Resonance in the Heart – an Audio Book.

Resonance in the Heart is an e-book and now it is an AUDIO BOOK. It is a re-edited version approximately 2 hours long.

The audio book is now available – click HERE to order  –  Here is a sample for those who want to listen.  Audio Book Sample

Here is some feedback on the (entire) audio book:

“Gilbert, I have to give you some feedback on the audio. Powerful stuff!! It quickly settles one into a relaxed mode of receptivity and does teeter on the meditative, with excellent spaced pauses. Several times the sensation of floating was there quite strong (one is aware that one is aware of this sensation too!)  – Of course the potency is derived from the direct pointing, but all the subtle background sounds only enhance and illuminate the clarity. There was something very simple and natural I felt about this audio” – S.

  1. Other e-books by the same author will be made available as Audio Books over coming months. The text is free of the usual guru fancy spiritual talk. Ordinary, everyday English is enough to deliver the message. From memory, only one Hindu (Sanskrit) word is used once.

  2. Resonance in the Heart,how wonderful.
    It’s like “music for the soul”,a regular strong rythm where in you can almost hear the breathing.
    Thank you for this tremensous gift.

  3. the sample was a lesson to me, in that the spoken word has a lovely efficiency unlike that of the written. nice. i had tried to download a podcast on one occasion and transfer it to cd, so that i could listen on the road, but no luck there. my lack of electronic ability may be to blame, but to provide access then make replication difficult, is problematic. another format of distribution would allow this ability………. anyway, what is the format of this particular audio? can i burn it to cd with ease or does it require some esoteric knowledge that exists beyond my level of ignorance? old dogs and new tricks is an appropriate metaphor, inclusion is a relevant principle.

  4. It is mp3 and if you import it into iTunes and burn it in iTunes, it will make a CD set of files straight onto an empty CD. First save the file on your computer. The entire audio book would require 2 or 3 CD’s. Let me know if you can’t get it happening and I will email exact instructions.