Obsessions with ‘me’

Obsessions with ‘me’ block the natural open nature of consciousness due to mere belief.  Belief in NEVER the actuality, it is an illusion of mind.  In the actuality consciousness cannot be blocked by its own content.  So the blockage is an illusion that only needs to be recognized for what it is.

The ‘story of me’ is always about the past (a dead image of self) or the past mixed with imagination about the future.  Fear is always about the future – what might or might not happen.  The story of me cannot withstand the actual immediacy of non-conceptual awareness.


You must find the courage (already in your true nature) to cut through the belief in being a ‘psychological sufferer’ commonly called me.

No one can do it for you. In having the courage to be nothing, naturally one sees that one is not the content of mind, not the ‘story of being a suffer’ – ‘Woe is me’……and being ‘out of it’, even if only for a brief moment, has a profound taste of natural freedom, which cannot be described.

Because it is beyond words, as a messenger, all that one can do is ‘point’ using words, diagrams and gestures.

(for the seeker) Due to the belief in the ‘bondage of self’ that belief appears to have a vice grip upon consciousness – but that is impossible.  It only appears to be inescapable for the one who has not cut through the belief.

The so-called bondage has (seemingly) ‘come about’ through belief in words.  (In the beginning was the word)

So, naturally, the ‘situation’ requires an earnestness and an uncompromising investigation into the apparent ‘identification’.  Any compromise will lead you back into the ‘muck’.

How can someone else ‘do it’ for you?  Impossible.  You cannot see through someone else’s eyes!

Worshipping a guru is a denial of your own natural state.  Adoration of teachers and gurus is therefore a very ‘slow path’ and like a snail, adorers of gurus slide along their slippery imaginary path, going in some conceptualized ‘direction’, which is nothing but conceptualizing in their own minds.  Resistance to the un-compromising message is the self-centered obsession (me).

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  1. Self appointed ‘experts’ on ‘spiritual matters’ object passionately against any clear unbound pointing. They insist of ‘process’ simply because for them, belief in process is how they hold onto their imaginary expertise, their fabricated ‘wisdom’. Their ego is bound up in a false self image of being ‘someone important’ – ‘someone very smart’ – someone who has the best interest of ‘seekers’ in their heart. Bollocks!
    The irony of it all, is that as soon as some bullshit story is added into the message, a story about some special method or practice, everyone is ALL EARS. They WANT to believe in the fantasy of ‘someone’, namely me who will, in the future, get some special state (enlightenment) and they want to know the details of the process so that they can imitate it and ‘become’ something ‘higher’ that the blood sweat and tears, the grubby states they keep experiencing as the ‘me’. The dreams of higher consciousness is obviously so far from reality and yet they don’t recognize their own imaginary stories and the fact that it is all about ‘me’.