Shining through the mind

In my experience, I have at times, many years ago, been sitting in a meeting where an very clear speaker outlined everything with exceptional clarity. What amazed me was that so few were eager to ask questions.  Few appeared to have any wish to clear away their doubts and confusion.  Some obviously asked questions for the sake of appearances or because the silence was uncomfortable for them, they felt guilty or whatever – so the weakest gives in and asks a feeble question, to send the silence away.  The real nourishment came when someone was genuine and asked a question that was ‘real’ for them.  Then the ‘inner fire’ flared up its light shone into the darkness of the inquiring mind.  One question is dissolved and then another, and another, until the questioner is left naked and present just as they are in the present.  This timeless present.

No philosophical bullshit.  No asking anyone to believe in something.  Just an unadorned naked light shining.

The transparency of ‘the mind’, equal with the clarity of naked awareness, is a taste of (y)our non dual essence.  Some call it an introduction to our true nature.   It starts with questions, genuine heart felt questions, and ends as non conceptual actuality.

It is fortunate that there are such clear speakers – those who KNOW and live what they speak of.  They are not popular necessarily, most often they are not popular.  Quietly they turn lives around, without making a big noise about it.   It is not ‘them’ as such that ‘does’ anything.   It is the livingness – the uncorrupted naked livingness that is the active element.

  1. There is no secret sect of special beings who hold onto ‘the knowledge’. All that crap about ‘The Secret’ is complete nonsense. Just a business venture. It appears that there are those who are custodians of the ‘knowledge’ and there have been hundreds who play that mind game. There is no select few and there is no need for a select few. It seems that seekers bar themselves from what is obvious. All the sweat and toil of the blacksmith hammering away, all hours of the day and night, only annoys the sleepers. They do not see the beautiful sword of truth that he is shaping. Even the grinding wheel, as it whirls a sharp edge upon the immaculate steel, only brings a tedious sigh from the seekers of truth. No one holds up their precious beliefs against the blade of truth. The meek shall inherit the earth – six feet under.

  2. I think there is definitely a difference between those who seek out the ‘Truth’ for its own sake and those who are trying to ‘better themselves’ or chase some kind of happiness through things like ‘The Secret’. Those schemes are just means of attempting to obtain something, to add a spiritual possession to the nonexistent ego. No-one can gain or own the Truth. The Truth is more of a demolition process rather than some kind of ‘home improvement’ or redecoration! It just seems that the timing for realising that is different for different ‘people’, don’t you think?

  3. What interest does the Cosmos have in the tiny, insignificant ‘personal’ hitches and hick ups of gnat or a man? Some speck of dust on some little rock floating in space? What concern would the totality have? ‘We’ take things personally and ‘we’ also imagine that we can grasp the truth or reality with our limited mind, with a few thousand learned words – second hand words. All the while the naked truth of pure existence is here – ignored by a preference for me, me, me, me, me. Then we complain that finding the truth is too hard. Investigate the angst – find out ‘who’ is suffering, who is angry, who doesn’t like Mary, Jane or Gilbert or whoever?

  4. It is natural great perfection staring us in the (non-existent!) face. Simple and utterly jaw-dropping at the same time. We cannot ever know it yet that does not matter one hoot. 🙂

  5. You ARE the knowing – the ‘ever-immediate’ experiencing. You cannot get away from THAT.

  6. Thanks, Gilbert, of course we cannot get away from that. It would simply be impossible! The meaning of my rather inadequate words was really that our MINDS cannot ever grasp it. It gets very difficult to express these things, doesn’t it, and words always come out wrong! Never mind! As you so often say: who cares! 🙂