Seeing through everything

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 Investigate your own translucent being

Seeing is the registering of everything.  

The natural world registers in the seeing-knowing.  Thoughts, concepts, images and sensations appear in the seeing-knowing.  What substance do they have?

If this registering were not so, how would you know about anything?   Everything is registering prior to whatever the mind translates it into.  The mind, the so-called mind, is nothing but thoughts, images, concepts, ideas and memories appearing and disappearing.  It all registers precisely as it is. The actual registering is the seeing-knowing.  No Separation!

Whatever the mind translates is also registering – like clouds in the sky. The clouds (thoughts, images) are transient visitors and the sky (awareness) remains as it is, clear and empty.  The mind content is a mixture of impressions which includes whatever has been learned, words, previous impressions etc.  

The primary remains primary and never becomes anything secondary. Belief is like inclusions in a clear crystal.  These inclusions attract the attention and reflect in their own particular manner.  They would not be visible as inclusions if the crystal was not basically clear.   The immediacy of being is this seeing-knowing.  Nothing is truly obscuring anything except as apparent ‘personal points of view’.  

Is the person real?  The assumption that the person is real is common and it appears that society is based on this false premise.  To point out that the person is just a mask is not socially acceptable.  To point out that words have no power is also unacceptable.  

Each individual makes a seeming journey of discovery.  Each apparent journey will have its own particular blockages or limitations, based on belief.  

Belief is NEVER real.  This too is unacceptable to point out.   The essence of what we all are is invisible, like the wind.  

No one can see the wind.  The revelations of conscious being are revealed to the one who knows they are not a person, not a body or mind.   A great deal of posturing goes on in spiritual circles and many claim to be enlightened.  They do not recognise that the very claim they make, eliminates them from true enlightenment….because true enlightenment has no need to claim anything or take a stand anywhere.  Equanimity is the ground of all being and is everywhere equal and ‘sacred’ if one wants to put that label on it.  

Many ‘teachers’ say that they have to meet seekers where they are.   So where are you?  What ground do you stand upon?   What time are you actually in?  

The natural state is wordless and silent.   No matter who you (think you) are, no matter how important you think you are, or how insignificant you think you are……all of it is conceptual constructs.  What conceptual construct is there, if you do not think about it?


The Great Perfection is non conceptual awareness.

  1. Common ‘teachers’ will have seekers jumping through conceptual hoops for decades, trying to perfect what is already perfect. The fixation on being a ‘spiritual person’ is a trap. Who amongst all these ‘teachers’ decimates their own erroneous teaching? None. It is all a dream.

  2. Secondary pain relieve with modern medicine and also not thinking about it seems to work occasionally, the illusion of aiding the dream with less illusion may seem logical at times. It also seems the messenger is only an illusionary helper though this appears helpful nevertheless.

    • Yes, it is all illusion of mind. The clear and resonant message and the messenger are pure intelligence, so long as the message is un-compromised by erroneous beliefs. Stay with what resonates in the being. What the intellect (me) likes may be imaginary nonsense. The elimination of erroneous belief reveals the natural state, which is always present, always so.