Nothing wrong

Since there is nothing wrong or right with reality and since all concepts about right and wrong belong only to the realm of thinking, therefore it should be clearly obvious that everything must be and can only ever be perfect in its own spontaneous nature, prior to any thinking about it. 

Innately we all know this – simply because it is the nature of awareness to be aware – self aware!  The content of awareness is awareness – no separation.

In it’s own completeness every so-called ‘moment’, within its own immediacy, there is nothing wrong (or right).  Even thoughts about right and wrong are nothing but spontaneous appearances.  With or without belief they all come and go.  

Nothing sticks to the cognizing.

So it is and should be clearly obvious, to anyone who cares to investigate, that all problems of mind are limited to the apparent elongated apparent ‘time’ or ‘duration’ in apparent continued ‘thinking’ – in other words all right and wrong are limited points of view within the so-called realm of thinking.  

Where is the thinker?

You may have a list of things you believe are ‘wrong with the world’ and you may give a great deal of energy to fighting those ‘wrongs’ but where are ‘the wrongs’ or the list…. if you are not thinking about those ‘issues’?   Where are all your thoughts about right and wrong if you are in deep sleep? …or enjoying some relaxation time playing your favorite game?

The unexamined assumption is the mental fabrication called the ‘thinker’, me, which in its immediacy is nothing but memory or images of an imaginary entity, me.   This thinking about a subject, ‘me’ and it’s opposite, ‘not me’, is based on a conceptual separation in dualistic mind.  Belief in this apparent separation has an apparent history but it’s invalid nature can be observed in the present.  Seeing through the assumption is called liberation.  However, an invalid belief has never had any power except a seeming power via inattention.  Inattention is noticed via attention.

Even though it may not seem obvious it is totally available for anyone, to see for themselves, that if thought is paused, even if only for a brief moment, the crystal clear nature of our true nature is the most significant unchanging presence, the presence of awareness.

To put any labels on it we have to use words. The more elaborate the words, the more misleading those words can be.  The nameless clarity of naked awareness is wordless and silent.   In ‘the scheme of things’, no one notices it.

Since concepts about boundaries (me and not me) are limited to dualistic thinking, where boundaries are merely projected onto ‘what is’, therefore one can recognize and even logically determine that the origin of all phenomena is free and ever remains free of boundaries, free of binding concepts and totally empty of entities and thought patterns.

The apparent paradox is that ‘you’ as a believed in entity cannot ‘enter’ the clarity of non-duality by approaching ‘from the realm of duality’ (dualistic thinking).   

The uninterrupted nature of cognition itself is not separated by anything, especially not by mere concepts.  Neither can cognition (knowing) be separated from the ever-lasting nature of existence.

Cognition is not separate from anything that is cognized just as waves are not separate from the ocean. 

Since reality is one reality, then what you truly are (what you are in reality) must be THAT.  

  1. Very few engage on this subject because to do so is to risks the exposure of erroneous beliefs. Those who consider themselves as ‘spiritual beings’ are kidding themselves. Having knitted a lovely image of themselves, they avoid anything that can undo the knitted conceptual image of self. Self pride in seeming accomplishments are based on nothing but imagination. Consensus reality is NOT reality.

  2. Seamless, Gilbert.
    The joy to be found within this post is extraordinary.
    it reminds me of Rumi’s field:

    “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
    and rightdoing there is a field.
    I’ll meet you there.”