Prior to all ‘reason’.

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Dear Gilbert, I like your book a lot, maybe because it is not split up into chapters.
It is more like an endless talk – telling the same, in different words, over and over again.
Thank you very much” – Claus
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Silent existence is Prior to mind translations. Mind translations can be questioned, investigated by silent mind, by pure intelligence, which is prior to name and form. This ‘knowledge’ is not commonly shared, not because of any ‘reason’ but because it is prior to all ‘reason’. What you are, you are!!! What you ‘think’ you are is not your true essence.
There is nothing outside of now. There is No inside, no outside. ‘Now’ is a label, a word. The mind (time-memory is Maya – illusion) is actually empty, just like the nature of all phenomena. Because it is empty, everything in the appearance registers clearly without bias from mind or memory. In a split second, memory adds on ‘data’ to what is totally clear and obvious – via an apparent ‘Law’ of similarity or reciprocal vibration or entrainment. Sensation is not a lie as such – but the images or interpretations about sensation are of the mind. The true nature of everything is clear and obvious, in the undivided unicity, which is ‘No Thing’ appearing AS something or AS everything.

Leave everything AS IT IS and truly SEE. ‘Looking’ via memory is not true seeing.

Seeing is already and always happening and ‘you’ are not doing it.

The true understanding is silent and wordless.  No one can ever claim the silence, the stillness.  It is absurd to even imply such a ‘thing’…..and yet many do and many others believe them.  Absurdity parading as ‘truth’.


There is no ‘path’ and no gradual process.  The nature of the appearance is instant, immediate.  ‘Reverberation’ or ‘resonance’ is the nature of energy itself.  LIFE.  Pictures or images that appear in mind are just images and they could not appear without Life energy.

Notions about a previous life are just that, notions.  The absurdity of claiming ‘I was a hand maiden to the Czar’ or some Egyptian Head of State in a previous life, is nothing but imagination.  You do not know what your next thought is going to be.  ‘You’ may love to hear a fortune teller speak of your future and the imagination is stimulated into a frenzy, all through the nature of belief.  The acceptance of some ‘data’ in the guise of ‘facts’.  It does not matter how vivid the imagination is, it is still nothing but imagination.  Images of God are no different to images of a glass of water.  Everything ‘you’ believe is merely belief.

Knowing, immediate knowing, (knowing is always immediate) is not dependent on memory or data from any past.  Knowing your true nature is naked, unadorned awareness – self-aware cognition, clearly empty of all ‘entities’ and added on notions about identity.

True Identity does not need anything added on, no words, no past conditioning, no name and no form.


  1. You do not need anyone to tell you what you innately already know. A reminder may appear to be necessary. Erroneous ‘teachings’ may look to be very genuine and good. A ‘teacher’ may ‘come across’ as being someone from heaven, holy and and they may walk as if they have invisible angel wings on their back. It is all appearance, like water in a mirage. The introduction to your true nature is nothing but a recognition of what you innately already know. Gratitude may arise or not. No one can explain recognition, it is only an instant, with no duration. Getting caught up in ‘reason’ is the cause of much suffering and conflict. Drop all concepts and simply be what you already ARE.

  2. The voice in the wilderness is like the wind in the trees.

  3. The friut falls suddening … but the ripening takes time.

  4. Gilbert, thanks for the reminder. Thanks from whom exactly; and to whom? No-one! Gratitude fills everything. Life is really so simple and amazing! Just being, whatever appears to come along. At the moment it is just delightful! 🙂

  5. Stillness/ silence making noise,sound and movement………
    The podcast in the name of your God – part two is still an amazing recommended one.
    From the podcast time 16:34 there is a small friut song and I have to say that it has changed My life forever since.
    I wonder how ripe the friut must be before it suddenly falls?
    Yes, gratitude fills everything and therefore thanks to all who contributed to the appearence of the Urban Guru Cafe.

  6. I would like to say…

    Please get rid of the “I would like to say…”. We don’t use it.

    Thank you for everything, Gilbert. Even that is inadequate.

  7. I would not like to say…anything on this matter! 🙂