Only a series of words – the inner conflict (if any) is yours.

You live in a world of concepts, juggling ideas, words and fabricated meaning and trying to arrive at a conclusion that will satisfy your mind.  You have overlooked the fact that the mind is in constant movement and changes every moment.  You have overlooked the fact that a belief can never be real.

You defend your beliefs as if they were a treasure worth clinging to.

All of your opinions are clouded by your beliefs and are based on nothing but sensations from the past.

You have not recognised that everything is a sensation, whether it be an experience of some external ‘thing’ or some internal ephemeral pattern of reoccurrence.

Nature displays itself spontaneously without a centre or reference point but your blindness to this fact is endemic (your own imagined locality), apparently insurmountable.

A simple arrangement of words can threaten you, such as these words above and below. 

The only thing you are certain about does not feature in your contemplations.


Imagining that one is on a path of becoming is extremely obviously delusional, a disease of mind – but no one notices.  Having already invested heavily in being a separate entity, how can they.. and why would they have any interest in seeing through it?

Nations fight with nations over a piece of land or access to oil or water (or some other benefit for me and my tribe or nation).  The Earth was here long before humans came along with their fences, their flags and their pieces of paper! 

Nature supplies enough for all but the self-centred greed of a few creates havoc for everyone, so it seems.  

All the drama is happening due to belief in being someone or something separate.  As soon as the idea of being separate is entertained, vulnerability joins in.  Protecting an illusion of being something separate cannot be resolved by belonging to some faction or tribe.  There will always be another faction or tribe bigger or stronger, more clever that comes along.

We think we are so important.   In truth there is no difference between a human being and a virus or bacteria.  It is all Life expressing just as it is.

When a child is born, it is innocent.  It has no language, no words at all.  It has no beliefs and it lives in the natural state of nature itself.

The more indoctrinated a particular society is, the quicker it puts its beliefs upon the innocent child.  Fortunately the child can enjoy a couple of years of relative freedom before the ‘adults’ cram it full of biased stories and traditional nonsense. Hocus Pocus? To be sure. 

Consciousness itself is innocent.  The ‘carrier’ for the limited points of view is belief and the conceptual weapons that turn against the individual and create a living hell on earth are all based entirely upon belief, not upon anything real.


Basically no one wants to hear what the simple pointers of non duality are ‘saying’.  One can observe many who pretend to want to hear.  Peering through a web of beliefs wanting to hold onto those beliefs is a kind of madness.  The obstacle and the pretender is composed of the belief in ‘me’.   It never existed!

Hearing is happening but the mind jumps in and translates via a belief in ‘me’. 

So, it would seem clearly obvious to anyone astute enough to observe, that no one hears the message simply because everyone is crammed full of erroneous beliefs and the main point is that they are ‘listening’ from the ‘point of view’ of the ‘me’.  “I haven’t got it” and “I will get it in the future”.  The mind is time.  There is no getting or losing in being.

No wonder there is so much confusion about.

Everything that is heard is automatically referred to the image of self (me).   It is an imaginary entity, which has absolutely no capacity to hear, see or know anything at all.

It is entirely composed of concepts and images.  Take a look for yourself and tell me I am wrong.

This referring all experiences to ‘me’ happens so quickly and so automatically, any chance of perceiving what is truly going on eludes everyone at every moment.

The mind can only divide itself.  Mind is thought, image and memory.

Nothing can be added to reality.  Nothing can be taken away from reality.

Religion is NOT reality.  At best that religion is, is a guide for living.  At worst it is a weapon for sick minds.

All the coming and going, adding and subtracting is all an illusion of mind. Tomorrow never comes.  The past is gone.  The reference points from which we make our measurements are from the past and they are all conceptual – not one can ever be a static point, in reality.

The image of self is like a mirage of water.

There is nothing in it.

The capacity of knowing is NOT in the patterns that appear, whether it be a word, an image, a body, a mind or a religion, a teaching or a philosophy.  All such things are appearance only.  The appearance is known by that which is formless, beyond what appears.

The ‘me’ has no capacity whatsoever.  It appears as a mechanical set of cogs and wheels. We seem to know what the mind will come up with only because of its mechanical nature. Is that what you are?  A Newtonian Machine ticking away like a grandfather clock?

No imagined entity can see, hear or know anything.  That is logical.

Seeing is happening.

Hearing is happening.

The mind translates an apparent event in the seeing through the idea or words ‘I see’.   The words ‘I see’ cannot see.

Without life can there be any seeing or hearing?

A corpse cannot see or hear.

The ear does not hear.  The ear is an instrument of hearing.

What about the thinking?   Thoughts appear and disappear.

Where is the thinker?

The thinker is just another thought.

The habitual patterns of thought are affected by the various states of the body.  Chemicals are released into the body.  

If a state of fearfulness or anger is present, you can be assured that chemicals are affecting the body and mind.

Who is angry?  Who is fearful?

Perish the thought!   What is left?  Pure consciousness!  Neither right nor wrong – just as is.


The basic truth of all this is that we overlook what is clear and obvious and live under the illusion of belief in being a fabricated image of self.  It is commonly called, in english, ‘me’.


Wouldn’t it be wise to investigate this belief in me and see if it is real or not?