Self-importance – the illusion of ‘me’.

We all share one common inescapable fact.  This fact is not something that can be used as a means to dissect the natural essence of being, the unicity of wholeness.   This fact is not something to use as support for judgement of ‘others’ or of oneself.   No one can go beyond it and no one can dismiss or negate it.   What is it?

The activity of knowing.   

One may be filled with great sadness by witnessing the many ways that human beings behave towards each other.  The mean spiritedness, violence, the hatred perpetrated upon ‘others’ who in essence are no different to the perpetrator.  Natural witnessing of one’s own behavior without judgement or bias must, by its very nature, bring insights that reveal the fundamental obvious nature of impersonal awareness and also reveal that we are all the same.  One consciousness.  Not two. 

Every experience registers spontaneously via the activity of knowing, which is non dual, undivided, shared by one and all.  There is no other avenue for any experience.  The account which the mind translates into what we call an ‘experience’ also registers along with whatever is registering while the account is being translated.  The all-inclusive nature of cognition can never be divided by anything whatsoever.

Spontaneous Awareness is naturally empty of ‘things’ and isn’t it obvious that all ‘things’ and ‘events’ or ‘experiences’ can only ever appear within or upon this limitless awareness.  No experience, no matter how subtle or gross has ever altered the natural clarity of uninterrupted naked awareness.

This luminous ‘truth’ is so obvious, it seems that no one notices it.

In the same manner, all the clouds that have ever appeared and disappeared, along with all the clouds that will ever appear and disappear, the fundamental nature of sky remains unchanged.   The luminous nature of ‘Eternal Emptiness’ is without comparison. There is nothing like it and it is beyond the grasp of the attention.

All the apparent heroic deeds throughout the short history of mankind combined with and all the pretentious self-importance of spiritual seekers has not amounted to anything that can alter the nature of awareness or consciousness.   Who attained what? Where are they now?  Did they save the world?  What future?  Who can live even a moment in the future? Imagination is not reality!  Who can claim any ground or even any idea or concept without realizing that they are standing upon nothing.  The believed in ‘me’ is nothing but a concept, a belief?

Self-realization is unattainable for a believed in entity.  What you truly are is self-realization, as is, without any limitations.

What you truly are is awareness and awareness is naturally self-aware.  Perfection itself and even though so much bullshit is put upon this perfection, this natural state, it remans perfect and unsullied.   Don’t you see?  All of your problems are in imagination.  Imagining that one is an agent of awareness, an entity, is just an unnecessary burden.  Afflictive emotional baggage that is obviously an unnecessary burden.  All one needs to do is to see and recognize that I cannot possibly be those ‘things’.  They all come and go.  Consciousness itself bares witness – but consciousness is impartial.  Be THAT.

All the brilliant minds, that have appeared to be, past or present, have not been able to successfully define what consciousness is.   Faced with the fact that all definitions fade away once they are ignored, as a believed in separate entity, what chance do ‘you’ imagine that ‘you’ have of holding onto any concept or belief?

In the appearance of things, thousands of philosophies have come and gone and not one of them exists if you do not think about them. Did any of them resolve the problems of humanity?  

Life itself displays itself ‘AS this and that’. It is a display, ever fresh and new.  The only way to access its profundity is to BE fresh and new – to drop all words and be open to what is.

There is no relative independence whatsoever. Relativity requires two reference points and they can be nothing other than conceptualized ‘points’ where none exist, except ‘in the appearance of things’.  Concepts appear out of nowhere and concepts disappear back into nowhere.  All is contained within the spacious nature of cognition without any point, any fixation and without any boundary.  Such observable ‘facts’ are unacceptable for the the one who clings to a borrowed identity.

Whoever you think you are and whatever knowledge you believe you have acquired makes no difference to reality. If asked to find the place where you are seeing from, you are faced with a luminous emptiness beyond the capacity of the intellect. There is nothing you can say about it because the nature of words is restricted to the nature of transient appearances.  

The activity of knowing is not limited by anything. In fact everything is nothing other than that.

This consciousness is not composed of light or darkness. The dualism of light and darkness appear unto naked awareness, which is not a thing. No substance other than ‘knowing’.

This is why all talk about ‘self’ is mere labels. The pedagogical nature of pointing out that there is ‘only one god’ or ‘only one self’ is simply a tool, a ‘steppingstone’, for the recognition of our true nature.

What you are, is the ‘non-conceptual witnessing’ of it all. No entity there.

There is no difference between apparently separate and independent beings.   The being of a dog expresses the living pattern of a dog.  The all inclusive nature of being is Being.  The essential nature of a dog is being, appearing as a dog.  The dog is being appearing as a dog.  The chair is being appearing as a chair.  Everything is THAT, Being.  Being is appearing to be multiplicity but in essence Being is singular, all inclusive.

There is no time for ‘becoming’ in Being.   No boundaries and no center.  

There is no need for a conceptualized entity to perfect itself. It is already perfect as what it is. It is imagination!

The all-inclusive nature of Timeless Being is not subjected, cannot be subjected, to any beginning or any end.   You can recognize this ‘universal truth’ by simply recognizing that this moment right now has no beginning or end. Any concept you put upon this ‘moment’, and even to call it a ‘moment’, can only ever be a transient concept, soon forgotten.

All that can be forgotten or remembered cannot be your true nature.

You are not an entity bound up in a mind.

Look for the self and you will not find one. If you believe you have found one, it will, without doubt, be a concept, an idea or an image.

  1. what does it mean “Be THAT” ?
    who ?

    • It means BE conscious of the consciousness and recognize that you are THAT. In other words, be what you ARE. Simple. There is no ‘who’ that can be or do anything. ‘Who’ is a concept appearing in the thinking. It appears a ‘becoming’ but there is no becoming in BEING. A concept cannot ‘do’ anything. Look around the room you are in, or if you are outside, look around you. There are ‘things’ appearing everywhere. That is a tree. That is a car. That is a dog. That is a chair. That is the sky. Take away the words ‘is a tree’, ‘is a car’, ‘is dog’, ‘is a chair’ and ‘is the sky’ and what is left? That! Everything is that. The belief in being a ‘me’ is conceptual and the me has no substance. The livingness has no labels. The psychological stance of a believed in entity is based on belief, without any evidence or proof. Belief is NEVER the actuality. You exist. You know that you are. You don’t believe that you are. Investigate the being-ness and recognize that no labels ever stick. They are put upon this being but they all fall away like water off a ducks back. Be THAT immediate livingness – it is effortless because that is what you ARE!

  2. How is it possible to read the post and still cling onto the idea of being a separate entity? If there is no clarity then questions need to be asked, of course. Doubts can and need to be cleared away. A doubt is a thought. Giving credence to a doubt…a doubt about your own identity may be useful….but to doubt the clear and obvious nature of consciousness only keeps one seeking in the thinking and there is no answer in the mind. It is simple to dismiss doubts but the dismissal needs to be via seeing through the doubt, not via some new belief. It must be via SEEING AS IT IS….directly, seeing for oneself. Then it is your ‘knowledge’ and no one can take it away from you. Call is ‘self-knowledge’ if you want. The false can never become real. The real is already here, now. It only needs to be recognized.

  3. Thoughts say “I am close to the understanding”, but who can there be who is close to the understanding? The “I am this, I am that” is a concept of thoughts, and thoughts do not know anything. You only know that you are, you exist, everything else is a story and not permanent.

    • Correct. Of course thoughts can not say anything, can’t believe anything. Thought is an object appearing. Any implied ‘subject’ can only ever be another thought. Who or what is aware of any thought? Non Duality means One without a second. Duality is a seeming ‘reality’ due to the dualistic nature of mind. The ‘seer-er’ and the ‘seen’, (me and other than me) subject and object are relativity. There is NO relativity in non duality (reality). No one wants this knowledge. Even to come close to it, is only an illusion. In the illusion of coming close, the entity vanishes. No one to claim anything at all. ‘Already so’ is the nature of recognizing what is real. Mind is time. Mind cannot be real. Being is existence. You cannot add anything to your existence and you cannot take away or lose anything from your existence. There is no separate ‘you’ that can do anything.

  4. This post hammers home reality from many different angles, leaving no stone unturned.
    It leaves the lovely fragrance of freedom behind.

    “What you are, is the ‘non-conceptual witnessing’ of it all. No entity there.”

    “All that can be forgotten or remembered cannot be your true nature.”

    “There is no time for ‘becoming’ in Being. No boundaries and no center.”

    “There is no need for a conceptualized entity to perfect itself. It is already perfect as what it is. It is imagination!”

    “Look for the self and you will not find one. If you believe you have found one, it will, without doubt, be a concept, an idea or an image.”

    Hiding in plain sight. Easy and simple. Absolutely yummy! Thanks Gilbert!