Running out of time?


How can one speak of truth or reality (or write) without misleading the hearer or reader?   Can truth or reality be something separate from what is?

Can truth or reality be transmitted from one to another?

It appears, to any intelligent examination, that ‘belief’ is held in such high esteem by everyone.  There are certain laws designed to protect beliefs.

Can belief have a place in truth or reality? 

Of course not.  Belief is NEVER something real.  Belief is an assumption that something is real…. WITHOUT any positive proof or evidence.

In the scheme of things, for some individuals, there is an apparent awakening of the innate knowledge ‘I am’.

What could be prior to the awakening of ‘I am’?  Ignorance?

Ignorance for whom or what?  Is there a before or after to genuine realisation?   The (so called) mind seemingly divides and separates that which is forever whole…but it is only a conceptual division.

Time itself is an illusion.  Who knows what time is?  In the spacious, wordless and silent spontaneous realisation of ‘I am’ there is no WAS or WILL BE….no past…no future.  This is due to the nature of infinity itself.  

If anyone genuinely contemplates what infinity is, the mind will go quiet…..reference points vanish.  

The timeless nature of existence cannot be found in words or concepts. Ideas, words, images and concepts are ‘things’ that appear and disappear. Words can point.  Words are pointers.

In the realm of phenomena, space is the closest ‘thing’ to infinity, yet space is not a thing.

Space has no observable beginning and no end.  Space is the ground upon which all ‘things’ appear and disappear.  Even ‘context’ is a conceptual appearance….an appearance in space.  Time and space are the same except that time is space that has been laden with a conceptual network (in the mind), which is the basis for consensus reality.  Consensus reality is not real. Disagreement about what is real is extremely common.

Reality is not some ‘thing’ that is convenient or inconvenient…it just IS.

Time can be convenient and also very inconvenient.  For WHOM?  ‘Well, I made it just in time’. ‘I am running out of time’.  ‘There is not enough time’. ‘I have been sentenced to serve time’ etc…etc.

Presence is commonly called ‘the present’.   Can there be presence without space?  What is the nature of the subject?  The one who is present?

Some ‘teachers’ say that you must learn to live in the present.  Who lives in the present?  Who does not live in the present?

Have you ever been out of the present?  Yes?  Where did you go?

One can watch the mind to see how it operates.  Awareness is the observing, the naked cognition.  This is prior to the idea of ‘witness’, which is a concept, an apparent form.

The ability to focus our attention is naturally useful but it can also turn into a kind of prison…a prison called Fixation.  When the attention is fixated a kind of blindness takes over.  The ‘person’ who is fixated is a pre tense….‘I am the witness of reality’.   Who is that ‘person’?  A bunch of concepts, images and memories?

Truth and reality are naturally ever-present and it is only in the so-called dualistic mind that they are set apart from the basic true existence.

Everything is sensation.  The first ‘thing’ you see is space.  The eyes do not see…they are instruments of seeing.   The brain does not know anything….it is an instrument of knowing.

So, the question must arise…….Who is seeing?  Who is knowing?

If it is not ‘I am’ then who or what?

Seeing is happening.

Knowing is happening and they are NOT two.

Oneness or Wholeness are not the sum of all the parts.

Our psychological approach to truth or reality is based upon ignorance and all methods and practices are divergent and untrue.  There is NO ‘becoming’ taking place.  What is, is what is.

IS IT the complex web of concepts, erroneous belief and attachment to those ‘things’ that drags us down into the depths of despair?
What is this personal drama all about? Who is at the centre of this cyclone?
Oscillating between hope and despair is not an honourable way to live.
We must investigate who it is happening to. Who is this ‘me’?
If this me is the cause of all my woes, trials and tribulations, would it not be wise to FIND out what it is?

Is it merely a bunch of concepts? Or does it have some real substance? Can the image of self be broken or in need of repair? Is the ‘me’ like an ancient masters oil painting, something that can be cleaned up and restored to its original glory?

Find out what the origin of the ‘me’ is. Isn’t it the apparent formation of the idea that ‘I’ am something separate from all that is not me?

If the me is a fiction, who needs to know that more that your good self?

Where do you start the investigation?

START from the fact that you ARE.  

The fact of conscious BEING.

  1. Hi Gilbert.
    I’ve been reading your stuff for about a decade on and off, following Sailor Bob etc, and gradually getting a bit more insight into the ‘real deal’. What is.

    I have a question about John Wheeler. I was reading online somebody claiming that John went back to the Indian people who sat with Nisargadatta and he now claims that there is a lot of misunderstanding over what is an accurate representation of Nisargadatta’s ‘teaching’.
    Do you know anything about this, or maybe it’s just internet bunkum!
    Just curious.
    Steve H

    • John has deliberately ceased to inform anyone I know of his whereabouts or what is happening regarding his ‘teaching’ etc. I hear rumours now and then. In any case, even if I knew something and it is obvious that John does not want news of his activities passed around, I wouldn’t tell.