Reality, no more – no less.

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One moment of self-realisation is eternity

The word ‘moment’ implies time and a series of moments imply duration.   The word ‘one’ implies two.  Two implies more than one.  Wholeness is all inclusive.  Wholeness cannot be divided.  Duality implies a separation of wholeness (non duality or reality) and there cannot be any duality in non duality (reality).  There can only ever be one reality.  Reality is all inclusive – so everything is real but not as it appears to be (duality).  In essence all is of one essence.  ‘Time’ is a seeming division of wholeness or totality.  In essence everything is perfect just as it is, irrespective of what anyone conceives about the imperfections of the appearance.  Even the concepts that appear in the staunchest believer cannot appear anywhere other than in the wholeness of the totality…and so they are and can only ever be perfect.  No more – no less.

Wakefulness or awareness is not in time.  The content of mind is time bound.  The content of mind is an apparent parade of subtle patterns passing across the clarity of ‘no mind’ – not two.  So-called ‘self-realisation’ is not an event in time.  ‘What is’, is time-less, self-less-real-isation. Impartial totality. Wakefulness is impersonal cognition, totally free of contrived mind. (It is) Non-achievable because it is already complete in it’s natural and expansive fullness. The ‘person’ is not reality. Twist and turn it, flip it over, turn it round and round, the personal is relative to no thing.

The rooster crows before dawn.  The ‘person’ is hidden in deep sleep? Does the person wake up?  You may imagine that it does but that is only a dream.


The idea of full awakening is wonderful and frustrating for a dream character.  The dream character is a bias that cannot include impartiality, which is necessary for recognition of the essential being-ness (I am). In the dream it is always someone else that is fully awake, some guru or teacher. That is separation – it is not the naked ‘I am’.  Conscious-wakefulness naturally dismisses all dreams of being awake.  Unawareness of wakefulness is a dream, in which the ‘seeker’ attempts to contrive a ‘state’ – and always fails.  The appearance is constantly shifting and changing.  There is nothing static in the appearance.  Imaginary points of view are constructs of mind and the thought ‘I see’ cannot see.   The flux of energy appearing as the world has no centre – no mind – no person – nothing solid or real.  The ‘seeker’ is lost in its own contrived situation.  It cannot ‘become’ a finder.  Impossible.

Dreams of being awake or dreams of my personal spiritual progress are just dreams.  It is all relative to a dreamed up character.  Because the waking dream is a habit, it never crosses our mind to investigate it to see if it is real or not.  Investigate and notice how the character vanishes very soon after the attention opens up.

Dreams vanish upon waking.  Anyone and everyone knows that.

The belief in being a separate entity is an apparent vast array of conceptual constructs in the mind, with a central ‘character’ (me or I).  By simply recognising that mind is not a ‘thing’, that it has no locality or substance of its own, in the fullness of that recognition, belief and all its apparent substance or construction is dissolved and put to rest.  Mind constructs will still appear but they are known, without thinking about it, to be empty.

Naked awareness is like a perfect mirror without dimensions, it shines of itself with no conceptual encumbrances. This naked awareness is not something one develops.  It is already present, just not noticed due to the habit of fixating on the usual character ‘me’, as if it is real.  You cannot perfect what is already perfect.  

All the spiritual disciplines are based on a belief that a ‘spiritual person’ can develop or become something ‘more or better’ than it is. Where does one measure one’s progress from?  In imagination?  The self image is imagination.  Do you know the difference between imagination and ordinary cognition? Where do we measure our sense of self from?  A past image or memory? How real is that image or memory?  The living present cannot be something that can be used to compare any other ‘present’ without imagining (image-ing) some other-ness.  To indulge in such activities as if it has some reality is just more imagination.  Oddly enough it seems that very few recognise this simplicity and the common preference is to chase rainbows in the sky.

Question (email):

“Can you answer this question:

If everything is happening now, did any of the horrors of the past happen? You see the point, I hope. Please help me with this block.”

Reply: The manifestation is appearance.  It is all appearance – things appear to happen as ‘events in space-time’.

A rainbow appears to ‘happen’.  It appears and disappears.   Can you prove a rainbow happened?

You can produce a photograph of the rainbow.  Is that proof?

‘Quantum physics’ is a term we use for a particular field of study.

In the early part of last century it was discovered (theoretically) that the act of observing alters the result of very refined experiments.  Wave or particle.  Particle or wave.   

Everything is composed of energy.  Nothing of the world is solid in any absolute sense.   It is all energy appearing as ‘things’ or ‘events’.  The chair you are sitting on appears to be solid.   Your body appears to be solid.

Emotionally charged memories of ‘events’ in world history eventually lose their charge simply because anyone who can actually remember anything of it in direct experience dies or disappears

In the 1500’s Kings often had members of their own court beheaded. News of the immanent event would spread throughout the kingdom and many would travel to join the locals, to watch.  A bizarre kind of entertainment?   It’s all good if it is happening to someone else!  It may seem gross by our ‘present day’ standards but if it happened today, tickets for witness seats would probably be sold and guess what?  It would be a sold out event. 

The Gladiators in Rome were introduced by Cesar because the citizens of Rome were proud but bored.  The Roman Empire was growing massively as it conquered new territories…. but Rome’s population didn’t taste the bloody victories, they saw no blood.  To them it was all happy rumours.  So the Gladiators, like an entertainment troupe, came to Rome, to share the horror of bloody conflict, the drama of victory and loss, life and death.  It made them feel more alive.  History tells us it was tremendously popular, more so than Cesar himself.  Mob consciousness can appear to be extremely limited.  Compassion can’t afford a ticket!  Like a football crowd, gross behaviour is expected because ‘individuals’ are lost in the crowd dynamics.  

What is referred to as the ‘spiritual circles’ is quite often a vicious den of thieves and conjurors.  Clusters of individuals full of blind wanting feed off each other like a pack of fleas sucking blood on a dogs tail.  If you turn your back on them, watch out, because those ‘angels’ turn into ‘devils’ in no time at all.

IT IS ALL A DREAM.  It is all a dream.  It is all a dream.  

The dreamer cannot wake up.  The dream disappears and the dream character disappears with it.  The waking dream is a self-reference loop – ‘me’ and ‘not me’ – the dream of being separate.  The ‘me’ is not awake and it cannot ever wake up.  ‘People’ imagine that they want to wake up and they dream of it but the evidence is overwhelmingly obvious that to give up their fantasy of being the ‘mask’ is  a price too much to pay.  

What would a spiritual person be without the mask?

This ‘blockage’ you speak of (in the email) is composed of belief.   Belief, it would seem is sacred and to play any role in exposing belief as something less than something important is definitely not well received by those who imagine they are in control of themselves or in control of some kind of personal realm of ‘doer-ship’.  The dream of a guru is of his or her spiritual empire, which of course is a complete fiction.  They believe that they ‘made it all happen’, like a mad monk praying for the sun to rise, believing that when it rises, it was all due to his prayers.

Reality is apparently ‘something’ that can be denied or affirmed.  Untrue – unreal.  Reality is not affected by denial or affirmation, nor by what is untrue. Relativity is not reality.

I will suggest something that can answer your questions for you….and it can or will be in your own immediate understanding, depending on your quality of attention.

The suggestion is:  Ask yourself, seriously and with clear intent “What conditioning is there, if I don’t think about it?”

The clear and present evidence is right here, right now.

Whether you can grasp its profound ‘meaning’ or not, is, or so it seems, up to you.  The possibility of ‘true knowledge’ is always available but there is a cost, one that most are not willing to pay.  The cost is to give up all belief.

Sensation in the big toe on your left foot is already present before your attention focuses on it.  The infinite nature of subtle sensation (inner space) is like the universe (outer space).  Better telescopes assist the activity of seeing.  Focused attention, without distraction will reveal ever more refined sensations.  It is all sensation.   There is no thing hidden, nothing to find that is not already clearly obvious.

Spiritual empires, just like self-importance (the gross images of self) are imaginary realms of psychology (dreams) constructed in the mind, constructed upon a habit of the selecting and enhancing (a loop) particular pre-conceived ideas about sensations. Ideas are sensations.  

The wholeness of sensation has no boundary and no centre.   The sensations of ‘me’ are fictional (dreams).   No static point anywhere.

Who wants to know this?  

You may tell yourself that you want to be fully awake.   That is a story, a dream.  

Once the dream is seen through there is no going back.  So, be careful what you wish for.

  1. As a rule, almost everyone is ignorant of their intention. They may have many beliefs about their intention but all those beliefs are conceptual constructs of mind. These beliefs about intention merely produce confusion. A confusion parading as knowledge is an obvious absurdity.
    You cannot see the wind. You can see the leaves move and hear them rustle.

  2. Email: “I do have another question: do we energy patterns have free will? That is, are we the choice-maker in what appears to be our experience?”
    Reply: ‘We’ and ‘I’, ‘me’ are conceptual ideation. A concept cannot have intention or will.

    To speak of will in any meaningful way is not possible for a ‘person’ or ‘to a person’.

    The person is a dream.

    The actual knowledge is ‘will’ and will, will destroy the concept of ‘person’. This is why ‘people’ automatically are repelled by ‘true knowledge’.
    Avoid it like the plague, as they say.

  3. There is only wakefulness. There is no separation in actuality.

  4. Dear Gilbert,
    I love your intelligence energy, what I lack now.
    Maybe therefore this appreciation happens.
    Whatever your energy produces that is enjoyed
    by this I – energy is just like thirsty gets mineral water.
    I don’t know why that your energy is so sweet
    but that is definitely not from the sugar that is
    manufactured in our country.
    Appreciating energy a lot because I don’t know
    best means to express thanks.
    Let words produce their own meaning.
    Actually I am overjoyed with reading your writings.
    The way you express is what I want or is clear enough
    or suffused with pure intelligence or whatever other
    reason one thing is sure that is it gives relief from
    something. What is that something I don’t know and
    there is no need to know.
    One day I will be able to put in right words the way you do. So please accept my poor appreciation.
    Thank you for everything.

    Typed with Panini Keypad

  5. I sense that I am running out of new ways to express it. Singing to the deaf? Signing to the blind? Waiting for a dream character to wake up? What for? Everyone wants spiritual B.S. Direct pointing stops the mind but then no one knows what that silent mind means. The slightest idea that there is something for the self image to do and everyone grabs it. Dozens and dozens upon dozens of times I have heard seekers say that they have recognised their true nature only to hear later that they have been seeking for more in some book or some internet spiritual site. One can give a task to not read spiritual books or not to seek any new teachings or pointers…….and the seeker will oblige by suppressing their behaviour and yet they still find subtle new ways to seek in the mind or ‘out there’ secretly – even fooling themselves or justifying their behaviour.
    Basically no one understands what ‘intention’ is. They have no clear understanding of what their intention is. They have dreams and wishes but the intention remains a mystery to them and their facade of being genuine is just another mask. It is all a dream. Stop fighting the dream and just be aware of whatever is going on. Observe the mind and recognise that the mind is telling you crap. You do not have to believe it. Once seen for what it is, belief ceases by itself.

  6. Rain lashing against the hills
    falling like chains where sheep graze .
    It’s the latest craze @ sheep droppings !

    Facebook . The intention of plenty ‘ content ‘,
    Face empty . Sensations , resist no – thing

    It’s up to you and you alone to turn off your phone
    The affliction ! Isolation, a company shallower than nobody nowhere !