Person is unreal

One of the clear pointers that Bob Adamson has been expressing for decades is that the ‘person’ is not reality.  

You can’t expect to keep in tact the personal dream of being a person and abide as self-realization at the same ‘time’ except as sheer imagination.

In effect, the belief in being a person is the assumption that there is a center called ‘person’, ‘me’ or ‘I’ and that it has some permanence, some private fixed point of view.

It is constantly pointed out that an investigation is necessary.  The fixated ‘seeker’ complains and asks ‘Who is going to do the investigation?’  This is typical of the mire the self-centeredness bogs itself down in.  In the appearance, a flavor of impotency is a common feature of seekers.

The intelligence that is also the seeing, the knowing, is not and can never be caught up in fixations or concepts.  Recognizing that is imperative.   Pausing thought, to see if there is anything wrong with right now, without thought, is a key to recognizing that the ‘person’ is not real.

No one can do it for you.

Without seeing that the person is not real, the mind will carry on.  Methods and practices will keep the mind busy for a life time – yet freedom is always potentially present.  We just ignore it.

Nature does NOT have a self-center.   Nature does not fight with Nature.

The natural state is free of any self-centre.   The natural state is always present.  It is only seemingly obscured by belief in concepts.  Concepts will always appear, just as clouds appear in the sky.   You KNOW that the sun is not truly obscured by clouds.  You would not even know that there are clouds in the sky if the sun was absent.

Clear and present awareness is like the sun.  It shines of itself.  It is NOT an entity.


  1. Thank you for constantly and consistently driving the clear pointers home, Gilbert.

  2. Spectacular!
    Thanks to both you & Bob!