Hello Gilbert,

There is a knowing that I am ‘that’ but the mind seems to know all kinds of stuff, and it likes to get involved in various debates etc.. No matter what the mind thinks, I am still that, but my question is how does the mind stabilize in this knowing?

Will the mind ever stop getting lost in the content of awareness?

Best regards, W.


There is no one in the content to get lost or to find itself.   The seeking never actually started.   But you have to discover this for yourself.  Without discovering this, then the apparent seeking will carry on, as if it is something real.  It never was real.  There is no entity lost in phenomena.  

You are not the body nor the mind. It does not matter what the mind does or does not ‘do’. It is energy appear as subtle patterns that we call thoughts or as images, memory or as expectations, anticipations and imagination. The mind translates through words and all words have been ‘learned’.  The mind appears to ‘construct’ meaning and the energy of belief in it seemingly turns it into pseudo reality.

The mind will always operate in the same way.  We all think in the same way but in fact we don’t actually think.  Thoughts appear in the thinking.  Thinking is a function of the intellect.  There is no ‘thinker’ of any thought.

There is no peace of mind simply because mind is a movement, it is naturally restless.  No one can create silence of mind.  Thought can be paused for a brief moment.  In that brief moment there is a (possible) clear insight into the nature of mind, without content.  We can call this ‘no mind’ or simply presence-awareness, non conceptual awareness.  It doesn’t matter what label we give it and in the moment of no content of mind there are no words at all.

Recognizing that what you are is NOT in the mind is what I call a cutting insight. The mind ‘appears’ to stabilize and have less conflict simply because the belief in the ‘me fixation’ and the content ceases to have any hold over what you truly are.   This is because the insight shows that what you are is non conceptual.  You already know this innately but most commonly belief clouds the naked truth through belief in words and through belief in being a thinker.

EVERYTHING is SENSATION. You cannot conceive of anything that is not a sensation.   

A cut diamond has many facets. What gives it apparent beauty is the absence of internal obstructions (clarity) and of course the light which displays into the various rays of color.

At no point does the light ‘become’ anything other than light.  At no point does the light contaminate the diamond.  The diamond remains clear and empty.

Through belief in being a seeker, we imagine there is something to gain.  It is the loss of belief that signifies the apparent arrival of clarity.  Clarity is always present.  It is the clouded mind that cause clarity to appear to be something to seek or gain. Such activity is only an obstruction to the clear and obvious clarity that is ever present.   Many foolish ‘teachers’ make a god out of the word ‘clarity’ and their followers are encouraged to believe that they can achieve clarity through various methods.  Of course all methods and practices are only mechanical mind games which cloud the ever present clarity through belief in them.

Whatever you imagine that you have gained through spiritual practices will be taken away from you – because it is all imaginary.  There is no entity that can ‘do’ any practice or gain anything in reality.

When it is truly known that you are not the body or the mind, what can be truly gained and what can be truly taken away?

You are already complete.  Self-contained.  What more do you need?   The seeking is the main problem.  It is like an interference pattern in the otherwise natural ease of being.

Psychological suffering is UNNECESSARY.

See how much drama unfolds because of the  belief in the ‘me fixation’.  The erroneous belief of being a separate entity is full of investment in things that do not actually exist, except in the mind.  Nothing stays in the mind for more than a moment.   Belief in me and the constant referencing to the image of self, seemingly gives the ‘me’ a sense of permanency but on closer examination, it can be seen to be an idea that requires a constant energy feed.  That is slavery to something that does not actually exist.  An image of self is an image.  It is not permanent and if you investigate it, it will be seen to be constantly changing.   The false can NEVER become real.

You are reality – you are not what the mind ‘tells’ you.

This natural ‘presence’ or livingness is actually wordless, thoughtless reality.

True understanding is a kind of ‘silent knowing’.  The words are added by the mind.  The mind is time.  Awareness is timeless.

The truth of what you are is ever present – it neither comes nor goes.  It is concept-less and that is why it is not noticed easily.

There is no ‘self-center’ to be found in anyone – it is a conceptual notion, an image and when investigated it is found to have nothing of any substance apart from thought and time. Mind is time.  You cannot get to the timeless from a limited sense of time.  You cannot get to non duality from duality.  

Thought itself is actually empty of substance. Feeling is added to thought and so thought appears to have substance.  An emotional state appears to have the most substance.  What is at the core of an emotional state?  An image?  An entity?   If that entity is real and you believe in it, then you would naturally know every detail of it.  But the fact is, you don’t know anything but stories about that seeming entity.   You have no idea what it looks like or where it actually is.   You don’t know where it is because it does not have a location.   It is like a mirage or a rainbow.   No actual point or location to the ‘me’.   The definition of a ‘point’ is zero dimensions.   It is what we add conceptually to the ‘I’ or ‘me’ that brings conflict.  On it’s own, the ‘I’ is just a word or a sense of being present.

The natural state or naked awareness does not need words to be what it is.

Everything, including the entire universe moves upon emptiness.   The wonder of this actuality is ceaseless.

Your ‘self importance’ along with all your theories, hopes and despair are just energy appearing as concepts, concepts moving upon emptiness.

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  1. “There is no one in the content to get lost or to find itself.”
    It is a pointer without a shadow. All what appears as “ones”, as a seeker, … are thoughts arising in the presence knowing. What is seeking? All the seeking process is a thought story. Can a thought seek? Can a sensation seek ? No. There are no more words to say. Have nice holidays Gilbert.