Nutshell Pointer

The I


You have heard many pointers, read many pointers.  You may have read many teachings or philosophies but none has brought an end to the search. If any of them had done so, you would not be reading this right now.

Efficiency of pointing is essential.  Clarity of expression is significant.  What good is any pointer if it does not bring recognition of what is being pointed to?

It is my opinion that the following highlighted lines are all you really need.

If you take a closer look you will see that no reference point in mind is anything other than a subtle vibration of energy – a subtle pattern, with no centre – no static point… and no lasting state.  

This is possibly the most significant information I will ever share.  Whether it is ‘heard’ or not cannot be a concern for me.

The circle of life (the cycle of life) is made whole by giving back what one has received. In the appearance a search is undertaken.  At first it is selfish and grasping.  All such impulses are overthrown by true insights.  As the search resolves itself…..nothing is put in reserve for me.  The ‘me’ is an illusion – it never existed.

All thoughts are subtle patterns of energy appearing in mind.  ‘I’ is a concept appearing in mind.  Mind is me, mind is time, mind is a constantly changing appearance, appearing on spacious naked awareness.

Life is an unceasing flow of energy, appearing as everything.

There is no such thing as a static state in anyone’s experiencing.

Once you really see the truth of it, your so-called world will change beyond all expectations.