Part two of Self centeredness has many aspects

P writes:

Gilbert, Thank you so much for the reply.

I see that thoughts, actions, feelings, etc. simply arise. So if I am understanding correctly, the trouble starts when the mind says “that is me, I am this thing (thought, body)?” Then from there, other “things” that aren’t me are created. Does this sound correct?

So the mind basically “creates” the appearances of the world by taking what is and labeling it this that or the other?

When you say “be no thing, and see what happens,” do you simply mean see the mind’s limited identifications as just something else that is arising?

Is this the bottom line?

Reply: The problem appears to start when the idea of ‘me’ takes root. ‘Not me’ appears as its opposite. The root cause of psychological suffering is via the referencing of a so called experience to the image of self (me).

So me is the apparent centre of the personal world and every other appearance is ‘not me’. A sense of insecurity forms and is kept going by adding more belief to the idea that I (me) is separate.

There is no answer in the mind.
In essence you are not limited by any thought, idea or concept. The mind is not the enemy. Creativity is of mind…no problem…. but when mind turns on itself it can be very destructive. ‘I am no good’…..’I am a bad person’ etc.

The bottom line is that what you are is Infinite Being. You are not a person. Take the belief out of ‘me’ by not referring everything to the image of self.

No effort is required to be nothing.

What you are is not a thing – No Thing.