Nothing to learn.

It may appear, in the appearance of things, that there is someone speaking, giving pointers or advice, expressing themselves in a relatively independent manner.  What is ‘real’ in this or in any expression, is the expression, which is not separate or independent of consciousness, which is the immediate awareness of whatever it is.

Consciousness cannot be negated nor can it be segregated, cut into two or represented by anything other than what it is.  Just as a reflection in a mirror is not separate from the mirror – it cannot be separated from the mirror.  This is naturally obvious.

Further more, you cannot actually perceive the mirror.   It is useful to find a mirror and see for yourself.  Belief is not the actual.  Look as close as you can, at the mirror, and realize that all you can see is reflections.   Now, the same principle applies to consciousness/awareness.   No matter how close you examine consciousness/awareness, you cannot see the ‘mirror’ (Consciousness/awareness).

In other words, in trying to perceive consciousness/awareness a realization, which is completely beyond words and concepts, may reveal itself.  (Remember, it is not an ‘object’)

There is no one here telling anyone anything.  Innately we all know it.  The details vary infinitely but the ‘activity of knowing’ remains the same.

The mind is like a maze with no exit.  The only way out of the mind is via ‘no mind’.

We may call that ‘stateless state’ Pure Being  or thoughtless reality.

Seekers erroneously seek through concepts and completely miss it.  But remember a ‘seeker’ has no existence and is only another thought or a bunch of un-investigated concepts.


You know this.


  1. Greetings Gilbert. Visiting my mother right now, which always cranks up the mental engine in a way few other events do (lots of difficult memories). Lying in bed I looked at the whole circus and perhaps for the first time really saw the ephemeral nature of it all. The endless parade of thoughts and events and drama and emotion and on and on and on that essentially constitute this thing I’ve labeled “my life.” So very clear that none of it is “real,” just thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts.

    Then the question: The thoughts come and the thoughts go and yet some thoughts seemingly can be focused on, can be ‘targeted’ as it were, whilst most others are allowed to move on. It is these thoughts that seem to define “me” more than the others. But if there is “nobody home,” WHO or WHAT is choosing one thought over another? In other words, if one thought is grabbed hold of what is doing the grabbing?

    Hope this is comprehensible. Thanks as always.


  2. Ha, ha I love when you talk like this!! 🙂 The mind is like a maze with no exit

  3. Also no entrance… 🙂

  4. I would like to say…I think what Dougrek asks is very interesting. I understand there are clusters of thoughts that go with the theory the mind creates about our identity and that is why one holds to those thoughts more than to other thoughts. Who does that? that’s what you have to find out, then it all dissolves: the thoughts, the questions