Separation is an uncertain illusion of mind

All things are sensible.  You cannot conceive of something, anything at all, which is not a sensation. 

Try and see for yourself.

When faced with the concepts about oneness or totality many say they agree intellectually but insist that they feel separate.

The word they use is ‘feel’ and feel is referring to a sensation.

In the direct clear evidence of present awareness there is no ground for any separation.  Even physically, the body is appearing in what we call the world and any sense of being separate is only conceptual. The body is made of elements from ‘the world’ and the apparent boundary of the skin is only a visual boundary.  Vision is a sense.  The sensation of the skin is not separate from the atmosphere.   If you sneak up on someone from behind and reach out to touch them, they will often sense something and turn around.  Another example is when you are looking with attention at someone across a busy city public place, they may suddenly look directly at you.  They sense something.

So if these events can take place, where is the boundary to the senses?

When you look at the moon, you know it is not a white disc hanging in the sky.  The sensation is of a globe and if you are sensitive you may even sense the space behind the moon.

The sense of separation requires a belief in being separate.  Explore that sense and a story of being separate may spill out of the emptiness of clear mind.  Examine each concept and you may recognize that each one is a sensation.

In the immediate evidence of presence awareness there is no separation at all.  Without a reference point called ‘me’ or ‘I’ (subject) there cannot be a separation or a distance between a so-called subject and an object.

When listening to someone telling their ‘poor me’ story, it is clear and obvious that there is an un-investigated sense of feeling separate going on.  They do not want to have their story demolished.  Diplomacy is required.   If an animal is caught up in sharp barbed wire, you can’t just yank the animal out to free it.  Well, you can but it will be very painful and natural compassion prevents such action unless it is extremely urgent.

Pointing out the non-existence of separation can be reasonably quick.  There is no need to send anyone on a long journey or make them do all kinds of tedious practices to distract their attention.  Distracting attention is not necessary.  Helping them to focus on the core issue is what is required.  Helping them to investigate their apparent separation is usually necessary because if they are left to their own devices they will just slip back into old habits.

Nothing obscures awareness.  Everything appears in or on awareness and everything is awareness.  Discriminating mind is required for a short time as it is applied to the core issues of feeling separate.  No one can do it for you.   It is as though you have to prove to yourself that the sense of being separate is nothing but an illusion, seemingly caused by belief in concepts, ideas, stories of me and everything else that apparently supports the concept of separation.

Through belief in being separate, the feeling is added.  With an addition of anxiety the feeling will turn into an emotional state.  If such a state is hanging around long enough it is diagnosed (by so-called experts) as a ‘condition’.   The body is affected by the mind and the mind is affected by the body.  Why?  Because they are not separate.

The so-called individual and the Whole are not separate.  They are one and the same.  Not two.

So, now this is clearly outlined, is it possible to tell yourself your story of being separate, WITHOUT losing your serious attitude, without smiling….. and without seeing through the fabrication of me?




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  1. By talking about ‘that’ concepts are used or put upon ‘that’. Even though it appears that concepts are put upon ‘that’, the concepts are ‘that’ also, so there is no division of anything. In other words, awareness remains ever present and unaltered by whatever concepts appear and disappear. The so-called ‘problem’ enters when belief in words, as if they were somehow real things, appears to take over. The believer is a fiction. As soon as the believer is investigated it loses its apparent hold. It can only appear to be real while inadvertence occupies the attention ‘causing’ so-called inattention. Inattention is noticed from the point of view of attention. “Oh, I forgot myself” or whatever spontaneously appears with the recognition. Leave it as it is without adding any more story to it. Everything naturally and spontaneously appears and disappears in the activity of seeing. No story is required. Without fixating on the activity of knowing, everything remains as it is, as an apparent continuum or parade of phenomena, change. Find that which does not change. Presence-awareness.