Nothing ‘you’ can do.

Many ‘radical thinkers’ have been banished from ‘society’ and ridiculed down through history – yet their discoveries were totally accepted long after they were dead and gone. Why were they not accepted? – Why were they banished or even executed?  Simply because the habits of belief are rigid and dead and fear springs forth when the belief is threatened by something that undercuts it.  A fictional idea can be easily dismissed but something that carries the signs of reality are very threatening to the mind.  Letting go of belief is far too terrifying for the believed in entity – yet it actually does not exist. Things are still like that today.

Seeing through the habits of mind is not something that ‘you’ as a believed in entity can do.   However – Seeing is happening and the core and salient point is that ‘you’ are not doing it!

That is a key, if I can put it that way.  The habit is to believe in what the mind translates, all the events and experiences are translated by mind and it is believed to be ‘real’ – it is not reality. The appearance of things is not reality.   What appears to be is not – it is appearance.  The entire universe is appearance.  It is not what it appears to be.  Reality is unchanging and does not appear as anything – it is everything but NOT as it appears (to be).

Imagination is image-ing, conceptualized imaging.

‘Graven Images’ is what the Bible names it as.  Fixations in mind are reference points and they all come and go.  What you ARE does not come and go.  What you are you cannot say.

What we are talking about is not something that the mind has any words for.  If anyone could point to it with words, it would have already transformed all of humanity. Spirituality is nothing but a belief system.  It achieves nothing at all.  It may make you feel special, warm and fuzzy for a little while – but life kicks us in the guts over and over.  Reality is not compassionate or ruthless – reality is what is! 

Hiding away in a cave with a crystal and some mantras is little more than madness.  No guru can truly give you anything at all.  The BEST anyone can do is ‘point’ at THAT which is beyond all appearances and yet it is the obvious true nature that ‘I am’.  It seems that everyone misses it but there is no one that misses it.  Everyone IS THAT……whether ‘they know’ it or not.  It is the seeing-knowing – an activity that is beyond the personal realms of mind.

There is nothing ‘you’ can do as a believed in separate entity.  Realization is impersonal, empty cognition, where there is no reference point or IMAGE.   It is naked, space-like awareness, forever present and yet unfindable as an object.

  1. Almost every guru and teacher points at duality and calls it non duality by suggesting various methods and practices or simply by implying that ‘they got it’ and by default, you don’t have it yet. It is a roaring business model and it is all bunkum. 99% of folks completely miss the actuality that the naked pointers are pointing at. Many pretend to themselves (and others) that they ‘got it’. It is an completely insidious parody. The unsatisfied notion of ‘me’ just keeps morphing into new patterns. Many gurus service this re-morphing experience but the naked truth is that ALL experiences come and go. What you truly ARE has never arrived and cannot leave. The incisive insight that cuts through the entire mind game is accompanied by a lifting away of a weight and NO amount of pretending can synthesis that ‘lifting away’. If I could give it to you I would without any hesitation – and if it could be given to you, it would not be real. All that is offered is some unconventional pointing, with some stirring notes from time to time. Many avoid it like the plague.

  2. “Seeing is happening and ‘you’ are not doing it!” Ha…what more to you need 🙂

  3. I would like to say…If seeing is happening anyway, whats the problem? Who or what is believing thoughts translation to be reality?

    • There is no problem. The apparent problem is with the believed in entity, the ‘doer’, the ‘seer’. Seeing is non dual. Seer and seen are duality. You cannot get from duality to non duality. If you believe you are the seer, then that is dualism. As dualism you can never get to non duality. One without a second does not change into One with a second. Belief is NOT the actual.

  4. Why do so few get the message when it is spoken so clearly, as Gilbert does for example, seems to be because so few are able to see the beauty of it. They are too busy seeing the beauty of sex, money, food, social position, whatever the prime infatuation is for them. “Ripeness is all”.
    Presence is all well and good, but look at those boobs over there!

    • The few and the many are of the appearance. It is dualism. What you ARE is non dual – one without a second.

  5. who or what is alive right now? There is something that is just here. You could be thinking or not thinking, doing or not doing, confused or extremely clear, but no matter what, your always just here. what is that just hereness? is a thought that which is alive and just here? is a certain sensation or feeling in the body that which is alive, or living? or is each and every sensation, feeling and thought being lived? you are the livingness thats just here. your always just on, there is no off switch to this aliveness. There is no doing to this aliveness, your simply alive. There is no fireworks in this, this is simply aliveness or the livingness recognizes that it is, that aliveness is. Only that which is alive can recognize aliveness. No thought, sensation, feeling of any kind can recognize living, those are all experiences being lived.

  6. I would like to say…Yes it’s like Truth cannot be seen because truth is what is looking
    right now

  7. Gilbert does it again. No no-sense truth. He doesn’t sell out. He tells things as they are. For they could not be any other way. Many will see him as a terrorist, he is my freedom fighter. The racheting of mind anxiety crippled my life. Thanks to the genuine truth telling of people like Gilbert a life of ease and enjoyment is possible. I want to thank him but he will reject it. He isn’t doing this for anyone. It just comes out spontaneously and authentically from his solid understand that transcends any conceptual reference point. Something that is truth, non-dual, and god. Again, I have to thank him again, even though he will turn it down and say it is nothing.