On the right side of wrong?

Whatever is necessary to dislodge the believed in entity must arise.

Skipping about in the shallow waters pretending to know and pretending to be a ‘teacher’ or an ‘advanced student’ is a sure way to avoid cutting through the main cause and the main feature of psychological suffering – the me fixation.

Most ‘teachers’ are clearly and obviously so full of a false self-image (behavior and attitude reveal it) it is remarkable that so few of their followers see through it.  A common intelligent non believer can see through it all instantly.  Why?  Because erroneous belief in the ‘teacher’ is not clouding the view.

Because so many seekers are full of vanity and conceitedness, that is what they look for in a teacher.

They want to feel confident and not lose their vanity.  They want to perfect their vanity and sit on the right side of their Idol.

False teachers offer a safe place to pretend to be on a spiritual path – and it is all imaginary.

It is a thriving business, a billion dollar industry.   None of it has anything to do with truth.

What is true is spontaneously true.  What is true is not the result of spiritual practices.  There is NO method to turn what is false into something that is true.  The false is false.  What is true is true.

How this is not recognized instantly is remarkable.

Desperation in trying to become something that you can never be is like a fool polishing a lump of coal, hoping it will reveal itself as a diamond.

What is, is what is.

  1. The foundations of all spiritual empires is rotten to the core. Over and over this has revealed itself down through the ages. Reality is not in the appearance of things. The knowing is ‘prior’ to all appearances. This is so clearly obvious, no one even suspects its potential revelations.

  2. You wont find many speaking about this so abruptly. Everything is wrapped in cotton wool and covered with candy. The words ‘unconditional love’ are heard very often because it is a catch phrase that sucks in the unwary. Everyone has been betrayed by what is called ‘love’ one way or another. Wounded hearts long to find a safe place and the ‘spiritual circle’ is an attractive place to find solace…….for awhile. Sooner or later, the shit hits the fan and one discovers that jealousy and hatred, politics and favoritism is well established with the ‘unconditional love candidates’ in spiritual groups. I have not experience one group that has been clear of such psychological nonsense.

  3. True.