What conditioning is there without thought?

More recent notes appear after this note. …………. Can a ‘seeker’ hold up his/her beliefs against the sword of truth – or even be willing to? In this immediate presence, there is knowing – knowing is ‘happening’.  It is undeniable. Yet it is not an event in time.  This presence is the knowing – the knowing is this presence – not 2. ……. The notion of ‘time’ or duration appears upon the essence of knowing.  Mind is time – mind is appearance. Many bring up a believed in ‘reason’ as to why they are not ‘ready’ to be free or […]

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Is recognition of our true nature an event in time?

The question: “Is recognition an event or not an event?” Can an answer to this question be a non event? The entire sequence of apparent ‘events’ that make up this continuum we call ‘the universe’  along with its apparent history must be either absolutely composed of unique and independent ‘events’ or just a spontaneous appearance with no duration or separation.  Is every movement of ever particle totally unique and different OR can it be true that nothing is actually happening – in other words, it is All Appearance Only? In the appearance of things, are there separate illusions and beyond that something […]

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