Part 2 of Self centeredness has many subtle aspects

P writes:

Gilbert, Thank you so much for the reply.

I see that thoughts, actions, feelings, etc. simply arise. So if I am understanding correctly, the trouble starts when the mind says “that is me, I am this thing (thought, body)?” Then from there, other “things” that aren’t me are created. Does this sound correct?

So the mind basically “creates” the appearances of the world by taking what is and labeling it this that or the other?

When you say “be no thing, and see what happens,” do you simply mean see the mind’s limited identifications as just something else that is arising?

Is this the bottom line?


The problem appears to ‘start’ when the idea of ‘me’ takes root. Even that is illusion.  ‘Not me’ appears as the opposite of ‘me’. The root cause of psychological suffering (in the present) is via the referencing of a so-called experience (a description) to the image of self (me).  Recognize that it is all a story.  Without words and the meaning we put upon words, what is it?  Investigate it or forget it.  Our contempt is demonstrated by an ignoring of the clear and obvious.   I can wish and hope that you will cease to suffer psychologically but that will NEVER bring any result.


 “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which can not fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

Investigate this ‘Something is happening to me’.   It is resistance (me) that appears to make consciousness unbearable.  It is believing in an image of self that ’causes’ the problems of the self-centered ‘individual’.  The individual is divided into a ‘personal drama’, a tug of war with one self.  One Self.   Not two.   It is a facade that rules humanity only because it is not investigated.  Society cannot investigate it.   Each one must make their own investigation.

Experiencing is free of all identities.  The ‘experienc-er’ and the ‘experience’ are seeming divisions of the undivided experiencing.  ‘You’ as a believed in entity cannot get away from experiencing.  Running away from experiencing is a full time occupation for the believed in entity – yet it is all an illusion.  We all know someone obsessed with ‘me’.  We can recognize it easily in the ‘other’.  Recognizing that the ‘me fixation’ is an illusion, no matter wherever it appears is, it seems, a significant insight.  The mind claims a so-called experience via a narrative about ‘me’.  ‘It is happening to me’.  ‘I have seen through the self-center‘ is a claim many make.  But who is this ‘I’ that has seen through the me?  All narratives appear in the experiencing, which is nothing more than naked cognition.  There is no entity that can exist in the naked cognition.  No experience can stick to naked cognition.   Nothing sticks!   You cannot nail a cloud to the sky!  

Cosmic Consciousness contains no static point ANYWHERE.

So, in the scheme of things, in how things appear to be, me is the apparent centre of ‘my personal world’ and every other appearance (all the other things) is ‘not me’. A sense of insecurity ‘takes form’ and it continues via the seeming content of continued belief in the idea that I (me) is actually something separate.

There is no answer in the mind regarding this or any pattern of ‘behavior’.  The mind will have a blind spot exactly where the so-called ‘identification’ (me) is appearing to ‘happen’.

In essence what you truly are is not and cannot be limited by any ‘thing’, not by a thought, an idea or concept.

The mind is not the enemy. Creativity is of mind…no problem…. but when mind turns on itself it can (appear to) be very destructive.  Stories are believed in…..‘I am no good’…..’I am a bad person’ etc. Psychological depression is due to conflict, where the image of self is in conflict with the way things ARE.  

ARE, IS and AM are verbs of ‘being’.   WAS and WILL BE are limited to a time, other than now.   Regrets and hopes are fictional stories.  Reality is free of conditioned mind and reality is always now.  Reality cannot be in the future or the past.  The mind is time.

The bottom line is that what you are is Infinite Being. You are not ‘in time’ and you are not a person (persona) in mind.

Take the belief out of ‘me’ by not referring everything to the image of self.  Let experience come and go without making a drama of any of it.  In effect all experiences – the narrative about me has no ground to stand on in the clear and present evidence, the clear evidence of this immediacy (Naked cognition).

Pretending to be a ‘person’ is the problem.  Who has the problem?  It has to be ‘me’!  If the ‘me’ is truly a fiction, then the problem must also be a fiction.

No effort is required to be nothing.  Just as there is no effort required to be what you are.

What you are is not a thing – No Thing.


Note: I realize that all this can appear to be mind boggling.   If you test what is being pointed out, you might just find relief from psychological suffering.   Don’t accept anything – test it.