Nothing wrong

There is nothing actually wrong with you and this moment right now is unique.

The non conceptual light of consciousness illuminates everything just as it is.

‘That’ is simple and ordinary, it is enlightenment, NOT what the mind translates this everlasting moment into.


Mind is time, mind is maya…..the appearance.


Watch the mind and observe where the seeing is taking place.   Observe the ephemeral nature of the witness.

  1. And yet the mind, time, maya all arise as concepts in This……for This is all there is. What the mind is looking for is where it is looking from. Rest as This.

    • The concept that the mind is looking from somewhere is erroneous. The mind CANNOT see…….the mind is a translation appearing and disappearing in the seeing. The seeing is seeing is seeing is seeing. There is NO entity in the seeing, that is seeing. If you recognise this clarity of pure seeing, it undermines every belief and all apparent knowledge. Time itself is recognised as a conceptualised notion appearing and disappearing. Seems very radical to the patterns of belief but once they are seen through or known to be only concepts, ‘then’, which can only ever be ‘now’, the absence of a separate identity is clearly obvious.

  2. That, in front of which seeing is taking place, can That be seen ? …. in other words, can the seer be seen ?

  3. I totally agree, Gilbert. It’s all words trying to grasp that in which words arise, though. Round and round we go… reality chasing its own tail. It enjoys itself so much in this silly game:)