Recognition is spontaneous

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Recognition is spontaneous.  A circle, a triangle, a rectangle, the colour blue, all spontaneously recognised without having to think about it. Spontaneous recognition reveals that there is no choice-maker or thinker in the spontaneous natural state.   Thoughts appear in consciousness spontaneously.  

Everything is clear and obvious.

Email: Gilbert, I have a question. I like reading your pointers. But I suspect, though they dissolve ego temporarily, I still am not having a really penetrating look at this illusion of ‘i’, and therefore am still invested in self. Would I not be better off spending some time each day trying to find the I, rather than reading a diversity of pointers? – W

Reply: Who is better off or worse off due to their actions or inactions?

Who is better off or worse off due to their beliefs or non beliefs?  If I asked you to find a tree, it would not be difficult.  Finding the ‘I’ is impossible.  The ‘I’ is an assumption, at best a symbol.    The centre of this planet is a symbol.  There is no static point called ‘The centre of the planet’.  In fact, there is no static point anywhere in this universe.  Words can describe symbols. Symbols can represent ideas.  Ideas have apparent structure but you cannot grasp a word, symbol or idea, except as a transient pattern in the mind.

You cannot see around corners but you can imagine a great deal about what may be around the corner.

Who is looking for the I? If not what you are, then who or what?

The only value a pointer has is in the recognition.  Pointers are just words. There is no point to a pointer.  The words vanish upon recognition of what the words are pointing at.  That is the point – the point-less point (a point is zero dimensions).

If you have not found an ‘I’ so far, how long do you wish to continue searching?  Who is looking?  If not the assemblage of an I… looking for itself, I, then what?  Some other agent or entity?  Are you completely mad?

‘I’ is a symbolic construct of the intellect. A thought/image. Useful and yet extremely limiting if fixated upon.

The waking state and sleep state exchange places consistently but there is no entity with any substance in any state. All states are transient. What you truly are is ever-present, beyond states….not something subjected to states.

Ping!  No?

Thoughts leave no trace. ‘I’ is a thought-image.  ‘Me’ is a thought-image. Echoes fade away – memories fade away.  There is only presence.

Who suffers?


Investigate the me.  If it is real, there will be definite evidence in open view.

The clarity of intelligence dismisses belief in me due to seeing or recognising that it is just an image, a belief.

No belief is ever real.

Now, it is significant to mention the following; The messenger is not all that important, except for the fact that they need to be coming from a genuine impulse to share whatever they have discovered.  Even though it is indescribable, words spontaneously appear as needed.  

No contrivance can ever replace the spontaneous nature of what is.

It is not the response to the messenger that is significant.  It is the response to the innate knowing (in yourself), for it is that, that is the goal.  A genuine messenger is sometimes referred to as Satguru, in the hindu tradition. This sat guru is another word for our true nature, the essence of life itself, without anything added by the intellect.  It is shining like the sun yet the light is not visible as something separate.  It is the light by which you see and know.  You are That, which is prior to the light, prior to any realms of space or time.  Mind is time.  Knowing is eternity.  

All things are illuminated by this light.  The light of the sun illuminates ‘things’ but this light of knowing illuminates the essence of everything without any separation.  Because words can only describe things and states and because this true essence is not a thing, not a state, no words can capture this true essence.  All that can be ‘done’ is to point.  Without a taste of this true essence, all pointing remains a mystery for the mind.  There are no answers in the mind regarding this quest of discovery.   Because one is already THAT, that true essence, it need not be searched for.  All that is required is recognition.  One could write a whole book about what recognition is and it would not help.

Many get precious about their guru or teacher.  It is ignorance.  No one can teach what cannot be learned… and no one can teach what they don’t know.

You recognise a friend by their voice and their appearance.  It is spontaneous.  One need not compose a theory about it.  Recognition is happening constantly.  The true essence is only seemingly covered over by belief in being something separate.  Drop all thoughts for a moment and recognise your spontaneous and natural pure being.  Simple.  Not mysterious.

Innately you already know what is already so.

  1. W: That was very potent. There is a strong resonance. And something happens that feels like an inner energy wants to burst out! Any thoughts on that?

    A: Yes. The character W is afraid of the potentiality.

    W: Yes fear is an armour. I’m definately tired of it. But it is quite stubborn. Even the fear needs to be seen through?

    A: Trust the innate intelligence.

    W: Although it is easier to see through the i in a way, fear has some seeming physicality which makes it seem real. Though I appreciate it’s a trick.
    To break it down. Yes the i is absent. It can’t be found like something existent like a tree. It is imaginary. Unless I mean my body but because I say my body, I am meaning the thing that is aware of the body. That thing is vast and I don’t know what it is. And the small I seems to dissolve. The irony of looking for what I am becomes apparent. Peace follows.
    (W re-reads the post)
    I can see this absence of I and the vastness. But the body wants to keep its armour (so far). Do you suppose this is why people take a step down and do meditation or tantric work? Is there a role for embodying the understanding?

    A: No. Embodiment concepts are slavery. The body is not the enemy. Many believe in reincarnation simply because they are stumped by their own impotent beliefs. There is no reincarnation because there was never an incarnation. The body appears in what you are not the other way around. What you truly are is already perfect. Take the belief in me (the burden) off and see for yourself. (Those who make a living out of this embodiment concept are bound to ignorance – pretenders – and that is slavery to belief)

    W: Yes, I agree the meditation and tantric work seems to drag on without end. I feel intuitively to keep the investigation light and pure. The me concept creeps back. I will keep questioning it.

    A: Observe the ‘creeping back’!

    W: Ok. I can see it. It’s wrapped up in wants and desires. Like a desperate thing.

    A: Are you that? (that thing)

    W: No. I’m not.

    A: Are you to blame for that shit?

    W: No. It was visited upon me. Learned. My body is still invested I can see where it contracts in response.

    A: The body has no concepts. You attribute it with your own unresolved issues. Fixating on body is dis-ease of mind.

    W: It is responding to subtle concepts?

    A: Observe! Investigate. There is no silver plater! See for yourself, then doubt cannot get a grip.

  2. Hi Gilbert, Just wanted to say something about separation and the hold it seems to take on the moment. I drive buses and our tea room is generally busy, social anxiety has always played a massive part in holding me in the separative suffering me place. What happens is I’ll sit down with say 5 guys at a table who are naturally having a chat and a laugh, its flowing well with them, what happens here with me is, I can’t think of anything to say or to add to the chat I start to panic internally and the separate me thing gets more intense by the minute and this becomes the now all swamped with isolated trapped panicky feelings. This is Jacob and the me that seems very real. I’ve started reading I AM THAT again and focusing on it more this time. Thanks Amigo !

    • The ego says “I must have something to contribute”.
      Why not be quiet and contained?
      All this internal considering of others and what they may think of me is slavery. It is common.
      We must understand the mind. By watching the mind we can see how it operates and in knowing how it operates, we can be free of its mechanicalness. The mind is a servant, not a master. Let the mind serve you well.
      You do not know what your next thought is going to be. It is the same for everyone else. So, see that this is true and recognise that thoughts appear spontaneously upon consciousness.
      Nisargadatta, at one point, said to a visitor “Be conscious of the consciousness”. That simple sentence is utterly profound and yet it seems that no one gets it. The message has to register cleanly, directly, without any baggage. Endless explanations of ‘pointers’ is a favourite pastime of self appointed ‘teachers’ and frankly it is a waste of energy.
      ‘The person is not reality’. That pointer is also extremely profound. Wet wood will not ignite. Most ‘seekers’, if we can use that word, are wet wood. One must put in the expenditure of ‘witnessing’ how the mind operates (drying the wood). To be free of something you MUST know what it is. Observing the mind is from ‘outside’ of mind. Awareness is not in the mind. Mind is consciousness. Consciousness does NOT evolve in any way shape or form – it merely changes constantly. The concept of ‘witness’ is useful so long as it is impartial. The moment one buys into the story of me, no matter how subtle, the witnessing is compromised. So, seekers remain as ‘wet wood’. One cannot escape the burn. The belief in being something false must burn. The ashes of self-consciousness are the ground of the phoenix, where the clarity of pure being ‘appears’ to emerge and vanquish psychological suffering forever! Everyone wants it but they resist following the pointers to the point of actual recognition. Compromise interrupts and so the suffering carries on. What to do? All one can do is point. No one can force the clarity of pure awareness onto anyone…..BECAUSE it is already here. Belief is the culprit and no one wants to give up their precious beliefs.

  3. It crosses my mind every now and then, why bother with all this ‘sharing’? It appears that no one has a clue about what I am pointing out. I am either a bad communicator or everyone is a dumb ass. Ha!
    Well, I cannot forget that ‘there was a time’ when it appeared that I was searching for understanding. That search whittled down to a naked wish. The wish was to understand for myself. I was sick of being with ‘teachers’ who (apparently) understood. I did not want to spend my life hanging around ‘teachers’ hoping that something would rub off. I wanted to KNOW for myself. As it happens, that wish was granted, probably because I wanted nothing else but that. It was also imperative that I met someone who truly understood. Bob Adamson is the only being I have met who does not have the slightest hint of falseness about them. It was Bob’s pointers, one in particular, that spearheaded my wish and took ‘me’ to the edge of belief and shoved me through to the recognition that I was none of what I thought I was. Was it a miracle? From the perspective of mind, yes it is a miracle. From the perspective of clear and present evidence, it is ordinary everyday awareness. It is with everyone. They just ignore it. What business is it of mine to interfere with what ‘people believe’? None of my business…..But I can say this……I would have been well pleased if I had come across someone who is as blunt about those things as I am now. There is a mountain of bullshit about spirituality available and very few who speak from actual understanding. It is mostly a circus show or a business model. In any case, in the scheme of things, the appearance, it all serves a purpose. Who can say how the message is delivered and to whom? What is your wish, your purpose?