Seeing – Knowing.  

This note was published on 28th April 2009.  It has been cleaned up slightly and re-published today 3rd Dec 2013 (with the date 28th Nov 2013)


Can anything exist outside of this seeing, this knowing?

Doesn’t everything appear in this immediate seeing, this immediate knowing?

Elemental space appears as ‘the world’ or the universe.   What it all appears upon is pure space.


The apparent limited view of an individual is due to believing in a division of a singularity.  The ‘seer’ and ‘the seen’ or the ‘knower’ and ‘the known’ are composed of thought, reference points in the mind.  Thoughts are a vibration of elements.   Thought is elemental space vibrating into patterns.

Seeing does not move from a ‘you’ out to ‘things’ and bounce back again.

Knowing does not move from ‘you’ out to ‘things’ and bounce back again.   The pattern of belief in such ‘events’ is conceptual, is elemental space vibrating into ever new patterns. You cannot hold onto a single one of them.  There is no ‘single one’ of them and holding onto a concept is impossible, except in the belief of holding, which is just a pattern of ever changing appearance.

Everything elemental is contained in the seeing, it is NOT separate from the seeing, so it must also be the seeing.  Not two.

There is no locality to the activity of seeing.  There is no actual see-er – there is no center and no boundary to what is.

There is no locality to this activity of knowing – there is no center and no boundary to what is.

Do not be concerned with what others think.

In the scheme of things ‘pointers’ appear, pointers that encourage an investigation of the ‘place’ where seeing is ‘happening’ (in ourselves).

One could say that a revelation opens up naturally as the elemental identification with a false self-centre dissolves.

Where are you seeing from?

You don’t need to do any expensive workshops or seminars to realize your true nature.

There is no teaching and nothing to teach. There is nothing to sell.

Pointing is simple. Be open to this information and let it ‘sink in’.  The unexpected is a breath away.  Liberation is the natural state. It is not liberation from some thing.  It is not possible to put any concept on it.  Even to call it liberation is not true.  There is no entity anywhere, so there can not be an entity that gets liberated, except in the appearance of elemental space shifting and changing.  The bondage of self is an illusion.

There never ever was anyone or any thing that has been or will ever be caught in phenomena.

  1. The mind content is elemental. Awareness is not elemental. Awareness is the unchanging activity of knowing, pure intelligence, which never drifts away into any time realm. Those who are convinced that they get lost in phenomena or notions of time or in notions of seeking cannot recognize the essential nature of what is true, simply because of the obscuring nature of belief in things that are not real.

  2. Email: “Seeing does not move from a ‘you’ out to ‘things’ and bounce back again.”

    “There is no locality to the activity of seeing. Where are you seeing from?”

    Whoa…..can you elaborate here a little? Is it like, the tree I think i’m seeing ‘over there’ is just ‘seeing itself’ right here where it is?
    Not sure how to word this question..

    Reply: No.The tree is not seeing itself. There is no see-er anywhere! There is no Self anywhere! It is all seeing presence awareness!

    It is All Seeing-All Knowing, Presence-Awareness.

    Where does the question come from?

    and…….Who wants to know?

    It looks like ‘you’ had a glimpse (a Whoa! moment) – a sponaneous happening called naked seeing.

    A smile accompanies a true insight usually.

    In the appearance of things, no one hears what I say because they are full of me.