What is true about mind content is that it is ‘mind content’.  Nothing of mind content can stand alone. It is all transient, appearance. You can trust that the mind content is transient because it is clearly and obviously so, transient.  It comes and goes.  

The realm of cause and effect is in mind.  You cannot find the mind and therefore, it seems, the cause of belief in cause and effect cannot be transcended.  

There is an old saying…. “truth is stranger than fiction”.  The world of appearance is taken to be real.  The realm of cause and effect is a display of apparent cause and effect.   All that appears and disappears is transient. How can something that is transient be the cause of your existence?  Isn’t it true that everything appears upon naked awareness?  Does that naked awareness have any form or shape or colour?   In the mind content the attributes of cause are assigned for the sake of convenience or so it seems.  Only a few delve into the realms of belief, see through belief and so recognise their true nature.

What is the nature of the identity that proclaims ‘I believe’?  Is it certitude or mere belief?

All points of view are relative, limited and ultimately untrue.  This knowledge alone is enough to release you from the bondage of self. The illusion of bondage requires an investigation.  To simply hear that the bondage of self is an illusion doesn’t appear to undo the belief.  There is evidence to support the view that the soil must be tilled before the seed is planted.  Eliminating erroneous beliefs via an investigation is the right direction to proceed.

It is arrogant resistance, the clinging to belief (me) that clouds the mind. Belief can never hold the status of being ‘true’.  A belief is a belief.  A fact is a fact.  If a belief is proven to be a fact, it cannot be a belief.  When was any belief ever true?

What is true is already so.  Belief is like a shadow – the light (of awareness) disperses it once the belief is investigated.  All methods and practices are merely obscurations. To be enchanted by the seductive promises of ‘becoming’, perpetrated by almost all the teachers, is to miss the actuality of being, as is, right here, right now.

Becoming is a dream!   To promise some awakening via methods and practices is the work of charlatans and soothsayers.

You may contemplate what is itself true but truth does not require your contemplation.

The realms of belief or argument are not true.  It is foolish to argue about truth.

We can say that it is difficult to argue with sound logic but logic is not necessarily truth.

Belief based on logic has the limitations of logic.  Logic is an apparent basis for orderly mind content.  It is still mind content.

It is impossible to argue with what is true because what is true is non-dual and what is true remains true, as is…. and no amount of argument will ever alter or change what is true.  Duality cannot alter non-duality.  The proverbial sword of truth cleaves the false before the sword is withdrawn from its sheath.  Intent.  The moment there is an incisive decision to investigate the false, the false is already on the run.

Investigate your own limited points of view and realise that it is LIFE itself that bestows upon you whatever true abilities and attributes you may believe that ‘you’ have acquired.

Intelligence formed your body and its brain.  This formation took place before any words were learned.  Before logic, before reason.  This same intelligence is at this very moment forming new galaxies, stars and planets and this intelligence is available, to inform your mind of the nature of all things.

Do not allow mere empty beliefs to stand in your way.  To do so would be a grave error of judgment.  Do not follow the crowd.  

The purpose of your presence here is to come to a complete and thorough understanding of what you are.  To do this, one must recognise what one is not.  The false cannot stand up to investigation.  Innately we all know what is true.  There is a resonance in being.  The intellect is useful and can serve.  If your presence is reduced to the intellect you will be plague by psychological suffering. Do not compromise the resonance in being with beliefs. No compromise, mind construct or belief will ever bring, deliver or deposit anything true.

With your intent in harmony with the resonance of being, there is clarity of knowing.  Innately you know this.  


  1. Shouting down an empty well. Is anyone there?

  2. Many folk are in denial of just how sucked into a ‘special belief system’ they are. It is not popular to speak about it at all. Strange isn’t it. If it was me I would want to know if I have been tricked by some scoundrel. If you invested your life savings into a company only to find out, further down the track, that the company is a fraud, you would be thoroughly pissed off.  Yes?  The equivalent is happening in the spiritual circles everyday but it appears that very few recognise the extent of the con job. Huge financial empires have been formed based on pretending to help seekers.  The business model is set in such a way that the seeker takes the blame when things don’t work out.  Endless frustration and endless ‘trying to become something better’ is a realm of utter frustration where one blames oneself.  ‘I am just not pure enough’ is probably a common silent internal dialog for most seekers.  If this sounds familiar to you, then it is most likely because you have been taken for a ride by clever spiritual teachers, pretenders who are very well adapted to appearing to be holy.  

    Teachers will often say..”You need to meditate more” – Hogwash!   I know folks who have meditated many hours a day for 25 years or more and they are no more free today than they were when they first started meditating. Who is meditating? Isn’t it the image ‘Me’? It could be said that long term meditators appear to be in an inescapable slavery, a bondage to meditation that they themselves cannot recognise.  Their partners may see it but they keep the peace. They will not listen to any information that undermines their bondage.  So, ironically, the thing that was meant to save them has bound them so effectively, they have to imagine another life time, when they will be free.
    Most so-called spiritual teachers are teachers of ’cause and effect’. The cause of psychological suffering is the belief in being a separate agent of consciousness or awareness. There actually isn’t any entity that suffers or is free. ‘You’, as a believed in entity, cannot get out of the present. There is no other time and even the present does not exist as some independent time. Time itself is an illusion. No one can teach you to live in the now. You have never been out of the now, except conceptually. Training oneself to conceptually stay in the conceptual now is a ‘way of trouble and constant judgment of an imagined self – me’.
    Why be grateful to someone who points out that you are in bondage? It may be a transient gratitude. True gratitude arises spontaneously for the one who shows you beyond doubt that you were never in bondage in the first place.
    Today, there are massive business ventures making massive profits from tantalising seekers with tit bits of clear pointing mixed with hundreds of concepts based on the premise of cause and effect. The blame for why their methods do not work are set in place so that the fault falls straight back onto the seeker. It is a fantastic business model. It is a con job and very few see through the conjuring or the conjuror. It is all a dream about perfection and the aspirant continually finds fault in themselves – or conversely they are induced into a realm of total delusion about their self image. To point this out is unpopular, to say the least. No one wants to know they have been duped. The investment is just too big.

    In conclusion:  You may have the deepest wish to merge with the highest principle you can conceive of but that wish will be betrayed by your own erroneous beliefs. Therefore, it is imperative that one investigate one’s belief thoroughly. If you think that having a guru will save you, you are mistaken. The same erroneous beliefs will undermine the clarity of mind that any teacher or guru can offer you. It all comes down to you. Your attitude may be a fanciful free floating dream-like indulgence. Pretending to know what is unknowable is the way of a fool. Trying to impress others with your self-knowledge is the way of an idiot. The intrinsic nature of all things is emptiness. Who are you fooling, except yourself?