Prior to mind content.

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The mind can only understand what it has ‘created’ or synthesised itself.

You cannot teach what you do not know.

For those who believe in god, god is that which abides beyond the reach of reason. Belief steps in to fill in where evidence is lacking.

In the terms of religion ‘god made everything’, yet so many complain and fight against much of their own ‘god’s creation’.

‘People’ destroy others, not unlike themselves, over belief in their own special ‘membership rights’ of a particular religion, gang or country.
Mind content fights with mind content and the enemy is within.

Spiritual teachers, those who declare themselves as spiritual teachers, all ‘teach’ what they believe. It is a one sided affair, a limited point of view.

So many spiritual folk are like a bunch of ignorant tourists standing in front of a hungry grizzly bear, saying.. “Oh, isn’t he beautiful”.  Dreamers, dreaming of being awake, ignoring the clarity of ‘what is’.

As soon as you join a religion, spiritual group or political party, you exclude everyone outside of the religion, group or party. You ‘become’ an elite in your own mind. It makes you feel special or one of a select few. It is insecurity dressed up as a limited sense of security.  Everything changes in phenomena.  Belief in secular views sets up limitations, for and in, (any possible) understanding. We build a cage of beliefs around ourselves. From there, we end up fighting with others in the same religion, group or party.

Life is not a jigsaw puzzle. There are no separate parts that need to fit together.

Life is one whole, already perfect.  To explain what life is, is beyond the mind’s grasp or understanding.  The mind’s understanding depends upon life being present.  So understanding cannot transcend life….no matter how illustrious or sophisticated it is believed to be.

Only the biased mind introduces conflict, ‘parts’ and a complexity of imaginary possible integration or apparent integration. It is all imaginary. The sum of all the parts is not equal to the whole.

Belief  introduces dis-ease into the so-called mind and an appearance of an apparent endless need to find solutions to problems appears.  Problems that the mind itself has ‘created’.  The mind, through labelling and through fixations on ‘things’ that do not necessarily exist, raises a shroud of ignorance over itself.

Pause a thought and recognise that, which is prior to the mind content.


  1. Painting above: ‘The shifting content of mind’ – by Gilbert.

  2. “People’ don’t like their icons or idols being exposed for what they are.
    When Moses came down from the Mountain he found his followers had melted down all the gold and had cast a golden calf to worship. You can run, you can try to hide, you can worship idols, you can pray, you can grovel but reality will not bend a knee to your antics. Only by being 100% genuine with the essence of what you truly are, only then will the senses open up and reveal the true nature of things. The image of self is not the self. An image cannot do anything. Instinct over-rides thought. Words have no power at all. Do you have any idea or inkling of what your ‘intention’ is? Without it ‘you’ are a slave bound into an imaginary time realm that does not exist. But who wants to know that? No one. Give up all your striving and be what you naturally are. Then things may reveal themselves in a very different light.