Self-knowing – self-illuminating

The mind divides everything up into parts and com-part-ments.   It does this through the use of words.   Belief in words is not reality.  In the actuality words or concepts cannot divide anything.  Knowing is not something in the mind.  Knowing is a natural resonance with what is. Belief is a mere vibration that is empty of resonance.  The intellect will follow the resonance in being, so long as the addiction to belief in ‘me’ is put in its place.

If there is such a thing as mind, then surely it must be self-knowing mind.  The content of mind is an expression and it obeys the nature of the manifestation – it is expressed AS dualism.   The nature of the manifestation is the expression of dualism.  

Not two.  It is one manifestation, one appearance.  

In ancient Hindu cosmology it basically says: ‘The All knowing One manifested itself and became many – and thus ignorance came about’.

It is still One Cosmos!    No matter what any mind appears to declare the wholeness remains whole.    

No thought ever divided anything, except itself – and it cannot even do that.

Much talk goes on about big Self and little self.

If there is a self, surely it must be self-knowing – no need for words or explanations.  Innately we all KNOW this.  

It is simply overlooked via belief in words.


In brief:  All our problems are due to belief in words.  

The natural state is wordless and silent.  

That is where you need to stay and really taste your true nature.  

There is NO answer in the mind.