Point of view held by no one.

“Ignorant of what he is most assured of, his glassy essence.” – William Shakespeare

All that is born into consciousness is nothing other than consciousness.  Pure consciousness is undifferentiated and all inclusive.  All that appears and all that disappears in consciousness is nothing but a display of consciousness itself.  Neither right, nor wrong.  Throughout Eons of  ‘time’ nothing is added… and nothing is taken away from consciousness.  No ‘thing’ has a beginning or an end.  All is spontaneous.  Forms appear and disappear like clouds in the sky.  The sky remains the same.  Consciousness remains the same, even though it appears that great victories and great defeats, many gains and many losses appear and disappear within the vast expanse of consciousness.  Nothing is lost. Everything appears in space. Elemental space, the appearance of volume, is an appearance in true space.  The sense of time passing is an aspect of the livingness of the totality.  Nothing is…..and nothing moves independently of the totality.

Being-Conscious is a natural aspect of the totality.   Patterns of relatively independent life forms are nothing without consciousness.  They all function as expressions of consciousness and of themselves they cannot move one cell of their form or body nor their apparent conceptions, without the life energy that animates them.  

The timelessness of the totality can never be divided into moments or parts.  The totality remains all inclusive.  Thus everything is perfect as it is.  Those who wish to claim some special state of consciousness are ignoring the totality of existence in preference for their own limited conceptual constructs and beliefs.   

Consciousness has no need to claim anything because it is everything.

For the so-called individual, the simple re-cognition of pure spontaneous cognition is all that is necessary.  Once this re-cognition ‘takes place’, a seeming event in time, nothing of phenomena can no longer appear to overturn pure cognition.  The conceptualized ‘individual’ and the apparent ‘event’ of re-cognition dissolve into its own origin – no thing.  No story about an event holds any truth. The no thing-ness of all is self evident.

None of the great see-ers, sages or saviors ever went beyond pure cognition and nothing of their deeds altered reality in the slightest.

The One Essence of existence is No Thing. Even though it is invisible and because the ordinary point of view cannot possibly grasp it’s essence, the most obvious essential nature of existence is still clearly obvious and has always been so.  There is no ‘self nature’ anywhere.

One Essence – without a second.

The intelligence (potential) allows us to learn language, apparently in order to actualize communication – it is all within the scope of intelligence, with no ‘right or wrong’ to it.  Intelligence through movement expresses as everything beyond the limited perceptions of the intellect and in the realm of intellect it appears as a limited belief, a collection of sensations and an image…..as ‘the believed in’, a superimposed image of ‘I’ or ‘me’.  

The meaning of self-centeredness:  The unquestioned assumption that at the center of all this activity, there is a self (me).  

In the appearance of things, it appears that very few notice that the image is based on nothing other than an idea, a concept.  Even though the image is vulnerable and the cause of all of our problems, very few notice that the image of self is not real.  It is not real in any way, shape or form.

Dulled by belief in words, the same intelligence appears to enter into a bondage to words, AS the believed in ‘me’. The psychological suffering of that me may be acute or relatively passive.  If it is acute a way out of the suffering is searched for because it is basically a parade of unpleasant sensations.  

The habit of pacifying the drama of the ‘me sense’, the avoidance of anything that disturbs it, is slavery to ‘belief in concepts’.  The facade of endless seeking of ‘spiritual self-knowledge’ through the application of ‘spiritual practices’ is another way the belief in being a ‘person’ displays itself.  It is all about ‘me’ – self-centeredness!  The complete slavery to an image of self locks the intellect into a stagnant realm of blocked potentiality.  Frustration emerges frequently, then pacified by some ‘spiritual belief’ or by getting lost in some diversion or entertainment of some sort. The future is turned into repeating patterns of the past.

The ‘person’ has no substance and no independent nature of itself.  (There is no separation)

No thing can be separate, except in appearance, and therefore no thing can have any independence or independent nature of itself.  

The ‘person’ is persona (mask) – it is an image.  

Is there a ‘person’ if you don’t think about it?  

A mask cannot see, an image cannot see, hear or do anything.  The so-called ‘person’ is an assumption that the image (me) is seeing, hearing, tasting, touching etc. It is not.  It is the mind translating the seeing, hearing etc into a narrative.

The bondage of self is a seeming bondage due to belief in the self-center, a concept-image. Belief is its support. Remove belief and it falls apart.  

Panic is a blocker, a stopper.  Grasping at anything familiar draws the old mind back into play, simply because the habits of mind feel like they are safer than the unknown.

Your potentiality is always unknown and the limitations we put upon it are belief in concepts.

The same intelligence (potential) can be released from the ‘bondage of self’ simply by a genuine investigation of itself.  Insights may spark an interest for a genuine investigation to take place, so long as the habit of grasping in the name of ‘me’ does not instantly pollute the insights.

There is no use pretending to know anything!

The discovery of ‘no mind’ is a revelation beyond all descriptions, beyond words, language, culture and beyond all conditioning.  

The re-cognition of spontaneous cognition cuts the ‘bondage of self’.  

No longer able to repeat the old habits of belief in ‘old ideas’ the naked intelligence naturally prevents the mind from filling up with endless conflict over ‘non blending with me’ concepts or words.  This leaves a sense of more space, which was always present as the ‘space-like’ nature of awareness itself.  A new sense of natural discrimination allows the naked seeing to be as it is.  So things are ‘seen’ as they are, without reference to a ‘see-er’ an image of self or ‘the me of memory’.

What had acted as an anchor (me) is cut lose.

The ever fresh spontaneous nature of consciousness is blazingly obvious as the so-called ‘moments of time’ appear to pass by.

Approaching the perceived ‘goal’ via belief in being a person is bound to fail and no amount of spiritual practices or special methods can do anything other than reinforce the belief in being an ‘entity doing something’.

In other words, the belief in being a ‘person’ must be rendered passive, one way or another.

What we call time is not a linear series of moments, time is not made of parts.  

Time is eternity, all presence now…..and the immediacy of the so-called present is THAT and only THAT.

All that appears and disappears in THAT is both real and unreal.  

Like a mirror, awareness reflects everything upon its surface.  Its surface is Everywhere and Nowhere.  The use of the word ‘surface’ is a little misleading because there is no surface or substance.  Awareness is invisible and without substance – self shining, self-aware- no thing-ness.

There is NO static point anywhere.

There is no time other than now.

You cannot possibly be anything other than THAT.

The only difference ‘appears to be’…. whether you know it or not.   ‘Knowing’ is not a choice.  ‘Knowledge’ is of the past.  Even that seeming difference between knowing it and not knowing it can only ever belong to a transient point of view, held by no one.