Pointing at the obvious appears to be necessary

It matters not, makes no difference, where you are in ‘time or space’ because the essential ingredient is the same.  Whether you take yourself to be a small and insignificant ‘thing’, or as something or someone very important in the scheme of things, it is the same.

Wherever you ‘think’ you are seeing from, is the very same ‘place’ that all beings are seeing from.  The seeing includes everything.  Everything appears in the seeing.

However strange or simple your apparent situation is, it is perfect and the nature of its appearance is ‘made of the same stuff’ as it is for every creature.  The differences belong to the unique nature of this infinite expression.  The appearance of apparent entities belongs to the expression ‘side’ of an apparent duality.

The core essence stays the same and is not made of any atoms.  Nothing lives without energy, so we cannot say it is not made of energy and it would be incorrect to say it was so.  However, the naked cognition, at its uttermost core, is no thing at all.

Objections naturally arise from mind because of the nature of belief.  While belief rules, anything can appear to be real.  In reality everything appears just as it is and it is ‘all real’ but not as it appears to be.

Basically it could not appear any other way than how it does.

We are all familiar with the drama of life.  The slightest implication of an insult can turn into a ‘full blown conflict’ or so it seems.

Anything is possible in the appearance of things.  Science is desperate to explain ‘how’-‘things’-‘happen’.

It is the same for the explanations.  How do they happen?   How does anything happen?  AND….does anything actually happen as a separate event or thing?   If you think you know the answer, you may well be wrong without knowing it.   The knowing of anything is a basic mystery and the idea or being a ‘knower’ is insubstantial – however no one wants to acknowledge that fact.   Humorous?  Scary?  Frightening?  It can appear in any flavour without changing in essence.

We all talk about ‘purpose’ without any real grounds for such an assumption.  Avoiding the naked truth appears to be very common.  (Losing interest already?  Why?   Don’t you want to know what this is all about?)

The purpose, the only purpose is to realise what you truly are.   You are already that, so, the way that it unfolds is in appearance only.   The veil of ‘the appearance’ can only be seen through by ‘being reality’ itself – by being the naked seeing and nothing other than that.  If you take yourself to belong to phenomena, then that belief will colour the view.

The ‘garment’ of the appearance is transparent.

Pure Being is the singularity of seeing, beyond the appearance.  Because you are existence itself, you must be THAT, naked seeing.

It seems that all it takes is one clear glimpse and erroneous belief is robbed forever.

Belief belongs to the appearance – seeing belongs to the essence.


Pointing at the obvious appears to be necessary.  How strange.


  1. what we cannot name, is that which we truly are. what can be named is never fully that. any name, no matter how grandiose, is simply not that. chasing any name is chasing an illusion. in reality, there is no reality. in this moment, there is no moment. in self, there is only the action of totality. it is all boundless, selfless, and timeless. stick there, in that space-like awareness. don’t make more, less, or even this. to do so is delusion. everything only happens all at the same time without differentiation. there is no ability to add or subtract from the universal totality. attempt is already a mistake.

    • Correction. Everything is THAT….or THAT is everything. Every label we ‘appear’ to put upon THAT must also be THAT. Undifferentiated. ‘You’ cannot merge with true understanding. ‘You’ disappear just like a forgotten thought. The apparent ‘you’ is a cycling pattern appearing and disappearing…….’You’ will not know when ‘you’ have disappeared for the ‘last time’……..and THAT which knows (all things throughout all time) is concept-less and has never had any bias whatsoever.
      In other words Enlightenment is not the thing it is wrapped up as by ‘personalities’. The core of enlightenment has always been here and THAT is all there actually is. The resistance to clear pointing comes from the ‘me’ – as if it must stop the truth surfacing. But what is true is all that exists. The false is only a shadow. Who cares?

  2. I just spend 45 minutes writing and rewriting a question for your concerning what you wrote above on the maybe-ness of (what we are) in relation to energy. Since it kept appearing as a silly question each attempt I made to write it, could you possibly just mention your take on the inseparable energies in reality, this question seems not any better than the others I wrote so never mind, though I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for your clear pointings.

  3. One Energy. Reality is the inexhaustible potentiality. It appears AS everything without losing or gaining anything at all. The energy that appears as your body, sensations, thoughts, feelings and emotions IS THAT ONE ENERGY. There is NO separation. The core of this energy pattern (One Pattern) is called ‘knowing’. There is no knower and no known. It is ALL THAT – One Energy. I AM THAT! (Say it)