Relative to……

In the realms of relativity, naturally a reference point forms in the body/mind apparatus.

Because there is only one reality, that which never changes, that one reality must be singular, which means there is no relativity, no two-ness in what is real.  So this means that the reference point that we call a ‘separate self’ is actually invalid (in reality).

So, it can be recognised that the search for completeness via an invalid reference point cannot result in anything but more and more relative ‘results’ and the sense of completeness remains elusive and always up ahead in ‘time’.

The search itself is actually invalid.  The assumption of someone, capable of achieving some projected condition, is based on the belief in an invalid reference point, which is commonly called ‘me’.   ‘Me’ implies ‘not me’ and the line of division between me and not me is in the mind, a concept.  So, the sense of separation is actually a concept with a story attached.

A great deal of resistance to the pointing out of these basic ‘facts’ is very common.  It is rare that anyone truly responds with any deep interest. The false cannot stand up to being investigated.  Most teachers, consciously or unconsciously, accommodate the common belief system because it satisfies the so-called purposes of the seeker.  Even though the sense of separation is not eliminated, the seeker gets comfortable with believing they are doing something ‘positive’ and apparent results appear and disappear.  The suffering stays put no matter what the seeker does.  Moments of alleviated states of mind are transient.  It is the easiest thing to keep the seekers seeking.  All they need is some presentation of hope in a future time of ‘getting there’.  Ideas about getting there is a natural ignoring of being here, now.  Serving an erroneous belief system with more and more process to do, more and more practices to do, belongs to a closed circuit, which is the common consensus reality.   And, of course, that closed circuit is not reality at all.

One could say that reality has no interest in what is real or not real.  What is, is what is. What is not, is not. …and what is not, will never be.   There is only being. This is why all concepts about ‘becoming’ will never amount to anything real.  Endless concepts about becoming something other than what you are, is merely conceptual.  Concepts come and go.  What you are cannot be something that comes and goes.  Even in the realms of relativity, this can be recognised.