Ordinary Awareness

Ordinary everyday awareness – common to all is what the seeker ignores without realizing that what they are seeking, without ever finding, is a believed in concept of HOW things should be.  Self-centeredness.
Many names have been added onto this ordinaray awareness.
Enlightenment, Nirvana, Moksha and umpteen other names.
What meaning do any of these words have?
Without ordinaray awareness no word could have any meaning whatsoever.
If you pay close attention to what the mind does with these fancy concepts, it may be very revealing.
Let’s take the word enlightenment for instance.
You have heard the word a thousand times or more. You have some idea of what it means and you probably think that it is something that you want – maybe you desperately want it.
But what meaning does the word have for you if all you have is some sketchy ideas of what it actually is?
You probably believe that someone called the Buddha was enlightened. The word is glorified as if it were some rare fruit from some distant inaccessible exotic Island.
If you have never tasted the fruit, then all you can do is imagine what it tastes like. What can you say about it that is factual – You can’t say anything with total conviction. Some may say that it is a bit like banana and pineapple with a touch of strawberry or whatever. They are talking through their hats.
So, what if this so-called enlightenment is nothing but ordinary, everyday awareness, which is overlooked by everyone.
You may have heard accounts of someone ‘awakening’ and all they can do is laugh non stop for hours.
Could it be that what they are laughing about is the fact that they had been searching high and low for something that has been with them ‘the whole time’?

Now, simply telling you to stop searching will probably be of no use.
What you seek you already are.
Anything that stops the mind dead in its tracks provides the potential of SEEING-KNOWING what you truly are.
It cannot be described and any wish to describe it will naturally be abscent.

All the mind can do is translate what is appearing to happen.

All that is happening here is some pointing.
Whether it is recognized or not is not up to the believed in entity. That is too busy making a fuss about not having ‘something’ that it believes is missing.

Ordinary awareness. Taste it and SEE, Know what you are.