Recognize! Re-cognize!

The solution is so simple we don’t even notice or if we do, we dismiss it as nothing.

Adhering to the ‘personal’ realm of being a ‘seeker’ is bondage of self.  Investigate that bondage of self and really see if there is a self in bondage.  See if there is any truth to it. A life time of struggle with a phantom is a wasted life.   Your only purpose is to find out what you are.  Not ‘who’ you are.  ‘Who you are’ is just an endless story that will go to the grave with you.  Use the intellect – do not let the intellect use you.

The intellect is useful.

The intellect can assist in a clear and precise investigation by allowing the intelligence to cut though erroneous beliefs.   It is the impartial nature of intelligence that does the job, not the intellect.  The intellect has a bias, which must be exposed one way or another.  The constant referencing of experiences to the ‘me of memory’ seemingly blocks a clear view.  The actual naked seeing is prior to mind content and this factor plays a significant role in recognizing our true nature.

Recognize that the image of self, me, is mechanical and has no power of itself, except a seeming power like the ‘volition or intention of a dreamer’.  In that dream and in the waking state the identified ‘point’ (me) oscillates between hope and despair.  The glue that holds it all together is the personalized emotional drama, the energy of conflict, conflict with its own fabrication.

One aspect of the intellect is that due to ignoring our true nature it behaves like a maze maker.  Being bored with the maze it turns to making new extensions of the maze, the intellect has forgotten that it is the one making the maze and so it is caught between making the maze and trying to solve the maze.

Duality does not exist.   Duality only seems to exist because of belief in being something separate.   Awareness is non dual, clear of all encumbrances.

Intelligence is not searching for anything.   The intellect has NO intelligence of itself.

Without recognizing this actuality, how can you expect to solve your own puzzle?

Be the witness and see it all from above……and KNOW that what you truly are is not in the maze.

Recognize that the mind is actually empty.   There is more stillness than movement.  More silence than sound.

The background of the universe is silence, empty space.   Without that, what could appear?

‘You’, as a believed in entity, ignore what is most obvious and complain about the ‘things’ that you focus your self-centeredness on.  The story of me turns into a misery and the ‘way out’ appears to be impossible.   Stop the story.

Recognize the actual ‘truth’, recognize that the search never started.

  1. Are you so far gone with fascination with your self image, so much so, that the image of self is blocking all clear vision? ‘Seekers of truth’ are almost always extreme cases of self-centeredness, full of vanity and blind belief, so far gone, it seems impossible to crack their ‘ego’. It is an ‘inside job’. The shell of the ego appears to be a fortress made of 6 inches of reinforced concrete. Fabricated ‘genuine searching’ is a flimsy facade of story telling…me, me, me, me….it is all about me! If you cannot see through the story of me right now….when will you ever see through it?

  2. I feel like I’m in a limbo, nothing matters and I have no purpose in life. And there is no one here. What direction is there in the world of work and money, I’m of no use to anyone. I am not depressed I’m feel fine but it’s as if I have no goal and to others I’m not here.

  3. Investigate the ‘I’ you believe is in limbo. One without a second cannot have a purpose. Purpose implies time and a result of action. The only action that there is is this activity right NOW. There is no other time and there is no path to tread. All paths lead to unreality…….away from right here, right now. Cease to judge your ‘self’ and recognize that there is no separate self. Self is ALL inclusive – One without a second.

  4. Thanks gilbert.
    I am onto the scent, I am getting a taste for it. However, I find the nonduality speak is coming out my mouth unexpectedly over lunch, at home. I’m appropriating a new mask.
    I return to the roots of silence often. I notice that other people aren’t around to stay. However I consider that I have no interest apart from this moment of exploration, my attention is not in my work, currant affairs, etc. I suppose I’m afraid that I’ll let material interest slip away. The doing and being are in conflict. I’m not clear, there is confusion.

  5. The being-ness in uncontrived. The belief in ‘me’ is a fiction. The habit of narrative will incorporate new information and the taste of contrived nonsense will leave a sense of ‘who am I fooling’? The apparent conflict between being and doing is due to belief in a fictional character that cannot actually do anything. When ‘events’ appear to be in line with the ‘doer’ we are happy…but then when the ‘events’ do not flow as planned we are upset and in conflict. It is imperative that the fictional character is exposed. If and when you are genuine about getting to the bottom of it, insights will spontaneously happen. Reshuffling the beliefs will not amount to anything except more conflict.